Endless Space Disharmony Guide - First 20 Turns

This is a quick Endless Space Guide tutorial with the Disharmony expansion showing the first 20 turns of play.

This video guide covers the first 20 turns of an Endless Space Disharmony game. My focus isn't necessarily on the exact maximally perfect choices, but showing core early game strategy for a new player.

The video focuses on the following:

  1. Using your early fleets to maximize the value of your ships
  2. Early colonization
  3. Early system management
  4. How to use the overall options like the Empire overview

My goal for this guide is to remove about 4 hours of futzing around and Google searches in your early Endless Space gameplay. If you pick up this game (which is on sale on Steam incidentally) then you should have a good head start.

Published Jul. 1st 2013
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