Injustice (Mobile) Players Demand Justice for Flawed Update

Long-awaited multi-player mode for Injustice has unforeseen consequences. It's wiping out player rosters.

I waited until today to compose this article after a weekend of heartache.

Long before the hinting and promotions of a major update coming to NetherRealm Studio's popular Injustice: Gods Among Us game app, rumors and debate over a multi-player mode seemed to dominate player conversation.

Imagine the leap in mobile gaming that would be! A live player-vs-player fighting game from the makers of Mortal Kombat.

Then, the day came and it was... not so much.

PvP, Yes. Live, Um... No.

Part of deflating letdown for the thousands of iOS players was that the multi-player aspect is, in effect, not really multi-player. It fits the definition in that your hand-picked team of DC Comic heroes and villains do battle with another player's team, but you are the only active player. You are playing their team, controlled by the system's AI.

So, as a player on the defending side, you only have control of team selection and order of entry. But, there's no real strategy choices that I can see. The AI simply will NOT play the way I do.

For instance, I love Insurgency Batman. I've fully leveled his Lunge Kick because it is simply devastating and can be a one-hit kill even against Gold Level opponents, but it's a 2nd tier attack. The AI tends to use 1st tier attacks more often, especially when the going gets rough. But, I'm willing to take a beating knowing that when I unleash it - KA-POW!

This also means you will want to be sure and have your multi-player team set to the best defense option before shutting the game down. So far, I've only played a little (43 matches) and won all 25 matches I actively played. My team has yet to win defensively. Bad luck, bad strategy, or is this a whole other concern?

The Slade... Slate Wiped Clean

Then came Friday morning. Black Friday I'm going to call it. A day that will live in infamy.

I picked up my iPhone after having tried the new Injustice update the night before. The game started just dandy until...

My entire collection of characters, boosts, etc. was gone! All of them! The game had completely reset my profile. Countless hours of grinding Story Matches and Challenge Modes negated. My roster was now just the original starting bronze characters.

Needless to say, the Amazon did not take it well.

 (Just mentioning, this pic was NOT from my account.)

I popped onto Facebook and began checking the various game fan sites I follow. It turns out I was far from being alone in this horrific discovery.

Thousands of players had their rosters reset, characters deleted, cards removed etc. I scrolled through tale after tragic tale.

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Others discovered messages that their profiles were banned due to game tampering. While some admitted their guilt, many others swore they had never altered or hacked their game.

Who Watches the Watchmen?

The cries went out loud and furious in the aftermath. Quickly, the developers at NetherRealm Studios offered an explanation, but also an apology.

In their efforts to curb potential hacking and fraud in their multi-player mode, the game company shifted many of their files to use iCloud, and be dependent upon the user's WBID profile. This does make sense as a matter of trying to maintain control by comparing the player's .bin save file to ensure it's not been altered in any way. As well as protect players from losing precious save data should their device crash.

(Piece of advice, if you see this screen - say NO!)

However, their proactive steps seems to have gone too far and a lot of players were caught in the net or rather their rosters were caught and flushed down the toilet. Perhaps a case of too little, too late on giving players a heads-up on what was changing, they posted a statement indicating what had happened and how players could protect themselves from a catastrophe.

The solution? Restore your game's progress from your iCloud backup. If you have one.

Great! An excellent solution! If I had only bothered to set up my iCloud profile and activated it. Which in the months I've had my iPhone I never bothered to do. I use Skydrive which actively backs up my media files and maintains all of my music and writing. I never had a use for iCloud. Did anyone think to warn us ahead of time to back up our game before the update? Maybe I missed it.

So, all of my hard-fought for Gold Level characters and won Challenge Mode roster members are long gone. Possibly, forever. And I'm sure I'm not alone.

The question is, will players depart unless this problem can be fixed?

