Children's Week is Here! Bring Out The Orphans!

Children's Week starts April 29th, 2013 and goes until May 6th, 2013.

In the World of Warcraft universe, war is a constant. That means death is a constant. Mothers and fathers die daily in the game. What happens to their kids? Well, you get to take care of them for a week before they get shoved back into the orphanage for another year!

That's right! Everybody's favorite child endangering holiday is happening right now. From April 29th all the way up until May 6th, you'll be able to complete WoW achievements with an orphan orc or human out in order to get the Children's Week meta-achievement that's part of "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been."

Just like most of the other holidays in the WoW universe, this is based off of a real life holiday as well: Japan's Children's Day. Except in Japan, I doubt they drag orphans everywhere with them.

I've yet to finish the WoW meta-achievement for Children's Week and I am not looking forward to the School of Hard Knocks part. It's supposed to be one of the worst in the lot of holiday events. Nonetheless, I will endeavor in an effort to obtain that sweet violet proto-drake.

Published Apr. 29th 2013
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    I remember when you didn't get anything but XP for the Children's Day quests. They were awful.
  • Jeremy
    I really liked taking the blood elf girl to see lvl 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain. That made my day so much ;_;7
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    Quit dating yourself, pops, they're now the lvl 10000000 Elite Tauren Chieftain.
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    Those achievements... Those DAMN ACHIEVEMENTS!

    I actually enjoyed WoW's PvP battlegrounds... until I tried to get Children's Week achievements.

    Now they are places of pain and darkness.
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    That's how it's going to be for me soon enough. RIP fun.
  • Ste Grainer
    Featured Correspondent
    I got the drake ages ago and I really don't remember doing School of Hard Knocks. I must have done it at some point, though ...
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    I'm surprised. From what I was reading, it's the least popular achievement for a lot of people.
  • Jamie K
    Featured Contributor
    Never knew of this WoW Holiday! It's certainly an odd one...and yet I still strangely want to do it.
  • Jamie K
    Featured Contributor
    Never knew of this WoW Holiday! It's certainly an odd one...and yet I still strangely want to do it.
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    Yeah, it's not one of the more popular ones. It's still pretty interesting and you end up getting a cute pet at the end of it.

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