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A couple days ago we were treated to a teaser trailer for Destiny 2. Today we were given a full a reveal trailer that officially told us the release date: September 8th. Pre-ordering now will guarantee access to the early beta, although we don't have any details on when this will start.

The trailer itself does not actually depict any gameplay. Instead it depicts 2 guardians -- one of whom is Robot Nathan Fillion from the teaser trailer -- at different locations giving rallying battle speeches. It opens with the first guardian, who looks like he could was pulled out of the ranks of Diablo's angels, uttering the lines:

"Times may be dark, but we are Earth's greatest hope. Look around you, a gathering of Earth's guardians new and old."

This is quickly countered by Robot Nathan Fillion giving his own ragtag group a rallying speech.

"Okay. Listen up. You're a bunch of dirty misfits. But you are all that's left, so you will have to do."

It would appear that the Tower and surrounding city has not only been attacked, but successfully destroyed -- along with all of your stuff. This confirms what we already knew: items will not be carrying over into Destiny 2. It's a worthy reason to avenge all those lost!

10 Best Cards Revealed in Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro Expansion,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/u/n/g/ungoro-5b8d8.png 4vlgz/10-best-cards-revealed-in-hearthstones-journey-to-ungoro-expansion Thu, 30 Mar 2017 10:48:23 -0400 Craig Snyder


Corrupting Mist


Last but not least, we've got another interesting board clear for Warlocks. DOOM! may have been unplayable, but this one's not.


Corrupting Mist is a really slow board clear that control-based Warlock decks are going to fit into their list. It can affect your own minions -- and it isn't like Doomsayer, where it discourages the opponent from playing a card on their next turn. Also unlike Doomsayer, this card is pretty much guaranteed to go off.


The combo of Corrupting Mist and then a Taunt might just be strong enough in the late game to give Warlocks the breathing room they need to catch up on board and start slamming down power plays like Lord Jaraxxus.


With just 61 of Journey to Un'Goro's 135 total cards revealed so far, we've seen a promising start and I'm hoping for an exciting finish. Journey to Un'Goro is set to launch in early April, so get to grinding that gold so you can get those packs! 


Tortollan Shellraiser


Ah, an unfairly-proportioned body on a mid-range card. That's exactly what Priest needed more of, right? Priest has become a class of "fat-bottomed" cards with 2/6 and 3/6 stat lines, and it's a nightmare for aggro decks. To make it even better, this guy has Taunt and a Deathrattle effect that empowers another one of your minions.


So, breaking that down:

  1. It's got a great stat line.
  2. \n
  3. That great stat line is complimented by Taunt.
  4. \n
  5. It has a Deathrattle, making it work wonders in an Awaken the Makers deck.
  6. \n
  7. The Deathrattle is actually really good.
  8. \n

Don't let the Common rarity fool you -- this card is powerful.


Clutchmother Zavas


Blizzard has made it clear that they intend to continue to push the discard mechanic for Warlocks, being that both of the revealed Legendaries for this class revolve around it. Clutchmother Zavas is perfect for a Zoo Warlock deck that revolves around this mechanic -- because not only does it get stronger on discards, but it never actually discards.


Zoo players have been fine with the trade-off of discards, being that there are cards right now that let you draw or play cards based on discards. But Zavas wraps up a negation of the effect and  allows you to strictly benefit from it. Keep in mind that Doomguard is a 5/7 minion, with Charge, for 5 mana. It's supposed to discard two cards. If Zavas is one of those cards, there's no downside to Doomguard. Who cares about a single withdraw when you're just generated 7/9 in power for 5 mana?


Sunkeeper Tarim


I think a lot of people shrug their shoulders at Sunkeeper Tarim because Paladin has had a similar 3/7 Legendary that turned out to be a dud. This one's different though. Paying 6 mana for a 3/7 isn't ideal, but it's far from back-breaking.


This card has some real potential in token-based Paladin decks. The Battlecry effect is flexible in that it can empower your minions and/or deflate your opponent's. The body on Tarim is really strong due to the fact that it's going to require two hits from those 3/3s, and a Hero Power, to take care of. The card is statted perfectly for what it's put out there to do -- defensively at least -- but I'm really interested to see where this card gets used offensively.


Lost in the Jungle is another new Paladin card, where for 1 mana you summon two 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits. If you combo this with Tarim on turn 7, you're getting 9/13 worth of stats, on three bodies, for 7 mana, with the potential to cripple your opponent's 6-drop.




Don't let this card fool you. It looks small and simple, but it's not. There is insane value in being able to effectively trigger an exact draw in Constructed. You can build your deck around one or two different Secrets, and this card is your ticket to getting to it.


It's not Mad Scientist, but it's pretty close. Mad Scientist created the problem where you'd sometimes be forced to play out a Secret at less-than-optimal times. While you don't get a 3-Cost Secret for free, you are given that card draw and you get to choose when to put it into play.


Now, that's not too beneficial when you consider that the two most-played Mage Secrets are Ice Barrier and Ice Block (which can be played at almost any time and be fine), but there are secrets like Mirror Entity and Mana Bind. There may even be another new Secret that we've yet to see revealed. This card is strong either way. Don't overlook it.


Kalimos, Primal Lord


Kalimos is another part of the new Elemental card tribe. Shaman becomes the first class on my list with two cards, and both are of this tribe. Both work beautifully together, too.


On turn 7, Blazecaller comes down and drills a minion for 5. On turn 8, Kalimos has free reign to do whatever else is needed. Here are the Elemental Invocations:



This card's flexibility makes it ridiculous. Following my example of the Blazecaller-into-Kalimos line, you can start to push for tempo with Air or Earth. The only questionable Elemental Invocation, to me, is Fire. Face damage just doesn't seem like the right direction for a deck playing a card like this. However, spending 8 mana for a 7/7 and nearly a Flamestrike sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Water can also help you claw back and put yourself out of range of being threatened for lethal.


This card will definitely see play in the competitive sphere.


Awaken the Makers (Amara, Warden of Hope)


Reno Jackson is rotating out of Standard when Journey to Un'Goro drops. You thought that meant no more "getting rich" and going from 4 to 30 Health on turn 6, right? Well, now Priests are going to be going to 40 Health instead. It won't be as soon as turn 6 -- but when this Quest gets completed and Amara comes into play, it's not going to be a fun time for the opponent.


This Quest is going to make N'Zoth Priest a serious contender as a top-tier deck. Amara is going to have people building sticky decks with Deathrattle minions that are tuned for the early and mid game, and then N'Zoth and Amara are going to come down and enable disgusting swings. If a Priest gets one or two more dangerous Deathrattles in this expansion, this archetype will be a powerhouse.


Gluttonous Ooze


If you aren't happy to see this ugly little guy, chances are that you've been one of the Aggro Shaman or Pirate Warrior players dominating the ladder for the past few months. Guess what happens when you equip that Arcanite Reaper and buff if to a 7/4 now? People are going to be spending less than half the mana you did to destroy it, get 7 Armor out of it, and put a respectable-sized minion on the board.


Weapon removal is so important in Hearthstone, and this card is going to be played even more than Acidic Swamp Ooze. It's the new standard of this card type.




North Sea Kraken is one of the most crushing late-game Arena cards, but it never really saw any play in Constructed (apart from a few Astral Communion decks). Blazecaller is a much better version of that card, and it's going to be very different. You will see this one in Constructed.


Cards that immediately have an effect on the board state are incredibly powerful, and this is practically a requirement for 7-Cost cards and higher. The swing that happens when Blazecaller's Battlecry goes off will be enough to put Elemental Druid decks into a comfortable position in the late game. And from there, cards like Kalimos are just going to choke the opponent out.


This card is great: high-impact and statted nicely.


The Marsh Queen (Queen Carnassa)


Blizzard came out with sleeves rolled up to introduce the new Quest card type -- and who better than Hunter to give the best one to? Hunter has been in shambles ever since Patches the Pirate and Small-Time Buccaneer emerged, but I really think that this card can change that.


The thing about Quest cards is that they're supposed to incentivize the player to go out of their way and do things they normally wouldn't, but almost every Hunter archetype in the past year has had five or more 1-Cost minions being played anyway.


Doing this quest is just playing the game for Hunter, but there's still that drawback of effectively starting the game with one less card than your opponent (as the Quest card always starts in your hand). The upside is that when you get Queen Carnassa, you win the game.


The 15 Raptors that Queen Carnassa shuffles into your deck are all 1-Cost, 3/2 tokens with a Battlecry that draws you a card. Absolutely insane.


Who else is exhausted from queuing into Hearthstone Pirate Warriors on ladder and getting smacked in the face for 12 damage on turn 4? I don't know if Journey to Un'Goro will add up to be the aggro-tamer that the majority of us probably hope it'll be, but I can say that there have been some pretty interested cards revealed so far. Hey, there's even a tech card that destroys a Pirate. It's not that bad, either.


Not only does Journey to Un'Goro tease us all with the prospect of control decks finally rising up and forcing aggro into the backseat again, it marks a completely new Hearthstone year and set rotation. With the new cards coming in, old ones will be leaving. It's been nice knowing Azure Drake, but it's time for that big guy to take a hike. Let's get some freshness in this meta!


Here are the 10 best cards that have been revealed so far for Hearthstone's upcoming expansion, Journey to Un'Goro.

