Win a PS4 or Xbox One from GameSkinny this December!

One lucky GameSkinny member will win the next gen console of their choice this December!

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This contest ended on Dec 31, 2013 and the winner was announced on January 2nd 2014. Congratulations, Milo!


We're big on making the holiday gaming season bright, so we're following up the $1,000 Holiday Giveaway with even more great contests.

For starters - we're giving away the next gen console of your choice to one GameSkinny member in December.

Any comments on a GameSkinny article now through December 31 will be entered to win.

Each comment is a separate entry, so you can enter as many times as you like, as many days as you like, until December ends.

Bear in mind that the comments must be relevant and not spam. "Wooo Xbox One!" doesn't cut it. We have community moderators and spam checking, so don't go disqualifying yourself by being spammy and junking up the place. Contribute something useful.

Winner will be announced January 2nd, 2014

Comments must be relevant, comments removed by a moderator or our spam filter will not be counted.

GameSkinny employees and their immediate family are not eligible to win (much as we'd like to, it just wouldn't be fair). Employees includes paid staff and paid contractors.

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Originally Published Dec. 10th 2013

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  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Just wanted to update and say congrats to Milo, who won the contest and decided he wanted a PS4 :) Should be arriving at his place any day now.

    We'll keep on doing contests as long as you enjoy them, so if you have any ideas for things that would be fun, feel free to share!
  • Milo Price
    Very happy to have won! Thanks for the fun contest.
  • Austere Wizard
    Cool beans! I plan to post a lot more on here in 2014!
  • Estefano_1655
    Awesome! Ps4 is great and i hope i can win
  • Doug Who
    Do'h! I wish I had know about this sooner, although that goes for this entire site. Better late than never though right?

    I'm the kind of person who leaves comments all the time too... not that it matters, I never win anything.

    Even more so when it's something I actually need. I'm so broke at the moment I have no idea how or when I'm going to even be able to get my hands on a next-gen system, unless some form of magic is involved.
  • Doug Who
    Sorry, never saw the first comment pop up, figured it was an error with my browser. I would delete this if I could, but I can't. So in all fairness of the contest, please do delete this comment. Thanks!
    Last edited 2 years ago
  • Egor Trofimov
    As for me PS4 is better,because i'm fond of japanese games and culture and etc. And for PS4 there will be such exclusive j-rpgs,i'm certain of it
  • carter_1467
    It would be awesome to win a console this early in the systems life cycle. Price drops won't happen for a long time
  • Samuel Smith
    Featured Contributor
    Great promotion and only just realised it was on! Only a few days left now. Best of luck to everyone. :)
  • LeviHaag
    Featured Contributor
    Holy smokes you guys are really doing some awesome stuff this winter!
  • Michael A._6792
    I am likely to be eaten by a bear with fangs.
  • bluestargrl
    It would be AMAZING to win a PS4! I can't wait for Watch Dogs to be released!
  • Strategizer
    I think this is an incredible opportunity for people with lower amounts of money.
  • balko_3902
    It's good to hear, that gameskinny make these kind of giveaway. Good luck guys! :)
  • Markosz
    I would so love to win this!
  • Katie_5318
    Oh well this is sweet. I this site for the first time and it already seems like a good one lol :P
  • ryan dassow
    This is really cool. Being stationed over in japan we have not received them yet if I won one that would be amazing.
  • Spartan_4802
    This is a neat community focused involvment endeavor. Can't wait to hear the results. Oh and by the way 4>1
    I still hate the controller of the PS4 the X1 is so much better for me. I'm sure i'll get RSI from the PS4 middle thumbs. Saying that i do like Sony so a PS4 would be worth a try and won't mean develops spend years trying to optimise a game for a complicated GPU workaround. The X1 interface is very clean tho and i like the added features that i probably barely use. But the kinect does give me a friend to talk to.... if only it spoke back.
  • I Am Spartacus
    Good luck everyone!
  • ayan_9683
    that sure is the best way to make the "invis" ones appear.Hope that today's the lucky day. happy new year!
  • Will_4939
    I've had every PlayStation console and Xbox console and I going all in with Sony this generation. I have a family now and very limited playtime. I haven't heard very many good things about Xbox1 but have been pleasantly surprised by the way Sony has gone about correcting ps3s shortcomings
  • Mitch_7961
    Such a great way to get people involved! I'd not heard of the site before but I am a regular now - - though only just posting my comment! I would LOVE a PS4! :)
  • patman_8227
    Anyone from p-cola?
  • patman_8227
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