Sandy Hook Flash Game Causes Outrage

A flash video game has been made re-enacting the Sandy Hook shootings, ostensibly to raise awareness of how little has been done since the tragedy.

The Sandy Hook tragedy is still resonating strongly in the hearts and thoughts of the victims of the terrible shooting.  Many people deal with such tragedy in different ways, with one of the most common being various forms of activism.  

Working to change or improve the systems that lead to such horrible events is an inexact art, and sometimes it has its pitfalls.  A recent video game, made in flash, making players effectively re-enact the Sandy Hook shooting goes a bit beyond pitfall.

The game was originally uploaded to Newgrounds.com before being taken down.  It was made, according to its creator, to raise awareness and spark discussion about gun laws in America.  The author points out how effectively nothing has changed since Sandy Hook and how fundamentally wrong it is that so many should have died for, ultimately, nothing.

On the one hand, I can definitely sympathize with the message.  It is a valid point and one which does need to be made in a way people will hear it.  This is almost certainly not the way to make it.  Ignoring arguments of taste, the form this message takes is guarantees outrage from a great many people, including those from Newtown still recovering from the tragedy.

It does not matter how good your message is if you deliver it in a way where it will be drowned out by cries of outrage.

Published Nov. 22nd 2013
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