If You're Playing Mass Effect Andromeda for the Sex... Try These Hentai Games Instead,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/2/7/5/2758dc424fd1943.jpg sz7q1/if-youre-playing-mass-effect-andromeda-for-the-sex-try-these-hentai-games-instead Thu, 30 Mar 2017 08:00:02 -0400 Ty Arthur

With the billions of NSFW nude mods out there, developers have caught onto the fact that some people play games for the naughty parts. That's led to some real oddity in the gaming underground, from bizarre stuff like Genital Jousting or Cobra Club, to even more truly bizarre stuff like The Tearoom or Gal Gun.

On the mainstream side, there's Bioware and the newly unleashed Mass Effect: Andromedaallowing mankind (and a couple of alien species) to take their love making to a whole new galaxy.

Just a few months back, Aaryn Flynn from Bioware offhandedly referenced how this time around the romance scenes in Andromeda would be taken to the next level and become essentially "softcore porn." While some of them are unquestionably more explicit, with more booty grabbing, writhing, and visible nipples, for the most part it's still fade-to-black content.

If you need to find out for yourself just how far it goes, someone has already helpfully put together all the romance scenes into one YouTube clip below.

Clearly there's not going to be anything like full-on penetration or money shots in your typical AAA game though, so playing Andromeda for the sex scenes is a bit of a non-starter. For that, you've got to look a bit farther, whether you want 3D simulations similar to what you'd see in Mass Effect, or instead prefer an animated hentai style.

While there are plenty of flash mini-games at the various porn sites covering just about every game series and sexual fetish imaginable, what we're looking at here is actual, full games worth playing that also have actual, full-on sex.

WARNING: It should go without saying that this is all massively NSFW, and for the love of captain Shephard, don't click on anything or scroll any further if nudity offends.

Actual Mass Effect Porn

First off, you don't actually have to go to a different game series at all if the Mass Effect characters are what you are specifically looking for. Rule 34 clearly states that if something exists, a porn edition of it also exists. If it didn't before, it spontaneously pops into existence when you ask "is there a porno version of this?"

For those playing Andromeda mostly for the bumping and grinding, some glorious 3D animators took it upon themselves to cut out the middleman for you and created explicit sex scenes readily available online.

Honestly, there's more Mass Effect porn than you could fit on the data banks of the Normandy and the Tempest combined. Well, OK, maybe not that much, but there's a ludicrous amount of it to be found with some quick searching.

A whole lot of this "parody" porn focuses on Miranda Lawson (you had to see that one coming), but all of the characters get it on in an absurd number of ways in various still photos and fully animated movie clips. Not at work and none of the kids are around? Try some of it out at places like PornHub or Xvideos.

mass effect, miranda lawson You don't have to just imagine what's under the suit anymore!

Sengoku Rance

There are a ton of games in this series covering a wide range of genres and art styles. Sengoku Rance is essentially a Fire Emblem style tactical RPG that also happens to have explicit sex scenes with a bunch of different female characters.

The sex is a major element, but it's more peripheral than the strategy game play. Sadly, there's no voice acting, which might be a deal breaker for some players specifically going into this less for the for the naughty bits rather than the grand dreams of conquest and warfare.

Brave Soul

Another one that's most definitely RPG first, hentai game second, Brave Soul offers 16-bit style action RPG goodness in the vein of classic SNES and Genesis titles.

There's an opening anime song segment and everything before you hero goes on a quest alongside some nubile ladies. If you want to feel nostalgic and aroused at the same time, well, here you go!

Premium Play Darkness

Actually getting this one up and working in English for the non Japanese folks is a serious hassle, but when it's finally done, Premium Play is among the cream of the crop for 3D simulations, with hundreds of options for building your dream girl and then having your way with her in hundreds more positions: and that's essentially the entire game.

There are lots of BDSM and fetish elements, but if that's not your thing, there's still plenty of vanilla lovin' to be had. Since the whole game is explicit sex we can't really embed a video here and keep it PG-13, but you can see snippets from the game at a more explicit site by clicking here.

Yukkuri Panic Escalation

Visual novels have overtaken platforms like Steam, where they can be pumped out quickly and have a built-in rabid fanbase. Unfortunately the vast majority of those have to tone down their content or censor explicit material to be released there.

When you move away from the big name platforms and go straight to the developers though, there are sexually explicit stories of all stripes waiting to be found.

A yuri (all girl-girl or solo girl) visual hentai novel, Yukkuri Panic Escalation changes up the formula by adding surprisingly fun mini-games before you can unlock any of the scenes to see the actual nudity and then get to the next part of the story.

Three Sisters' Story

There was this glorious time a lot of you younger gamers may not recall when phones still had cords and Napster was a thing... and all sorts of hentai games were just there for the taking on services like LimeWire. Yeah, you had to dodge viruses and files that were purposefully mislabeled, but if you knew what you were doing, there was a veritable animated porn game cornucopia just waiting to be plundered.

High quality games with tons of sex like Three Sisters Story, Time Stripper Mako (I swear to God I didn't make that one up), the various Viper entries, and X-Change (mad science gone sexy!) were all freely making the rounds. These are a bit harder to come by these days, and require you know how to figure out a DOS emulator, because these games weren't intended for operating systems like Windows 10 (or in some cases, even Windows XP).

Three Sisters Story is one many hentai gamers will remember from that time for its classic style, interesting story, distinctive characters, and yes, plenty of sex in a wide range of situations.

Despite what the name might imply, there's not actually any incest involved here, but you do eventually make the rounds with all three sisters if you play your cards right. Choosing to not get jiggy with one or two of them gets you to a better ending, however, for those with the iron will power to say "no thank you mam, please put back on your undies."

Runner Up: Blood Dragon's Insane Sex Scene

Although not a sex game, the completely unexpected love scene from neon 80s Far Cry spin-off Blood Dragon is simply a must-see in the annals of kinky gaming history.

This ludicrous and totally coming-from-left-field segment is as utterly nutso as the puppet sex from the director's cut version of Team America: World Police. It's not often you hear lines like "I wanna be blinded with your cyber love" or "ouch, ouch, ouch" in a sex scene.

What did you think of our picks, and what hentai games would you recommend for those seeking a more sexually-charged gaming experience?

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Unbroken, Unforgotten Review - A Brilliant and Deep Roguelike,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/t/a/l/tales-majeyal-9c8b4.jpg dih84/tales-of-majeyal-unbroken-unforgotten-review-a-brilliant-and-deep-roguelike Thu, 30 Mar 2017 08:00:02 -0400 Damien Smith

Over the past decade, the industry has seen a resurgence in video game genres that were long left behind. The likes of dungeon crawlers, roguelikes and more recently old-school FPSs have all made a return and quite an impact on the indie scene. One such title that made quite the impression was Tales of Maj'Eyal back in 2012. Recently the game has made quite the comeback with its expansion Embers of Rage and the massive update 1.5.0.

Tales of Maj'Eyal is a roguelike developed and published by Netcore Games. It initially released in 2012 on the developer's website and later on Steam and The game's first expansion Ashes of Urk'Rok released October 27th, 2014 and the second expansion Embers of Rage on February 23rd, 2016. Tales of Maj'Eyal is a procedurally generated title that offers huge amounts of classes, races and skills that give enormous replayability.

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage

The world full of lore

While there is a plot to the game it isn't until late on that it begins to become apparent and actually get in motion. Most of the story to the game and the world of Maj'Eyal is told through lore. In total there are over 400 lore entries in the game.

Most are found simply by exploring the world, collecting documents, reading signs and statue inscriptions. Some you need to buy from various shops and libraries found in the towns scattered throughout the world. There isn't much about the history of Maj'Eyal that isn't covered in its lore.

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage

From the creation of humans to the tales of war and destructive events, to the background of some of the most horrifying creatures lurking in the world's darkest reaches. There is so much to read and learn about the world and ever bit of it is enjoyable and interesting while others are quite entertaining.

The diary entries of a self-proclaimed paladin who was actually nothing more than a greedy individual looking for riches made me chuckle. If you love learning about the world that you are being a part of in a video game, then Tales of Maj'Eyal has a massive amount of stories to tell.

An enormous amount of character choices that caters for all players

Much like the immense amount of lore, Tales of Maj'Eyal has a vast array of characters choices on offer. Upon starting a new game you get to choose your characters gender, race and class. At the beginning, there will only be a handful of options available to you but as you progress throughout the game more will unlock.

There are seven primary races, each with their own sub-races to choose from. Each has their own backgrounds, stats and unique skills. The character classes work in the same fashion, there are ten primary classes each with their own sub-classes.

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage

Each of the classes has their own set of skills but as which of these your character is proficient in depends on the sub-class that you choose. There are also a number of campaigns to choose from. Just like the other character creation options most will need to be unlocked by playing the game.

The other campaigns include the Arena, where you fight your way up the Arena ranks in any attempt to become the champion, eventually becoming a master yourself. The second is the infinite dungeon, where you must attempt survive as long you can while reaching the deepest floor possible.

If it is a case that you don't like how your character looks there is a large selection of appearances to choose from. There is also a number of difficulty settings on offer to cater players of all experience levels. While the game is intended to be played with permadeath as a mechanic, there are multiple options to this too.

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage

For those who simply want to experience the game without the worries of permadeath can do so with the Exploration mode that gives you unlimited lives. The default setting gives the player a limited amount of lives and upon losing them all their character will be permanently dead.

The third option is for the more hardcore audience who are looking for the ultimate challenge, where you have one single life for the entirety of the game. A challenging feat for a game of this length.