Published Apr. 28th 2014
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  • Shawn_5371
    I was just banned from playing multiplayer. I had updated my phone from a iPhone 5 to a 6 plus and got the message saying I was suspended. When I contacted customer support they failed to explain why and stated I was banned for life. This is a horrible customer support system.
  • richard_6558
    Can i ask you something a little off topic? If i have 2 gears of a kind, does that double the effect? I usually shatter duplicates thinking it is worthless to keep more than one. Or can i use that gear on 2 characters at the same time?
  • Kody_3423
    I had 36 cards and 12 were gold then they were all gone. It is just mest up
  • Molten_panda
    I just bought a bunch of credits today, and after each purchase I appeared to have received double the amount in which I paid for. I've checking my bank account frequently making sure I wasn't double-charged, and so far it doesn't look like I have been. I have used quite a lot of the credits this far, promoting characters, purchasing new ones, and so on. My question is, am I at risk of losing all of my progress because of this?
  • Insert Name_8848
    I'm having a bit of trouble with mine and I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. Every time i start a fight it loads up and the fight begins and I can fight the opponent, which is good, but i can't see anything. All that's there is a black screen with health bars, power bars and all that stuff. So I can fight but can't see the actual fight. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  • Amazon Eliza Steel
    - I don't work for WB but I admit I've never heard of this issue. How old is your device? It may need an OS upgrade
  • Insert Name_8848
    I was using a HTC one xl, which would be at least one and a half years old. It has got all the latest updates. There is no lag in the game at all, just can't see the fight's.
  • Jordan_4404
    Don't try that, it won't work. I copied my save file off the device then reloaded to try and fix some issues, when I tried to copy it back it renames your file "_NiceTry.bin" because this is the same way many people hacked it. I'm trying to find a way to copy MY OWN SAVE file back to the device but NOPE.
  • eisbread
    This can't fix the past, but you may want to try using a program like iFunbox, which allows you to copy save game information from your device onto your computer. If you ever need to recover the information, just copy the file back onto your device. Just remember to copy it every so often...
  • jjkiss76
    I too am having trouble with edit team on the mobile version. When I want to pick the flash it is not there because I have a roster larger than ten. How do I solve it? I have a samsung galaxy rush. I also can not scroll other screens.
  • specifications
    So using IAP cracker and GamePlayer, I beat the game into submission. Took my amount back that they could have restored for me with a simple Restore Purchases button.
  • Cameron_5953
    You can use your WBID as a save file, Amazon Eliza Steel. If you lose your data (if it doesn't affect your WBID, I'd make a second one just in case for backup), you can log out and log back in.

    I agree with you 100% on Multiplayer, but you left some details out. The lag in replays, the unfair balance of ranking, hackers turning it into their playground and other problems.

    Wish you mentioned something on Ares or Zatanna challenges though.
    Last edited 2 years ago
  • Amazon Eliza Steel
    - Actually, I fully agree on the hacker issue which is why I don't play a lot of PvP. As for Ares and Zatanna, they've been mentioned due to files appearing in the update but no formal date. I'm sure once the Luchadore Bane has run it's course that she will be on tap.

    Ares I believe will be the last of the original console characters to finally come to the mobile version.

    As for salvaging the loss, my iCloud account was hosed up before the update. So, it wouldn't have helped. However, since I have had to re-install due to the Facebook connection failing. It's working dandy now.
  • cftheman
    I'm having trouble with edit team on the mobile version. When I want to pick the flash it's not there because I have a big roster . How do I solve it?
  • Reece_6904
    I played this morning and i took a break and got back on and it asked to change my saved game...i chose wrong. I had 28 characters and 12 were gold and I got them all LEGIT without buying credits. All my characters disappeared except 7 that I had and 2 are silver and the rest are bronze(all very low levels) and I can't get my old characters back but I have the old characters on my iPad/iPod but both aren't compatible so I can't do anything
  • Skyden_8546
    Hey, I have an Iphone 4, and I am just wondering why I'll be playing the app, and not only does Injustice crash, but my ENTIRE phone crashes? I have never heard of that before, I went to the AT&T store to reset this, and my phone eventually came back on, however, I go to play the game again, and I beat one match and the same thing happens, I think they need to release a bug fix for that update because that was not cool, I was doing just fine until this happened.
  • Flash98
    I also lost all my characters, but when I tried it with iCloud, it returned to my newer team.
  • Amazon Eliza Steel
    - If iCloud salvaged anything for you, then you were lucky. It's taken a lot of people months to get their collections built back. In the end, I lost pretty much all the Challenge characters I worked to gain. I've still never recovered Zod, Aquaman and Raven - among some others.
  • Flashing2u
    I don't know if this is because of the update or not, but I can't progress past the second stage(battle 14). I've tried doing the battles consecutively using different characters and no matter what the third stage stays locked. Any help please?
  • Lenjisa
    I had to restart the game over again four times like seriusly not even exadurating but thanx to my cheap and fast method i am better than all my other time i have done
  • iOS_7652
    It is easy to hack injustice without rising high concerns. I've done it. I ended up losing money on Injustice a long time ago. They stole from me, no restore purchases, no customer service. They didn't care. 50$ down the toilet. So using IAP cracker and GamePlayer, I beat the game into submission. Took my amount back that they could have restored for me with a simple Restore Purchases button. But I haven't gone to the extreme as one guy has and he somehow hacked his gear cards levels to be in the 8000+ range. iCloud obviously isn't as secure as NR thought it was.
  • Natas_8758
    The thing you don't know is WB have a copy of your unmodified configuration file saved. If you changed it locally you are screwed cheaters!!!!!!
  • Natas_8758
    Every cheaters in fact. So funny... ahahah
  • Riskos
    Hello Once Again,

