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Should You Hold Your Breath For Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive?

Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive is an indie underwater diving simulator that tries to stay fun without overcomplicating things.


The short answer is "it depends".

First-person underwater fish-stabbing simulator Depth Hunter 2 by indie developer Biart recently jumped off the deep end over Steam. The game offers players a chance to hunt for sunken treasures, swim with fishes, take pictures with fishes and, if they are not careful enough, sleep with fishes after forgetting to check the oxygen supply due to being mezmerized by the scenery. 

The long answer is...

Now, if your idea of a fun underwater hunting simulator includes the incessant micromanagement of equipment and inventory coupled with graphic depiction of harpoons being torn out of the fishes' bodies as they twitch in horrifying agony, cursing the day they decided to go for a swim near you, then you'll be disappointed by Depth Hunter 2.  The game is definitely not a hardcore simulation, which is a good thing if you want to enjoy the underwater view, relax, and go for some carefree treasure hunting or a fish murdering spree without bothering yourself with the fact that you can't see your body or legs.

Testing the waters

The easiest way for you to see if you'd want to immerse yourself  in Depth Hunter 2 is to download a demo available on Steam. Go on, dive in, get in the swim of things and see for yourself if this game is worth your time and money.

Originally Published Aug. 25th 2014


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