With so many options up for grabs, each and every playthrough offers a new and unique experience that gives the game immense replayability. If you are worried as to whether you will get plenty of game time for your money, Tales of Maj'Eyal will give you more than most titles ever will.

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage

Old-school roguelike gameplay with Diablo style enemy and loot system

When it comes to gameplay, Tales of Maj'Eyal is as old-school as it gets. It isn't a game that you can just rush into and expect to dominate every adversary you encounter. Instead, it is a game you must take your time with and learn. 

With so many skills for each character class and each of those skills having their own purpose, it is very much a case of learning what ones are suited to which situations. Running into combat without a plan will quickly result in punishment.

It is a very tactical game, where a plan for both the battle and a retreat is essential to your survival. So taking your time and having patience are a virtue. As for the enemies and loot, it works in similar fashion to the Diablo series. Enemies come in various ranks, such as normal, rare, unique, elite, and boss.

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage

The rare and elite enemies are much more powerful variations of normal enemies while unique are powerful exclusive enemies to specific places. As for loot and items, they work in a similar fashion and come in varying ranks including uncommon, rare, unique, elite and so on.

Again just like the Diablo series, the enemies and items are all procedurally generated with the exception of those marked unique. Not only that but there are tonnes of different enemies and items to find on your journey, each with different pros and cons.

Mix all this together with procedurally generated maps and the vast character creation options and what you get is a game that brings a major change every time you play. The gameplay to Tales of Maj'Eyal is unpredictable and offering new challenges all the time. It really is a case of never knowing what you are going to find.

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage

Ever changing level design

One of the best aspects of Tales of Maj'Eyal is the level design. At first, the levels appear pretty simple, just walk around, kill everything and find the entrance to the next stage of that area. As you progress, however, the levels begin to become a bit more interesting.

Different levels start to react differently, offering new challenges that you will need to overcome to progress. For example, in the sandworm pit, you must follow the friendly sandworms as they burrow tunnels to navigate the dungeon. If you are too slow you may have the tunnel collapse on top of you, killing you.

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage

In another area, you are in the middle of a storm resulting in receiving extra damage if struck by lightning, or a place that is entirely submerged in water, resulting in you requiring a specific item to enter it. It is through this design that the many places you explore remain refreshing not to mention it keeps you alert and on your toes at all times.

More games need a transmogrification chest

It isn't often that I single out and talk about one tiny little feature in a game but Tales of Maj'Eyal's transmogrification chest is one of them. Over the years I have become so tired of games that force encumbrance on you, resulting in you having to travel back and forth time and time again.

This game, however, changes that in the most brilliant of ways. Upon defeating the boss on the optional third level of the first area, you receive the transmogrification chest. Any item you pick up is immediately placed in the chest and doesn't weigh you down.

Upon exiting an area or level you choose what items you want to keep and what will be transmogrified. The chest teleports all your unwanted items to another realm where they are broken down and you receive gold equal to the items worth.

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage

This mechanic means that you are not bothered by unwanted items, resulting in there being no need to keep returning to a town to sell equipment while keeping any gold you would have otherwise obtained. It allows the gameplay to remain fluent throughout as oppose to it stopping and going like in many games. If you ask me, more games need a transmogrification chest.

If you like roguelikes you must play Tales of Maj'Eyal

There are only two reasons I could think of why someone wouldn't play Tales of Maj'Eyal. The first would be the simplistic graphics and animations. They are definitely not something that would suit everyone. The second would be the massively in-depth character development and skills, that would be perhaps a bit too old-school and hardcore for some players.

Aside from that Tales of Maj'Eyal is an absolute must play that caters for everyone of all experience and roguelike preference levels. Don't like permadeath? There is an option to solve that. Don't like over difficult games? There are difficulty settings to suit everyone.

If you have the time, patience and are looking for a game with immense depth, then Tales of Maj'Eyal is worth every penny spent.

Disclaimer: A copy of the game including all DLC was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

New Survival .io Game: Impressions,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/t/a/starveio-95f1c.png g1yrj/new-survival-io-game-starveio-impressions Thu, 30 Mar 2017 08:00:02 -0400 LillyBilly

Last week I created a post about a great new .io game called A pretty unique survival/strategy style game with graphics that are reminiscent of Well, it would seem that it caught the attention of gamers and developers alike. With one developer adding a new game to the every growing list of .io games, called

You can play the game here. Overview

You start as a cute little character in a world of very simple graphics, surrounded by stylised trees, rocks, bushes, rabbits, evil fox-like creatures and of course other players. You have nothing to your name, except for Minecraft style fists that seemingly have the ability to punch the wood right off a tree. Good thing too, because you need to collect some wood to make a campfire and some basic wooden tools like a wooden pickaxe.

In the bottom left you will find a health bar, hunger bar and heat (cold) bar. You have to make sure none of them run too low. If they do, you die.

The easiest bar to keep full is your health. Just avoid fighting of any kind -- that includes fighting players and foxes. Foxes are pretty easy to avoid, but sometimes they do follow you, so stay alert. Of course, players will sometimes attack you for no reason and there is not much you can do early on in the game except run away.


Keeping your hunger bar full is a little tricky when you first start the game. You need to find a berry bush -- hit it a few times and you will get some berries in your inventory. You can click on them to eat them. This will satisfy your hunger.

Staying warm can be simple, you just need to find a campfire. Finding players with a fire is usually easiest when you first play the game. After a few plays, you will figure out that a campfire can easily be made, as long as you collect enough wood.


There you go, those are the bare bone basics of the game. Collecting anything beyond wood and berries requires you to create additional tools. For example, collecting stone requires a pick axe. You can craft a wooden pickaxe when you have collected enough wood.

The game has many items you can craft and the developer has deliberately left the player to explore the crafting, so I won't spoil it for you and list off all the items.

My Feelings on

Generally, I like the game. style item collecting is very nice, and it would suggest to me that we will see many more survival style .io games. I also like the simplicity of the crafting system. It only took me a few plays to figure everything out.

I'm not the biggest fan of the graphics, they are a little too stylised for my tastes, but that is just me.

It will be interesting to see where the .io gaming community places this game. The initial response seems to be extremely positive. What do you think?


Sources and Credit

Details about this post came from

Full video credit goes to Arena Closer

Cataclysm 3D Gets a Graphical Overhaul, Name Change, and New Features,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/p/r/o/project-warlock-c35b0.png zfs0e/cataclysm-3d-gets-a-graphical-overhaul-name-change-and-new-features Wed, 29 Mar 2017 16:34:26 -0400 Damien Smith

Polish indie developer Jakub Cislo of Buckshot Studios has given his upcoming old-school FPS, Cataclysm 3D, a massive graphical overhaul -- complete with all-new textures, sprites, lightning, and more. According to an announcement on its Kickstarter page, the game is also having its name changed to Project Warlock.

What is Cataclysm 3D/Project Warlock?

Cataclysm 3D -- or as it will be known as upon release, Project Warlock -- is an upcoming old-school FPS title similar to 90s shooters like Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM. The game was initially titled Exitium 3D before being renamed to Cataclysm 3D.

You take on the role of a mysterious and powerful mage who travels through dimensions and universes in an attempt to remove all evil from existence. The player will have an array of weapons and magic at their disposal to help them on their quest.

The game will have a total of 30 levels spanning over a series of 3 episodes, just like other games from the 90s such as Quake and Doom.

Why the graphical overhaul and name change?

The 18-year old developer started a Kickstarter campaign November 21st, 2016 in hopes of receiving the funding to cover the cost of the game's submission to Steam Greenlight. By the end of the campaign, Cislo received just over twice the amount he had hope for, with €205.

[A screenshot of the game from the Greenlight page]

After submitting the game to Greenlight, it was met with harsh criticism and in some cases outright insulting remarks -- mostly in relation to its graphics. Cislo later removed the game from Greenlight and hired a professional art designer to help improve the visuals. The outcome is a complete graphical overhaul, which you can see in the header image above.

As for his decision to rename the game for the second time, according to Cislo's announcement on the Kickstarter page, he feels it "better reflects what the game is about".

What new features will be included?

Along with the announcement of the graphical overhaul, Cislo also spoke about a few new features that will be added to the game. The first major addition is that the game will now have a HUB similar to that found in Quake, as opposed to the main menu episode selection of DOOM.

Players will start in the HUB, with access to doors that lead to each of the episodes. There will also be weapon upgrades introduced to the game. Players will be able to find upgrade points throughout the levels that can then be used in the HUB to make their weapons more powerful.

The third and final new feature will be that the Protagonist will have a voice over. The voice actor and personality of the protagonist is yet to be announced, but according to Cislo:

"...the game is going to feature some BADASS oneliners!"

Rising from the ashes

Cislo is coming back strong from the harsh criticism and insulting remarks made while his game was on Steam Greenlight. While many would have simply given up or would have lashed back at the commenters of the Greenlight page, Cislo remained silent and continued to finding new ways to improve his game.

Here's hoping that the improvements keep coming, and Project Warlock will be able to give its players what they need to scratch that old-school 90s FPS itch. 

Diablo II Amazon Cassia to Join Heroes of the Storm,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/o/4/u/o4ue0mvu9dbu1490759248475-220b4.jpg nzt9z/diablo-ii-amazon-cassia-to-join-heroes-of-the-storm Wed, 29 Mar 2017 16:26:02 -0400 Perchance to Game

Alongside the unveiling of Heroes 2.0 update, Blizzard also announced its next champion for Heroes of the Storm -- Cassia. Hailing back to the Amazon character from Diablo II, this highly-requested champion will be joining the fray later this month.

