DragonCon, the Best Convention on Earth

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Okay. I might be a little biased, since DragonCon is the only convention I've ever been too, but it's my favorite.

Being from Atlanta, I have always been a huge fan of DragonCon. My first convention was in 2002, and I've attended DragonCon ever since. This time around, being an adult I got to experience things a little differently.

I was able to cover DragonCon for GameSkinny. I was able to meet fantastic people, attend great panels (that you'll hear about in detail soon), play some of my favorite games and have fun!

Because of Guild Launch, I was also able to attended some great panels on developers, and even learn more about the games I love to play. Their panels- and the panel with John Barrowman but that's to be expected- were my favorites panels of the entire con.

In this article, you get a little peek into my experiences at DragonCon. Be on the look out for articles on the panels I covered.

Check here for links to my other DragonCon articles and more updates. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think.

Published Sep. 11th 2013
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