Children's Week is Here! Bring Out The Orphans!

Children's Week starts April 29th, 2013 and goes until May 6th, 2013.

In the World of Warcraft universe, war is a constant. That means death is a constant. Mothers and fathers die daily in the game. What happens to their kids? Well, you get to take care of them for a week before they get shoved back into the orphanage for another year!

That's right! Everybody's favorite child endangering holiday is happening right now. From April 29th all the way up until May 6th, you'll be able to complete WoW achievements with an orphan orc or human out in order to get the Children's Week meta-achievement that's part of "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been."

Just like most of the other holidays in the WoW universe, this is based off of a real life holiday as well: Japan's Children's Day. Except in Japan, I doubt they drag orphans everywhere with them.

I've yet to finish the WoW meta-achievement for Children's Week and I am not looking forward to the School of Hard Knocks part. It's supposed to be one of the worst in the lot of holiday events. Nonetheless, I will endeavor in an effort to obtain that sweet violet proto-drake.

Published Apr. 29th 2013
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