    Does this patch you are currently working on will fix my issue?

    Do I have to go trough Apple support processes to ask for something WB Games lost?

    You don't keep backups?

    What should I do if Apple doesn't have a back Up all those hours of play time are gone?

    Thank you

    On May 9, 2014 3:32 PM, "WB Games" <support@wbgames.com> wrote:

    Greetings israel,

    Thank you for contacting us on this issue, however, we are aware that after the 2.0 update, some players may have had their account wiped or have been suspended.

    We ask for your patience until we come out with a patch to fix the issue, but until then, turn off your automatic updates just to ensure you would get the notification for the fix.

    In the meantime, you can contact Apple support to try to retrieve any data that can be obtained from the iCloud. Any lost data that you made purchases for can also be refunded through Apple once they escalate your case.

    There is no time table as to when the update will be fixed but we are normally pretty quick when it comes to updates.

    We deeply apologize for your

    Thank you,

  • Riskos
    So let apple handle my mess
  • Randy_5322
    I did have it backed up on the icloud and still lost everything. Their option for fixing this didn't work even with my icloud save.
  • Amazon Eliza Steel
    And to add insult to injury, many of the PvP players are not getting their rewards as the first 'season' of gameplay ended on Sunday night.

    Even the bottom tier players are supposed to receive coin and boost prizes, with the top players getting Rare Gear cards.

    Lo and behold, I'm one of those saddened few. I placed in the Top 3% according to the games own Leader stats as late at 10pm EST - only to find this morning that my efforts were not rewarded.

    This is very disappointing on top of the heartache of losing so much of my roster after the update. Warner Bros. may have just put the coffin nail in me continuing to play.
  • Death2starz
    I started playing this game again after seeing it had gotten a multiplayer mode. After playing for a week and getting 2 silver characters and one full elite bronze past to level 23ish. All of it was deleted. Fix this problem quick.
  • Amazon Eliza Steel
    I want to add a warning to all Injustice players on a data plan. It appears that game burns a lot of streaming data when playing. Not just PVP either.

    Since the game now uses your WBID to maintain your progress it regularly checks in to back up your account.

    I haven't had a data warning in months from my provider. But since playing Injustice I am close to my cap.
  • The Greek_9912
    I too am one of many who lost all their hard work. I had collected all challenge characters as they added them. Most were level 40 elite V. Right before the crash I painfully leveled my red son team to 50 and upgraded them to elite VII. My thumbs still hurt!

    Alas, for whatever reason all that remains are the characters from the red son pack. All of which are level 1 now but still remain elite VII. I can't even attempt to rebuild because the game crashes immediately after finishing tutorial each time. Sent in help ticket several days ago without even an apology in return.

    Sad that I will never see those gold beauties ever again, or the money I had burnt for credits from time to time. No justice for the injustice.
  • cratediggahash
    Over a year of hard work playing everyday and now EVERYTHING is gone. Maxed out gold cards, currency, bonus characters, etc...GONE. Devastating to say the least. The new online features seemed exciting but I'll never play this game again. No way I'm starting over from scratch.
  • Amazon Eliza Steel
    - I feel ya. I've been spending the last days grinding it out. The online feature isn't true PvP but it's a nice change of pace and it's fun earning new gear for your guys and gals to kick ass with. Too bad the servers are down so much.
  • Team_Admin_0722
    Have faith in the number 1 group of INJUSTICE