Back in 2015, Blizzard tried to assure players that an Amazon-themed skin for Nova didn't mean that a standalone Amazonian hero would never be in the game. Cassia's release should finally lay to rest the fear that certain skins can mean a hero's exclusion from Heroes of the Storm.

Cassia Combat Style and Abilities

In Blizzard's Hero Spotlight video for Cassia, we learn that she'll be a ranged assassin who excels against auto-attacking heroes. Her kit grants her a strong laning presence, as well as some powerful maneuvers that will let her pressure and disrupt enemies. 

Passive: Avoidance

While moving unmounted, Cassia gains 65 physical armor against Heroic basic attacks, reducing the damage taken by 65% 

This hero trait lends itself well to trading attacks in lane, which will allow Cassie to potentially outlast opposing heroes whose damage primarily comes from basic attacks -- like Raynor, Valla, or Illidan.  But you'll need to be wary of poke damage spellcasters such as Chromie, Jaina, or Azmodan.

Q: Lightning Fury

Hurl a lightning javelin that deals 175 damage to the first enemy hit and splits into two lightning bolts that deal 175 damage to enemies in their path.

This will be your primary source of poke damage, keeping you at a safe distance from melee ability damage assassins (like Kerrigan, Greymane or Alarak).

Lightning javelin

W: Blinding Light

After 0.5 seconds, Blind enemies in the target area for two seconds. Passive: Cassia deals increased damage to Blinded targets.

This is another ability made to shut down auto-attackers, but it will do next to nothing against long-range casters if you are unable to capitalize on the damage increase.

Blinding Light

E: Fend

Charge at an enemy, and upon arriving channel for up to 1.5 seconds, dealing damage in front of Cassia every 0.25 seconds.  Deals 50% reduced damage to non-heroes.

Despite the damage reduction to non-heroes, this sounds like Cassia's primary method of wave clear.  It's an adequate fallback when enemy mercs and minions are closing in on your fort or keep. But really, you'll want to leave the farming to better suited allies.  

For optimal use against enemy heroes, have a tank body-block for you while you maximize your channel time in team fights.   


Heroic: Ball Lightning

Throw a ball of lightning at an enemy Hero that bounces up to six times between nearby enemy Heroes and Cassia, dealing heavy damage to enemies.

League of Legends players will find this attack similar to Ryze's Spell Flux ability -- bouncing between the player and surrounding enemies. Naturally, you'll need to use this ability to best effect in team fights, especially when a large component of the opposing team is relatively fragile (and lacking in spell armor).

Ball Lightning

Heroic: Valkyrie

Summon a Valkyrie that rushes to Cassia after 0.75 seconds, pulling the first enemy Hero hit, dealing 190 damage and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds at the end of her path.  The Valkyrie knocks back all other enemy Heroes in her way. 

This is a good hard crowd control ability, which will be best used to drag backline heroes out of position -- disrupting their team's formation in the process.  Try to make sure the rest of your team is ready to follow up, though, since Cassia seems more adept at sustained damage rather than burst damage.

This could also be good for securing a kill on an escaping foe.


Cassia will soon enter beta testing for players who are interested in trying her out. Only time will tell if her kit and combat style lives up to the expectations of Diablo II fans. 

What are your thoughts on Cassia?  Which other Diablo II characters are you hoping will enter the Nexus?  Comment and let us know!

Dark Souls 3 Guide: How to Beat the Spears of the Church and Darkeater Midir,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/2/0/1/20170328201859-90cea.jpg on9hn/dark-souls-3-guide-how-to-beat-the-spears-of-the-church-and-darkeater-midir Wed, 29 Mar 2017 16:01:17 -0400 Autumn Fish

Boy oh boy, did FromSoftware treat us with some great boss fights in the latest Dark Souls 3 DLC. In a long-awaited callback to Demon's Souls, The Ringed City introduces a player-controlled boss called the Spear of the Church.

Yes, you read that right. Finally, you can turn the tables around and crush the poor Champions of Ash as they ram their heads against your fog gate desperately trying to clear content.

So how does it all work? And more importantly, where do you sign up to become a boss? Well, there's actually a lot to it, so we'll break everything down step by step.

How to Beat the Spear of the Church in The Ringed City

The fight starts with nothing but a giant in the room. This guy summons the boss after a rather lengthy slice of dialogue. It's recommended that you kill the giant before his dialogue finishes and the next phase of the fight begins, lest you get stuck dealing with multiple opponents.

The first thing that spawns is a regular painting guardian enemy with a rather sizable health pool. If you don't kill them before getting invaded, they can heal the boss with miracles.

Shortly after the painting guardian spawns in, the Spear of the Church invades. Unless there's no one online in your level range with the covenant equipped, this enemy is controlled by another player. However, unlike regular invasions, the player-boss has some extra defenses and skills that help give it an edge.

Dark Souls 3 Guide How to Beat the Spear of the Church

The Spear of the Church spawns in with a dangerous spike attack and homing lightning missiles hovering over their head. The homing lightning missiles respawn on a cooldown, and they can use the spike attack on command with the Ritual Spear Fragment and Divine Spear Fragment. Also, the number of co-op partners you have will influence their defense, just like any other boss. Aside from that, though, it's just like fighting off a regular invader.

The person playing as the Spear of the Church cannot use Estus Flasks, but they do have 3 Ashen Estus at their disposal and can use things like regeneration spells, healing miracles, and even Tears of Denial.

A second painting guardian spawns around the time the Spear of the Church hits 60% health. It's a good idea to just ignore this one and put pressure on the boss. If the boss can't stand still, they can't benefit from the guardian's heal spell. Focusing on the guardians just gives the boss too many opportunities to punish you for diverting your attention.

While you won't earn a boss soul from winning this fight, you will net yourself one of Filianore's Spear Ornaments, which are used to rank up in the Spears of the Church covenant. The Divine Spear Monument that you offer the covenant item to is actually just outside the boss room, next to the ringed knight wielding dual greatswords.

But how do you join the covenant? That's an excellent question -- though I don't think you'll enjoy the answer.

How to Beat Darkeater Midir and Join the Spears of the Church in The Ringed City

That's right, you must beat Dark Souls 3's latest and greatest damage sponge if you hope to join the Spears of the Church covenant. I'm sure many already classify Darkeater Midir as the hardest boss of the DLC thanks to a healthy mix of ridiculously high health, frighteningly strong attacks, and a gargantuan frame that the camera loves to hate.

Dark Souls 3 Guide How to Beat Darkeater Midir and Join the Spears of the Church covenant

Before we can work out how to beat him, however, it first helps to know where to find Darkeater Midir. From the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire, head left through the shortcut door and down the elevator. Jump off in the opening to your left about midway down the elevator shaft. Hang another left here into a circular room filled with statues, and whack the one without a sword to reveal a path leading straight to the boss.

Now there's not a lot to say about this boss fight, since he doesn't really have a lot of tricks. This dragon mixes fire breath and dark lasers with tooth and claw to create some truly deadly combos. Darkeater Midir's moveset is well telegraphed and ultimately easy to react to. The only issue is positioning the camera so that you always know what's going on.

If you have the chance, always attack the head. This fight goes far more smoothly when you learn how to predict where the head will end up after an attack. It may not be as safe as nipping at his hind legs, but you'll deal considerably more damage, which is essential for whittling away at his monstrous health pool.

After hitting 50% health, Darkeater Midir shifts to phase 2 with a sizable blast of dark energy. With the phase shift, the boss learns a couple of new moves. In addition to the aforementioned area-of-effect attack, he can also summon dark homing missiles. He'll even get a little crazy with his dark laser, so be on your toes.

If you manage to topple this gargantuan beast, you'll earn both the Soul of Darkeater Midir and the Spears of the Church covenant badge. Slap on this badge to be summoned into other players' worlds as a boss. Killing the host as the Spear of the Church nets you another Filianore's Spear Ornament.

Dark Souls 3 Guide: How to Join the Spears of the Church Covenant

As Dark Souls 3's newest boss, you now have the solemn responsibility of crushing the poor saps who think they can just waltz through your fog gate for an easy kill.

While you're still here, why not kindle our comments section below? And if you're looking for more help, be sure to check out some more of our guides on The Ringed City DLC:

The Current State of Conan Exiles,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/2/b/f/2bf08a573eb275ee17e6398e626c2710e56e4056600x338-871cd.jpg fs9ns/the-current-state-of-conan-exiles Wed, 29 Mar 2017 16:00:01 -0400 Emily Parker

Conan Exiles came out of the gate swinging at the end of January this year. It had quite a bit of competition across the gaming industry but made headlines and impressions nevertheless. The survival market is still an active consumer, and it was easy to see the pure potential that Conan Exiles was bringing to the table. 

Funcom recouped its development costs in a few short weeks, netting $1 million dollars of that within the first hour. While the high-quality marketing trailers and first-of-its-kind dong slider surely had a lot to do with these numbers, the promise of a free building and harsh survival world drew in plenty of doe-eyed and hopeful PC gamers.  

Unfortunately -- as with many Early Access titles -- the $30 Conan Exiles had its fair share of issues on release. Lag spikes, several easy exploits, unbalanced God summoning and an eerie resemblance to its prehistoric predecessor, Ark, quickly tanked its ratings across the web. The developers have been thankfully very active, and a couple months have made some difference.

