Does Life Day Breathe Life into SWTOR?

A quick review of the Life Day and Relics of the Gree events in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Just yesterday patch 2.5.1 in Star Wars: The Old Republic went live, and with it the recurring Gree event and the new Life Day event were rushed to the public. But are they worth the time invested? Let's find out.

Firstly, Life Day itself. Many of the gripes about holiday events in SWTOR are that they break immersion with the lore. Life Day is an actual Wookiee holiday and as such fixes that issue. The event is simple: you buy a snowball for 1000 credits from the Master of Ceremonies and throw them at various players and NPCs. The snowballs have a small chance to drop the event currency, Snow-Covered Parcels which can be used to buy various things. 24 of them will get you the Sleigh 1 mount, while 36 Parcels and 16 Gray Helix Components from the Gree event will get you the Cyan Sphere mount. I like how they integrated the two events and although the event is simple, it's different and I like it. I give the Life Day event a 8/10, only because I feel they could have added a few more rewards.

Now, onto the Gree event. We've seen this before. In fact, the only new thing is the Cyan Sphere and Gree Digitzer Cube (regen item). But I like the Gree event. Sure it's another set of dailies, but I enjoy jumping on my Imperial toons and grabbing some PUGs to bring the fight to my Republic guild. It's really fun, and makes TeamSpeak a really interesting place to be. Xenoanalyst II drops good gear, but is a pushover even on Hard Mode, and the Wampa and K'lorslug World Bosses have been scaled up to 55, but their loot drops are still 50, disappointing to say the least. I give the Gree Event a 7/10 because it's fun, but the bosses aren't challenging and don't even drop gear for the level cap.

Published Dec. 18th 2013
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  • Germaximus
    I don't mind seasonal events being away from the lore but I do think it's cool when they can mix their lore into it.

    I always thought World of Warcraft did an excellent job at that.
  • Richard Whelchel
    I think the Gree/Life Day event is a nice distraction...but really nothing more. Bioware hasn't really been able to top their first event, the Rakghoul infestation, in my opinion --and that was something truly special. However, running around on the fleet and pelting snowballs at everyone is a fun and easy way to earn some prizes while you wait for ridiculously long queues.

    Anyways, happy Life Day!

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