    INJUSTICE IOS : Alliance Credits Hub
  • T._2409
    Here is one way I got most of my 95% of my roster back: If you have a backup of your iPhone on your computer it will bring your phone back in time. I had one from 3/5 so I lost 1.5 months of work (better than a year I guess), but the part that sucks is that I have to avoid "logging in" as it will just erase my stuff again!
  • Polnud
    Not to sound greedy but, as one of the many people who lost everything, my entire team which I had leveled up. Some almost completely, enough gold to buy three gold booster packs, emery refills, everything! are we going to ever be made whole or even partially whole, or is a belated apology and explanation all we are going to get? I mean I had put in huge amounts of time and even some actual money into it, only to loose it all due to an update! So I'm asking are we going to be compensated even just slightly? Or does the games title (injustice) tell us what we are going to experience?!
  • JL_5163
    Let's hope for something but I think we're screwed I don't see how they can refund us time ..or the characters we got without giving it to everyone else ..idk how to prove that I had all these characters since it was all deleted (and if I could prove it I'd probably be able to recover my teams right?) .

    Idk what they'll do but I think we're screwed .
  • Polnud
    So are we ever going to be made whole or even partially whole? As one of the Many people who lost everything my team, all my gold, my recharges everything! I put in huge amount of time and even some actual money building it all only to loose it all due to an update. Are we going to be compensated at all?! Or is an apology and an explanation all we are going to get.
  • Aydenj69
    I'm in the same boat as JL same response from wb nothing is working..all my time and effort down the drain I really hope they fix this.
  • JL_5163
    Anyone get any help from WB?
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    Speaking from experience with WB with Injustice PC and Arkham Origins, expect it to take a little bit.
  • Sean_3241
    I'm gone if this isn't fixed
  • JL_5163
    you won't be the only one I went from everything to nothing ..tons of hours and days plus login bonuses etc .
  • JL_5163
    So I'm screwed I've done everything and WB won't respond without automated mail telling me reboot which I have 4 times now ..my online fighters for multiplayer was level 41 V doomsday and Supes regime and reg Supes ...now I have no one .
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    So what I've learned from this is... never update my game again. I'm still running on a version easily 3-updates back. I'm finally getting Regime WW up to speed, and have level 37 Zod and Joker going tag team with my level 35 Red Son Deathstroke. I'd probably stop playing if I'd gotten this version. Thanks for the headsup, I nearly cleared off another game to update the game!
  • Amazon Eliza Steel
    - Elijah if you are considering the update I would suggest two things.

    1) Set up or confirm your iCloud back up is working

    2) Consider waiting for the next update. WB Games has indicated that they are working on a V2.0.1 version to correct the overreaching issues but no release time is set.
  • JL_5163
    I lost everything , I was playing multi player I had every card at level 40 just got red sons to 42 and all were V !!!

    I had batgirl , both zods and all Supes etc etc etc wtf !!!
  • Amazon Eliza Steel
    - I fully sympathize. I lost all the challenge characters. And I had them all. Not all of my guys were maxed but some Elite Vs too.

    Here is some edited text from a friend who posted to WB Support -

    The 2.0 update of Injustice has made some changes to help players who lose save data due to device failure. Save data now save to your WBID.

    * If you are sharing a WBID with another player, you may have overwritten their data or vice-versa.

    * If you are using multiple devices with the same WBID, you will need to be careful so you do not unintentionally overwrite your game save data with older data.

    iCloud saves made prior to updating to 2.0 will still work, and may be downloaded from iCloud. After a WBID save has been successfully created, your iCloud save will no longer continue to be updated.

    Try the steps below to redownload your iCloud save:

    *Uninstall the Game

    *Be sure your iOS version has been updated.

    *Re-boot your iPad or iPhone

    *Download the Game

    *Re-boot your iPad or iPhone again

    *Open the Game

    Once re-installed, tap the Cloud icon in the top-right of the game screen to restore.

    *Click on the Settings Tab of the Injustice Menu

    *Click WBID Unlocks Button

    *Click Log Out

    If this does not work, contact WB Games Support.
  • JL_5163
    thanks , I'm trying that now ..here's to hoping it works I also lost all my credits which I wouldn't mind but I feel robbed
  • JL_5163
    Didn't work guess I'm done with this game ...wonderful
  • Team_Admin
    No worries my friend :)
    Join this Facebook group.

    Injustice iOS: Alliance Credits Hub

    We are working to fix your problems, so people like you who suffered, won't have to leave the game :)
  • Geoffry_6720
    I use a hack for Injustice: Gods Among Us that gave me unlimited energy, power credits, boosters, heroes and others. Here it is: http://g4mehacks.com/injustice-gods-among-us-hack/

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