Sony Representative Releases Expected Failures Numbers

Sony releases expected number of consoles that could fail.

With some of the news revolving around people with broken Playstation 4 consoles, Sony has released the number of consoles that could be dead on arrival or have some sort of manufacturer's defect. Some issues already reported have been HDMI output failure as well as consoles not powering up correctly.

Sony representatives were expecting this, as all launches thus far, to come with issues. Originally, the Sony representative that spoke with GameInformer proclaimed that the estimated number of units that will be dead on arrival or fail to be .04 percent. This number was later changed.

Sony's first estimation was off by quite a bit. Instead of it being .04 percent, it is now projected to be .4 percent. While in percentages, this may not seem like a lot of units, with Sony expecting to sell 5 million units by March 31st, 2014, this results in a larger number of people who will be disappointed with their PS4s. .4 percent of the 5 million units translates into about 20,000 units with problems.

Sony does intend on working with those who receive a unit that with failed hardware. They do ask that if you receive one of these units, that you contact them.

Published Nov. 15th 2013
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  • ZenTen_6058
    Heh, I'd say that's a lot better than the 360's horrible launch, which was what... 50%+?
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    That's kind of like comparing apples to oranges. The 360 launched about 8 years ago. Technology as well as Q&A processes have dramatically changed in the past 8 years.
  • V.smore
    Unless you buy ps4 games to go with this system it's a waste of money. can't stream pc- system or play older games. Pointless. Stick to the ps3 for a few more months
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    Thanks for your advice. I was planning on waiting until the furor died down some and the kinks were worked out of the system.
  • V.smore
    No problem
  • JohnHeatz
    Featured Correspondent
    Pretty good information right here, I guess that, as usual, one might be better off waiting a couple of months before getting a console then!
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    Thanks. And usually, such is best if you have the patience to wait.
  • Coatedpolecat
    Featured Correspondent
    Great find, hadn't seen that anywhere else. Good read too.
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    Thanks! I was surfing my twitter feed when GameInformer tweeted about the updated numbers. Just happened to be right place, right time.

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