Traveling the JTP Road

The Journalism Training Program (or JTP) is an awesome step to becoming a writer.

This isn't my first rodeo. I have been part of the JTP since June of last year. Its had its fun moments, as well as its stressful ones.You learn a lot of lessons in the JTP, including some that have little to do with actual writing itself.

SEO and Traffic

This is one of the most important lessons of the JTP. After all, you aren't writing to see yourself think. You want people to read what you write and respond to it. The GameSkinny JTP gives you the perfect platform to get in there, learn the ropes, and begin to gain an audience.


This one was a huge one for me to learn this session of the training program. You are not going to agree with everyone. On a platform like GameSkinny, other authors or commenters will just make you want to reach up and yank a huge hunk of hair out. Frustration will abound. But, you want to make it so you follow along with the program, talk to your pals to vent, and keep on trucking on.

Friendship and Contacts

This is one of my favorite aspects. You meet others like yourself that in the end, if it wasn't for them, you aren't sure you would've made it that week. Sometimes, when those views aren't where you want them, they are there to urge you to not give up. It's all about supporting each other along the way and growing as journalist.

I wouldn't trade my experience working with GameSkinny staff and journalism participants for the world. This session was a rough road for me and they have constantly been there for support, even outside of the writing parameters. It feels like a family.

Published Mar. 1st 2014
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