Since the initial release, several new items, weapons, and thralls have been introduced, exploits fixed and combat improved. Most recently -- and long awaited for players on official servers -- the Ruin system will begin erasing unused structures. The decay can be turned off on private servers but will keep clutter build up on Funcom's official servers.

Weapon damage has been re-hauled and scaled to tier, making the resource commitment worth the final product. While Funcom is under some heat for releasing a patch that broke portions of the game right before the weekend, the new dye system seems to be working as planned. 

The real beast, or the reason many have given up on the game until further notice, still requires attention. The game is arguably unplayable as a PvPer, with some serious performance and exploit issues that need to be addressed. The lag issues seem completely arbitrary, sometimes only enough to allow a hyena pack gnaw a lonely adventurer to pieces, other times sling-shotting the player completely underneath the terrain.

Funcom is also executing an "Exploit Hunters Program" to help spot and eradicate their cheater infestation. This combined with a regular patch schedule should help eventually curb the official server epidemic.     

A mount system, siege machines, sorcery and end game NPC armies are still slated for 2017. With a commitment from Funcom to put $5-10 million into the fledgling survival RPG before the end of the year, it's likely we'll see these additions and some significant optimization.

As with the rest of the game's features, Funcom has dreamed up some really interesting additions. For instance, one of the siege machines will be corpse launcher that allows players to rot bodies and launch them at enemies' bases to spread corruption. Another highly anticipated content patch will be an end-game mode or "The Purge." The game will start spawning masses of NPC armies on the border of the map. Players will have to prepare for all out war, and possibly capture the most powerful NPCs for their own base. 

2018 will see Conan Exiles ports on PS4 and XBONE.


Blizzard Announces Heroes of the Storm 2.0; Beta Begins Today,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/8e0391adae045aeb618b9473c292408d.jpg 5o7d9/blizzard-announces-heroes-of-the-storm-20-beta-begins-today Wed, 29 Mar 2017 14:56:04 -0400 Perchance to Game

Today, Blizzard announced the upcoming arrival of Heroes of the Storm 2.0 -- which will bring a boatload of new game content and changes. The beta for this update began today, so players who want to test it out before it hits full release can do so. 

The 2.0 update brings a new battleground, an overhauled player progression and rewards system, along with loot chests packed with new types of rewards (like announcer packs, voice lines, and more).  

Blizzard will be doling out more information throughout April regarding the new map and heroes -- including Cassia, who is based on the Amazon from Diablo II.  The developer has earmarked May 4th as the day for more details. While a precise date for the 2.0 update is not yet available, details for a launch event will be released April 18th.

So what's coming in the HotS 2.0 Update?

New Progression Systems

One of the biggest changes players will see is more rewarding out-of-game leveling for both the player and individual heroes. Player level will be the sum of accumulated hero levels, both of which are no longer capped.  Each hero level will add one to your overall player level -- allowing for bigger rewards every time you level up.

The rate of this experience gain has also been significantly adjusted to make progression more meaningful at lower levels, and less of a grind at higher levels. The requirements for the latter have been reduced by approximately 75 to 80 percent. So that master skin you've been chasing is suddenly way closer.

More and Better Loot

Master skins and portraits won't be the only thing players will have to look forward to when climbing the experience curve.  Aside from those two things, rewards were decidedly lackluster prior to this update. With the arrival of 2.0, though, all content in the game can potentially be unlocked through experience gain -- including heroes skins, mounts, and more. 

Banners, loot chests, and in-game currency will also be made available as player rewards. Banners are special animations you can activate when completing an objective in game -- taking a mercenary camp, destroying a fort/keep, or ruining an enemy's core.

Overwatch players will recognize the loot chests awarded at certain milestones, which contain some familiar content like voiceover additions and sprays. But these chests will also contain some items unique to the Nexus. On top of that, gems and shards (used for crafting) will begin appearing in loot chests as well. 






To join the beta, access the Heroes of the Storm tab in your Blizzard launcher and select/install "Heroes 2.0" in the region selector.

What do you think of the update? Is it as "game-defining" as Blizzard claims? Comment and let us know!

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Best Weapons Guide,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/p/u/b/pub-screenshot-386b1.jpg 5gaud/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-best-weapons-guide Wed, 29 Mar 2017 12:30:49 -0400 Sergey_3847

You won’t survive a second in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, the latest standalone Battle Royale game on Steam, if you don’t have a decent weapon in your hands. But you need more than one -- for all kinds of situations.

This guide will provide you with the best weapons you can find in the game, and give you tips on how to use them properly.



  • Ammo: 5.56 mm
  • Default magazine: 30 rd
  • Extended magazine: 40 rd

The M16A4 assault rifle has the highest rate of fire in the game. It is the fourth generation of the M16 rifles, with a rail for mounting optics and other attachments. It also comes with a selective fire feature, meaning that you can switch between semi and full automatic modes.

Use it for short but precise bursts of fire in midrange and close combat. It is preferable to find an extended magazine, as the fire rate will empty your ammo capacity instantly.



  • Ammo: 7.62 mm
  • Default magazine: 30 rd
  • Extended magazine: 40 rd

AKM stands for "Kalashnikov modernized automatic rifle" in the Russian abbreviation. It’s a bit slower than the M16, but it is more powerful and better suited for long range combat. The AKM’s bullet can easily reach and kill your target at 300-400 meter distance.

However, the dispersion with this weapon is huge, so it would be wise to use AKM along with the compensator -- as it will drastically increase the precision of each shot.




  • Ammo: 7.62 mm
  • Default magazine: 5 rd
  • Extended magazine: 7 rd

This Remington sniper rifle, also known as the SWS, is a solid choice for any sniper in the game.

It can be acquired only from the airdrop crates, and can be used for high-accuracy, long-range shots -- especially with the help of a detachable telescopic sight.


  • Ammo: .300 magnum (7.62×67 mm)
  • Default magazine: 5 rd
  • Extended magazine: 10 rd

AWM stands for Arctic Warfare Magnum, and it is the most powerful sniper rifle in the game. The penetration on this thing is so strong that it can easily deal with enemies inside the vehicles.

The special type of ammo used in this rifle offers a significant increase in muzzle velocity, which is great for long-distance shooting.



Tommy Gun

  • Ammo: .45 ACP
  • Default magazine: 100 rd
  • Extended magazine: N/A

This classic Thompson submachine gun, also known as The Chicago Typewriter, has the highest rate of fire of any SMG/LMG in the game -- although it's not as impactful in terms of damage.

But a huge magazine provides more than enough bullets for turning other players into pin cushions.


  • Ammo: 5.56mm
  • Default magazine: 100 rd
  • Extended magazine: N/A

This beast of an LMG is gas-operated and air-cooled. This allows the M249 to have both high rate of fire and solid damage. It’s great for piercing through enemy vehicles and wooden shacks -- really anything that's standing in the way of you mowing down your opponents.

It doesn't excel at anything specifically, but instead does a little bit of everything very well. 




  • Ammo: 12 gauge
  • Shells: 5

The Winchester Model 1897 is your best friend in close combat. It has high damage, and can kill an armored enemy in a single shot.

You can use it in midrange combat to a certain extent, but beware of the spread. If you manage to find a choke point, then it is possible to sustain some of it for better precision.


  • Ammo: 12 gauge
  • Shells: 5-8

The Saiga-12, or SASG-12, semi-automatic shotgun is a slightly faster weapon than the classical Winchester -- but it has the same power and is deadly for anyone who dares to enter your territory.

This weapon can also be modified with suppressors and scopes, should you decide to use it for the aerial control.




  • Ammo: 9 mm
  • Default magazine: 15 rd
  • Extended magazine: 20 rd

This semi-automatic pistol provides the highest rate of fire. And with the help of a simple silencer, it can be a perfect choice for raiding enemies inside of buildings.

Since it’s not very accurate, you need to aim straight at the head. If you can keep steady and make consistent headshots, you can take out up to three other players with just one magazine.


  • Ammo: 7.62 mm
  • Default magazine: 7 rd
  • Extended magazine: N/A

If you don’t care much about the fire rate or accuracy, and all you want is to have high damage, then this revolver will serve you well.

Due to its dimensions it can also fire .32S&W and .32H&R magnum cartridges.



These are the best weapons you can get in the current build of BATTLEGROUNDS. But the upcoming updates will add more weapons to the roster, so expect something even better in the future.

What are your weapons of choice in this battle royale? Let me know down in the comments!

World of Warcraft Legion 7.2: How to Unlock New Artifact Traits and Knowledge,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/n/e/w/new-artifact-traits-header-1121f.png o3oli/world-of-warcraft-legion-72-how-to-unlock-new-artifact-traits-and-knowledge Wed, 29 Mar 2017 12:03:42 -0400 Synzer

The latest patch for World of Warcraft: Legion adds plenty of new content and features. One of the most notable changes is the ability to unlock new artifact traits and raise your artifact knowledge from 25-50. There are also new quests on the Broken Shore and a new faction.

All of this leads to unlocking the new features for your artifact, but it is easy to miss what you actually need to do. I'm going to go over exactly how to unlock the new traits and knowledge.

How to Unlock new Artifact Traits and Knowledge in Legion 7.2

There are a few things you need before you can even begin:

  • Weapon at 35 traits or higher
  • Artifact Knowledge at 25

If you have at least that, you will be able to unlock the new traits and knowledge after a couple of quest lines.

