Greg Zeschuk and The Beer Diaries: From BioWare to Beer, and Beyond

The founder of BioWare and the Beer Diaries, Dr. Greg Zeschuck gave us some time to chat about his journey from medicine, game development, and now the world of great beer.

by 2 months ago

Last night, I "virtually" sat down and had a great interview and beer tasting with one of the most influential gaming personalities in the industry - Dr. Greg Zeschuk.  Yes, I am "fan-boying" it up here because it is not every day you chat with one of the guys responsible for games such as:

  1. Baldur's Gate
  2. Neverwinter Nights
  3. Knights of the Old Republic
  4. Dragon Age
  5. Mass Effect
  6. SWTOR

This list goes on, but you get the point.  I learned things about Greg that were both interesting and motivating; specifically, the reinforcement that anything worth doing is worth doing right, with diligent effort and passion.  Now, learning about great beer, providing clear education and listings of beer, and meeting the crafters of it is one of the new ventures that Greg has undertaken through the Beer Diaries.

Clearly, there are many irons in the fire for Greg. He detailed his activities with the Beer Diaries, the show's distribution, and his love of helping his friends still in the gaming community.  I hope you check the Beer Diaries website, the shows, as well as enjoy the interview as much as I did.

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    About 2 months ago,
    vinnypockets said:
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm beer makes me thirsty
  • 1
    About 2 months ago,
    vinnypockets said:
    nice interview
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    About 2 months ago,
    Elizabeth T (Featured Contributor) said:
    I so miss a good micro-brew. As a one-time beer snob who would drink ONLY the best local microbrews to be had, and visited breweries for tasting tours whenever I was in the area of one, this is right up my alley. :)

    I'm really glad to find this. :D
  • 40
    About 2 months ago,
    Coatedpolecat (Featured Correspondent) said:
    Good to know he's still doing that. Was wondering that had worked out for him.