Combine Your PS4 PS Plus Cards for Over a Year of PS Plus

Activate all of your PS Plus codes. The time adds up.

If you're like me, you received at least two different PS Plus codes with your PS4. The first thing I wanted to know when I looked at them: do they add up? I had a seven-day, a 30-day and a 12-month code. So I figured, why not test it?

I went in to the Playstation Store and entered my seven-day code. It said a bunch of stuff about automatic fund transfers if it expired when I entered the code. Nothing about whether additional trials/membership codes stacked. Afterwards, I entered in the 30 day trial. Again it gave me the automatic funds transfer information.

To check the status of my subscription, I had to go into settings. From there, I went to PSN, account information, services list, and PS Plus. Note: the menu you are at now shows subscription status of the highest subscription you've activated. This menu will not show you the total time you have remaining on PS Plus. To see time remaining, click the PS Plus option below your subscription details. All the time you have activated is added together and displayed on this menu.

Activate all your codes; some have expiration dates, it would be silly to let them expire.

Published Nov. 18th 2013
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