Unlocking the Broken Shore

First you will need to get to the Broken Shore. You can get the starting quest from Khadgar in Dalaran. You can open the dungeon journal to accept the quest if you don't see it when you log in. This leads to a new scenario, which puts you on the Broken Shore afterwards.

Next you will be able to get the "Seeking Lost Knowledge" quest. Pick up the other quests as well, so you can do them on your way to this quest.

wow legion 7.2 new artifact traits

  • The locations of the knowledge are near Aalgen Point. You will need to go north a bit, then up a ramp on the mountain.
  • You will need to either click the ghostly head, or use the quest item at each spot.
Unlocking more Artifact Knowledge

After you get all 3 locations, go back to Khadgar at Deliverance Point to turn the quest in. This leads to going back to your class order hall to turn in another quest, which rewards artifact knowledge 26 from an item and the ability to place more artifact knowledge work orders so you can raise it to a max of 50.

Unlocking new Artifact Traits

You will notice that there is nothing else after the quest to start new work orders. The game does not tell you, but you will need to go back to Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore to pick up a new quest from Khadgar.

wow legion 7.2 the broken shore investigating the legion

This quest is called "The Broken Shore: Investigating the Legion", and requires you to find an item on the Broken Shore. Simply kill enemies until you get the drop then return to Khadgar to turn in the quest.

Now you can finally start your weapon questlines. Your next quest requires you to go back to Dalaran to talk to the Council of the Six.

After some short dialogue quests, you will be able to pick up individual quests for each of your specializations. Again, these will only be available for your weapons that are at 35 traits or higher, and each one is separate.

Once you complete the questline for your weapon, you will need to go back to Dalaran to turn it in. They will eventually ask you to raise your weapon. To this, step back into the big circle and wait for the Extra Action button to appear.

When the quest is complete, it will show a new area with new traits on your weapon. You will also get refunded all of the artifact power that you put in past trait 35, and your weapon gets reset back to 35.

The next trait will cost a little less than 2 million artifact power, and the one after that jumps to 10 million. Luckily you gain much more power now, and it will greatly increase in the the coming weeks. There will also be additional ranks for traits that originally had 3 ranks.

That's all you need to know to unlock your new artifact traits and knowledge in WoW Legion Patch 7.2. Let me know if you have any questions!

The Secret World MMO Is Relaunching as an F2P Game This Spring,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/e/c/secret-world-6c134.jpg 6ztz0/the-secret-world-mmo-is-relaunching-as-an-f2p-game-this-spring Wed, 29 Mar 2017 11:57:49 -0400 Marc Hollinshead

When it first released back in 2012, MMO The Secret World  received mixed reviews. But now, developer Funcom has decided to relaunch the game as Secret World Legends. This new iteration will be free-to-play, and it is due to arrive this Spring.

Legends aims to rewrite the formula of the original title and give players a brand new experience that doesn't coincide with typical MMO tropes. Alongside improved visuals, combat and player progression are being reworked from the ground up to provide many, many hours of "mature storytelling and surprises".  

Players will take part in a supernatural war that enmeshes reality with myth. As they venture further and further into the mysteries of the world around them, they'll have to rely on their character abilities -- and even moreso, their own wit -- to find answers. 

In an official statement on what players can expect from Legends, Funcom said the game will include:

"A highly extensive and customizable arsenal of firearms, weapons, gear and otherworldly powers will give players the strength to battle the forces of darkness as they dig deeper into these vast and mysterious lands. Players can go at it alone and enjoy the over 100 hours of story at their own pace, or team up with others as they explore the world and unravel its mysteries."

The Executive Producer of Funcom, Scott Junior, also shared his own thoughts on the change in direction for the Secret World brand:

"One of our biggest goals in relaunching the game has been to reimagine the core gameplay experience in a way befitting a modern-day action RPG. Secret World Legends features combat that feels more natural, deep systems that are more intuitive, better structuring of the early game for new players, and improved mission flow to strengthen the pace of progression for players."

To accompany the announcement of the game's relaunch, a teaser trailerwas released as well. Check it out below:

Funcom hasn't set a hard launch date yet, but the Spring release window means we should be hearing more soon. Stay tuned to get all the latest info about this game as its re-release draws closer. 

Did you play the original The Secret World? How do you feel about the transition to Secret World Legends? Let me know in the comments!

If Dystopian Games Are Your Thing, Try We Happy Few k7nvy/if-dystopian-games-are-your-thing-try-we-happy-few Wed, 29 Mar 2017 08:00:01 -0400 jmitchell_1343

Video games have always intrigued me. I've had motion sickness since I was a teenager, so finding a game that doesn't induce nausea, but will still be exciting, is a feat.

For those of you that may be like me, motion sickness is a big thing to consider when choosing what game you want to play. My suggestion if you're not sure? Watch game play on YouTube to figure out if the game is for you.

The game that I'm interested at the moment meets those requirements.

Enter: We Happy Few.

we happy few, logo

So What's It About?

Set in dystopian England in the 1960's, the goal of We Happy Few is to escape the town of Wellington Wells.

But watch out! The citizens of this town are all doped up on a drug called "Joy" and if you don't act like one of them, they might just kill you.

we happy few, joy, citizens

In other words, don't let them catch you being a downer.

The Good

Like I mentioned before, if you have motion sickness, the game play will be no problem.

And, after doing a little research, it turns out that the developers are still building the world of We Happy Few, meaning more game play and playable features are coming. Things like Wellie Mode, where you can play as Welly and hunt for downers, instead of being hunted.

The Bad

The bad news is that since the game is still in development, and only the PC and Xbox One versions are available for early access.

The Best

But, the best news is that once it's finished, We Happy Few will be available for Mac and Linux.

Of Course...

The only catch is that the developers need money for the new features to become a thing.

The We Happy Few Kickstarter is still ongoing. And, if you act now, you can still reap those beautiful Kickstarter rewards (and help the developers create new modes and demolish those pesky computer crashing bugs that come with games that are sent to the realm of Early Access only).

Why Am I Mentioning This?

Because we need more games like We Happy Few. The game play is magnificent.

I mean, come on, look at how fun this world seems to be!

There are two reasons that I like this game.

The first, is the exploration of the world. We Happy Few is huge! And, as I mentioned earlier, they're only going to add more. The second reason is that there is a story to this game. I don't know about you, but I am a story person. And, for me at least, exploration and a compelling narrative are what make a good game.

Still don't believe me? Check out the updated version of the game:

But it's not just that. The attention to detail within the game shows that the developers cared about the product that they were selling to their customers.

This game is also worth playing because it makes a commentary about society and the effects of drugs without therapy. And while it might be slightly dark, it's important to recognize these types of narratives in any type of media.

But Enough About That...

I just want you to give the game a try. If you're not sure about it being the game for you, just watch more game play videos. They'll tell you all you need to know!

Has-Been Heroes Guide: Understanding Combat and Your First Heroes,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/2/0/1/2017032810460500-bb278fdc5dd434cf8f30f224cfbf517a-c00b4.jpg 6134q/has-been-heroes-guide-understanding-combat-and-your-first-heroes Wed, 29 Mar 2017 05:38:22 -0400 David Fisher

What can easily be seen as a shallow rouguelike adventure, Has-Been Heroes is actually far deeper, and thinking otherwise will see you fail time and time again. In reality, Frozenbyte's latest adventure secretly hides deep strategy and gameplay secrets that can help you better navigate the game's randomly generated maps. In this guide we'll cover what you need to know in order to finally put the final nail in the Ghoul's coffin.

Understanding the Mechanics of Combat

Has-Been Heroes, interface

Has-Been Heroes focuses on a lane-based style of combat. Each character is restricted to a single lane, but can switch around at will - provided another character has freed the space by attacking. Any time a melee attack is initiated - or if the player hits the left bumper - the game will pause to allow time for strategizing. While this seems simple enough, there's actually quite a bit of information on the screen to understand in order to succeed.

Know Your Enemy

Has-Been Heroes, enemy, skeleton

Enemies in Has-Been Heroes have several bars and icons that represent various statuses about them. While not all of them are present in the above image, they are understood as follows:

  • Red Bar: Health.
  • Green Bars: Stamina.
  • Yellow or Blue Bar: Stun or freeze duration.
  • Circular Icons: Elements that the enemy is invulnerable or immune to.

While your enemy has stamina bars marked by the white number, they are effectively invulnerable to your attacks. Only once you damage the enemy with enough melee strikes or a stun spell will you actually be able to do damage directly to their red health bar. A hero that has dealt damage to an enemy's health will send it backwards in the lane where it will recover its stamina bars. Depending on the hero used, the recoverable stamina bar count may be reduced.

Pay close attention to enemies who start glowing or have unique animations as it typically means they are about to cast a spell. Using a spell on them - or attacking them with enough damage -- will cause them to fail to cast. Failure to do so could mean anything from enemies recovering health or taking serious amounts of damage.

Reading the HUD

Much more complicated than understanding the enemy's bars is your own HUD. Here you will find all the information you need to succeed, ranging from each character's inventory, to spells, and soul charges.

