Hearthstone: 5 Ways to Get Beta Keys

WTB Hearthstone beta keys.

Blizzard has released the closed beta for Hearthstone and the internet is blowing up with streams and YouTube videos. Here are the best ways to get your hands on a beta key for Hearthstone.

1. Opt-in

The first and most obvious thing to do is go to battle.net, sign in, go to the beta opt-in page and opt-in to the beta! It is pretty simple! You can't expect Blizzard to give you a key if you don't tell them you want one.

2. Pay attention to these fan sites for giveaways

Fan sites and news outlets will be given a ton of keys to give away as promotional material. Here is a big list of sites, courtesy of Blizzard, to pay attention to (notice GameSkinny is on this list!)

3. Stalk Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

In addition to visiting the above sites, look for their social media accounts. Twitter is one of the best ways for sites to reach fans quickly and directly. You can bet your left shoe that keys will be given out on these social media outlets. Yes, even Google+. Actually, G+ being deserted might make it easier for you to snatch up keys! Keep an eye out!

4. Win keys from Facebook

Starting today, Tuesday, August 20, you can visit the official Hearthstone Facebook page to enter to win a Hearthstone beta key. Just “Like” Hearthstone on Facebook and sign up for the sweepstakes using this form.

"The first round of 500 winners will be chosen on Thursday, August 29. The contest entry period will close on Monday, September 2 at midnight PST with a final round of winners selected on Tuesday, September 3."

5. Enter the GameSkinny Hearthstone Contest

Check out our very own Hearthstone giveaway HERE.


I had the chance to try out Hearthstone at PAX East, briefly, and I was surprised at how fun it was. Now, people have their hands on the game and the world can see it in action - everyone is clamoring to get beta access.

Are you in beta? Let us know by writing an article on GameSkinny!

Have keys to give away? Contact us at editors@gameskinny.com or write up a post!

Published Aug. 20th 2013
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