Has-Been Heroes, skills, spells, inventory, menu

  • The Inventory: Accessed by pressing down on the left control stick, the inventory shows you the weapons and equipment currently held by the selected hero. While not entirely important - provided you have been paying attention to who picked up what - it is useful for learning about what each character's primary weapon does.
  • Spell Slots: Each hero has 5 spell slots, with one taken up by their primary spell. When not filled, you can hover over each spell slot to find out what bonus a spell placed in that slot will have. Learning the bonuses of each slot is key to success as there are many spells that greatly benefit from being paired with certain heroes.
  • Soul Charges: Soul Charges are collected by defeating enemies. Depending on what lane the enemy was slain in, the souls will go to the princess closest to that lane. In the case of the central lane, souls will go to both princesses equally. Once full, pressing the right or left trigger will allow you to cast a spell for free. However, doing so without thinking is wasteful as the charges are necessary for unlocking new spells upon failure or successful completion of the quest. As such, it is best to only use this ability in a pinch or against bosses.

Learning the Characters

Has-Been Heroes, characters

When you first start your adventure in Has-Been Heroes you will only have access to the Monk, Warrior, and Rogue. Each is completely capable in their own right, and are balanced in such a way that they can successfully complete the game without the need for unlocked heroes. That said, you will need to learn their unique traits or else you will never be able to complete even the first run of the game.

Each of the starting character's traits are as follows:

Tam, the Rogue

Has-Been Heroes, rogue tam, character

  • Weapon: Rogue's Dagger - 25-35 damage per hit, 15% increased critical hit chance, +25% spell recharge speed. Has 3 base hits.
  • Starting Spell: Doublestrike (25 second cooldown) - Next melee attack has 2x more hits, can be stacked for even more hits.
  • Slot Bonuses: Rogue's third slot spreads buffs across the entire party, while her fourth slot causes projectile spells to hit additional targets at random.

Youngest, fastest, and most agile; Tam is the rogue who only recently joined the Has-Been Heroes team. While she lacks the sheer damage output of Crux the Warrior, Tam is capable of spreading out her damage across three separate attacks. This makes Tam particularly useful for chipping away at enemy stamina gauges, while also dealing a decent amount of damage against stunned opponents.

Doublestrike is a very useful starting spell as it enables Tam - or any of her allies - to strike twice as many times as they normally would. This also means Tam herself will be able to strike at least 6 times before going on cooldown for her melee attack. The ability also stacks, so if you are able to use Tam and Metacles to wear down a boss's stamina, you can get Crux to dish out serious damage with multiple powerful attacks.

Sir Crux, the Warrior

Has-Been Heroes, warrior crux

  • Weapon: Warrior's Sword - 125-150 damage per hit, 50% faster melee recharge, spell casting increases damage of next melee combo by 30%. Attacks once.
  • Starting Spell: Hot Potato (30 second cooldown) - Burns the target for 3 seconds, and removes 10-16 stamina.
  • Slot Bonuses: Fourth slot causes buffs to be reapplied after they expire.

Crux, like many warrior classes across various games, is simple and easy to use. He attacks only once per melee combo, and deals a heavy hit each time. By casting spells, players can increase this damage to about 160-200 per hit. This makes Crux an essential character until you have a better fighter class character for your team.

When it comes to strategy, Crux should be used as a meat shield when necessary, and only attack when the time calls for it. If you don't have Doublestrike ready - or if there isn't enough time to stack it - don't be afraid to spam his melee attack on enemies since his cooldown is very short compared to the others.

Crux should act as your spell mule for non-damage or buff spells since he only has a single slot bonus that won't possibly get filled until you have finished your first run of the game. That said, don't spam his Hot Potato ability on weaker enemies since it will be necessary for taking out bosses, and is otherwise best used on hordes to rack up multi-kill bonuses.

Metacles, the Monk

Has-Been Heroes, monk metacles

  • Weapon: Monk's Staff - 1-9 damage per hit, +30 spell damage. Hits 2 times.
  • Starting Spell: Curse of Frost (15 second cooldown) - The next time the targeted enemy is attacked, it will become frozen.
  • Bonus Slots: Third slot increases area of effect for spells, fourth slot doubles burn durations, fifth slot fires a second projectile.

While Metacles is completely worthless in terms of physical damage, he nevertheless plays an important role in team balance. Since the Monk is able to attack twice, he makes for a perfect stamina breaker or lane pusher for when the odds are against you. Just remember to avoid letting him get too crowded or else you will face certain defeat. 

Spellcasting is where Metacles truly shines as his spell bonuses are overly useful for damage spells. As such, Metacles should be given spells at every opportunity possible -- provided that the bonus slot matches the profile of the spell, otherwise pass them to Tam or Crux. Metacles will also require a gross amount of spell cooldown or enhancing items, so be sure to pass them to him whenever possible. Likewise with HP recovery as he is the most vulnerable of the group.

When fighting bosses, be sure to cast all your damaging spells on the boss whenever possible since they usually bypass stamina. While you can also use his melee attacks to wear down a boss's stamina, he is likely to break the stamina and cause very little damage. As such, he is better suited for pushing lanes back.

That's all for now!

Has-Been Heroes, characters, win

With this knowledge, you should be able to handle your first few quests with relative ease. That said, practice is essential for Has-Been Heroes since there is an absurd amount of strategy involved for what on the surface feels like a simple game. Remember to always arrange your heroes according to lane density, as well as the tips here, and your first victory should be within reach in no time!

Dark Souls 3: Tips for Beating The Ringed City’s Pesky Angels,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/a/n/g/angels-365b8.jpg ecx70/dark-souls-3-tips-for-beating-the-ringed-citys-pesky-angels Wed, 29 Mar 2017 05:30:03 -0400 Marc Hollinshead

Anyone who has been playing The Ringed City in Dark Souls III will unfortunately be aware of the rage-inducing angels that litter the early areas of the DLC. These dastardly things, when in your line of sight, will relentlessly shoot laser-like beams of light until you are dead or manage to escape from view.

Because of this, many frustrated gamers have been taking to the Internet to acquire any information on how to deal with them in the easiest way possible. With that in mind, here are two useful tips when going up against one of the worst enemies in Souls.

How to Beat Angels in The Ringed City

Find Cover in the Swamp

Dark Souls III, The Ringed City, Angels

The angels themselves may seem invulnerable, but they are actually “guarded” by a pilgrim somewhere in the vicinity. The first isn’t too much trouble (we’ll get to it later), but the other two in the swamp area are much more challenging to reach. That is because the game still requires you to outrun the nightmarish angels so it is important to know some of the best areas of cover to stay out of danger.

After reaching the Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire, continue on and bear left. As the first angel spawns, immediately sprint to the ruined building in front and allow the angel to finish its onslaught. Eventually its attention should divert to the enemies out in the open, so if it spots them, use that opportunity to hastily move behind the large rock further on. When the angel calms itself down, run directly into the cave-like hole to the right of the rock. You will face the surviving enemy in here and the angel will usually spot you and start to fire just as you make it to safety, so be warned.

Once here, continue forward and drop down into the swamp, ideally plunging into the enemy directly below to make short work of it. The second angel will start to spawn at this point so power on to the ruins directly in front that serve as shelter to two of the poison spewing swamp creatures. Get rid of them and wait out the angel’s attack. When ready, run towards the cave on the other side of the poisoned water, doing your best to get the left-hand tree trunk by the cave between you and the angel before it does any lasting damage.

This is where it gets tricky. There are two tree trunks to move between on your left that acts as a means of quick cover, but the angel can very easily move into your line of sight and you will also get the attention of a large enemy. Quickly manoeuvre through this small area, keeping the trees directly between you and the angel, and after the attack ceases, make your escape to the giant tree trunk in front of you on the far side of the swamp, doing your utmost to evade any angelic destruction along the way. A purple moss clump will also be useful here as there is the potential of being poisoned. After another short break behind this cover, meander up the large branch and follow it to the right until you make it onto a path where a pyromancer awaits.

It is advised that once you reach this point you take out the pilgrims to kill the angels so that your final journey through the swamp is a simple one. So, on that note, the next tip is…

Destroy the Pilgrims

Dark Souls III, The Ringed City, Angels

Each angel will be connected to a cocooned creature that sits somewhere nearby. Destroying these pilgrims ultimately takes away the threat of the angels for good.

The first of these is very easy to find. After coming out of the castle with the two knights towards the beginning of the DLC, continue forward to the lowered area. Immediately on the left and behind a structure will be the first pilgrim. Give it a good few smacks and it, along with the angel, will be toast.

The next two pilgrims are much tougher to spot as they are in the dreaded swamp area. The first of these lie after the tree trunk in the far-left corner from where you enter, just before the pyromancer that you face. Once you navigate round the trunk and reach the path that the pyromancer guards, immediately turn right and roll onto the roof next to you. Follow this rooftop straight ahead until it connects to another tree branch. This will then eventually lead to the furthest available rooftop. After dropping onto this roof, you will finally notice the pilgrim a few steps away. A good few hits and BAM, another angel falls to your sword.

The third and final pilgrim is very well hidden and is easily missed. For this one, make your way back to the pyromancer’s path and continue along to the tree branch at the end. This particular branch is the spot where both angels can fire at you simultaneously if they are alive so it is paramount that you eliminate the first angel to avoid unneeded frustration. Brave the winding branch and follow it as it bears to the right, avoiding the remaining angel’s attacks if you can. Eventually you will be able to drop down onto some solid ground of the Earthen Peak Ruins (very close to the next bonfire) and regain your composure. To the right of this spot in front of you will be a thinner tree branch. Hop onto it and follow it all the way down as it curves to a secret passage hidden beneath the ruins. Here, you will find the pilgrim ready and waiting for slaughter at the edge of the cliff.

And there you have it. The Angels now defeated you can find the third bonfire -- your well-earned reward. All you have to do now is drop into the dark pit below and face the first boss.

If you want more Dark Souls III: The Ringed City guides, find them below:

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy by Telltales Games Releases in April,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/b/o/x/boxarts-gotg-1920x1080-esrb-7b47b.jpg o8if8/marvels-guardians-of-the-galaxy-by-telltales-games-releases-in-april Wed, 29 Mar 2017 04:03:39 -0400 Jerline Justo

To get fans excited, Telltale Games announces on Twitter the launch date of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, which will be on April 18.

The tweet released today features a link to Telltale’s website, revealing more info about the release. 

The link explains that players can buy the first episode called “Tangled Up in Blue” on various gaming platforms, like PS4/Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices, once it releases. It also mentions that US players can receive season passes on May 2nd and international players on May 5th.

Telltale Games also shared more photos and artwork for fans to see what to expect. One of those photos features the Guardians are fighting against the Mad Titan, Thanos.

guardians of the galaxy, thanos

From there, this announcement leaves fans wanting know more about these Marvel heroes. Telltale Games will be releasing a trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series on Thursday, March 30, at 9 a.m. PT.

Outlast 2 Receives Rating R18+ In Australia,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/h/e/a/header-4d2f6.jpg c7j5j/outlast-2-receives-rating-r18-in-australia Wed, 29 Mar 2017 03:55:46 -0400 ThatRainbowThing

Earlier this month, Outlast 2 was refused a rating and almost got banned from the Australian market. But after a resubmission to the Classification Board, the game has finally gotten the rating it needed -- though that rating is R18+. In a press release this morning, Australian publisher 18point2, shared some more info on why its game got that rating and what made it so difficult to get rated at all.

Here is his statement,

The original submission of Outlast 2 sent to the Australian Classification Branch contained the final game code and a video file for reference taken from an Alpha version of the game. This video file should not have been sent along with the game code, as its content was not representative of the final game.

In the second submission, the same game code was submitted, with a video file reflecting the final game content. The game was then approved for release with an R18+ rating. There will be only one version of Outlast 2 available worldwide. These will be the final comments made on this release.

The reason for this rating is because the game contains high impact horror themes, violence, blood, gore, and sex.

Outlast 2, a first-person survival horror, about a couple whom are investigative journalist, searching for answers to the death of a mysterious pregnant women who is a Jane Doe. In the process they are separated in a helicopter crash and you play Blake Langermann who has to travel through a hidden village that believes it's the end of days, to find his wife.

The game will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on April 24, 2017.

The Return of Duke Nukem: Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/3d053962e72754caaa65c400c8c6edd5.jpg 52pmh/the-return-of-duke-nukem-bulletstorm-full-clip-edition Wed, 29 Mar 2017 03:49:06 -0400 jmitchell_1343

Gearbox and People Can Fly have decided to do a Nukem thing: they are releasing Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition on April 7, 2017.

The game will be released for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Steam, and will feature a playable Duke Nukem.

So What Part Does Duke Nukem Play, You Ask...

This new release of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition has some new features. One of them being "Duke Nukem's Bulletstorm Tour" which let's you play through the entire campaign as Duke Nukem. There is also a full new script, as well as brand-new lines from the original voice of Duke.

If you pre-order Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition now you can save 15% on your order and get the Duke Nukem Tour for free.

But Don't Just Order For Duke Nukem

This new version of Bulletstorm includes new and exclusive content, including a new Overkill Campaign mode, new Echo Maps, and much more.

A Little Background on Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm takes place in the 26th century. The universe, run by the Confederation of Planets, is completely different from what we know now. Our main character, Grayson Hunt, is the leader of a group called Dead Echo -- a black ops team.

One day, he is given orders from his commander, Star General Sarrano, to kill a man named Bryce Novak. Novak, as it turns out, was actually a civilian reporter who documented civilian deaths caused by Dead Echo.

When they realize they have been tricked by Sarrano, Hunt and his team desert and go on the lamb as they hide from Sarrono and his goons.

Ten years later, Hunt has become the commander of a ship that includes his former team members -- Ishi Sato, Rell, and Doc Oliver. One day, on the planet Stygia, he sees Sarrano's battlecruiser, the Ulysses, and must make a dire decision: will he go after the commander who betrayed him, or will lead his team to safety?

Has-Been Heroes Review,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/2/0/1/2017032810412000-bb278fdc5dd434cf8f30f224cfbf517a-49113.jpg bn72t/has-been-heroes-review Tue, 28 Mar 2017 14:55:34 -0400 David Fisher

When looking upon old men with walking sticks, one doesn't usually expect anything too exciting. However, the developers at Gametrust decided that a bunch of Has-Been Heroes would be the perfect stars for their latest game.

But does a bunch of elderly heroes have what it takes to stand up to the all-stars, or will they crumble to the effects of age?

The Plot

The story of Has-Been Heroes has every mark of a parody you could think of. We start off with the boyish young rogue who sets off on an adventure to find the heroes of old, who have just been summoned by the king to take on a new quest. While skilled in her own right, the rogue simply sought to meet the heroes in person. However, after the heroes arrive, they invite her to come with them to meet the king.

Upon meeting the king, the heroes are told that their new quest is none other than to take on the perilous task of bringing his daughters to school. Tragedy quickly falls upon the heroes as their first steps into adventure are met with a gigantic meteor crushing them, ending their journey.

Thankfully, due to the great powers of deus ex machina, the heroes are returned to the world of the living in exchange for taking on a new quest delivered by God himself -- to destroy the great ghoul who is bringing evil to the land once more. This death also serves as the introduction of the most crucial game mechanic of all: dying.

With the knowledge that they will always be brought back to life, the heroes set off on their journey once more to destroy the great evil, and finding their old allies along the way.

While the story doesn't really show up much more after this introduction, the game actually has multiple endings that are unlocked by completing the game repeatedly to unlock more heroes, and the comedy is worth every playthrough. Sadly, to my knowledge I was unable to play the endings in a cinema mode despite them being present in the "endings" tab of the unlocks. Whether this is an oversight or intentional design, it detracts from an otherwise delightful treat.

The Gameplay

Has-Been Heroes features some of the most minimalistic gameplay I've seen in a strategy game in some time -- and this works to its benefit. Players control a continuously marching band of heroes through maze-like dungeons by using the face buttons to swap character positions and attack. The trigger buttons are reserved for special abilities granted by the princesses, while the control sticks and bumpers are used to cast various spells.

Though the controls seem simple, they take quite a bit of practice to master, as learning each control is essential to avoiding death in this game. Furthermore, players should come into this title with some masochistic intent since -- as stated earlier -- a core game mechanic in Has-Been Heroes is dying. New players (regardless of their skill level) can expect to die repeatedly in this game, ranging anywhere from 3 to 10 times before they defeat their first boss.

This is not a fault with the game per se, since it is perfectly possible to beat the game without dying (with the exception of the first scripted death). However, the lack of unlocked spells and items will limit your chances of success. While there is a limited selection of spells players can purchase during their first run, most of them will actually be unlocked by filling the Soul Orb upon each failed or successful run. These items become unlocked, but their abilities remain hidden until players find or purchase them in-game.

Players who find the first run too easy can take comfort in the fact that the game actually becomes longer with each playthrough. What is initially a simple two-map quest gradually becomes an expansive, epic adventure as the game's difficulty ramps up with each successful run.

Overall, the game is great for a first playthrough, and has endless replayability thanks to randomly generated dungeons and hordes. No two runs will ever be the same, and the game rewards players generously for each completed run. 

The Presentation

Has-Been Heroes's comic book cartoon style works to its comedic effect, and it's also a very functional method to convey action on the screen. Thanks to bold outlines and vibrant color schemes, characters as well as enemies are easily identifiable even while clumped together against the backgrounds. Rarely is action so cluttered that players will find themselves lost, while damage and effects are identifiable enough that confusion amongst the action occurs.

Unfortunately, despite having a lovely soundtrack, Has-Been Heroes suffers from repetitive background themes. While they are by no means a pain to the eardrums, they can become tedious to listen to. Thankfully, the music volume can be reduced so that it falls into the background more, which helps make it more tolerable while not creating a void where the music once was.

The Verdict: 8/10

If you are not a fan of dying in games, I cannot safely recommend this title. Otherwise, despite wanting to give it a higher score, Has-Been Heroes falls on a solid 8/10. While the gameplay is certainly engaging, and bound to keep roguelike fans entertained for days, it is held back by slight presentation issues and an unlocks page that feels much less finished than it should be.

It is certainly a game that I can recommend without any guilt, as it is sure to keep players engaged for quite some time. However, it is not quite unique enough to warrant a higher score -- and the faults the game has should be addressed by the developers, as they leave the game feeling a bit unpolished.

That said, this score is specifically for the Nintendo Switch version of the game -- as I would actually give the title a 7.5 out of 10 for any other device.

Picking the right console for you...

While Has-Been Heroes is a great game, it's not one that needs to be played on a TV or computer screen to reap the most benefit -- as the cartoon style carries over well to smaller screens. However, the Nintendo Switch is perhaps the definitive way to enjoy this game, as the console's portability really works to the game's benefit. Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch's battery will actually last much longer than it does with 3D titles, making this game a must-have for traveling Switch gamers.  

Playing on a console or PC in this case is simply not worth it -- provided you have a Switch system on you already. If not, I recommend picking up the game on sale, as it is best played on the go.