Good News Everyone! Pornhub Fully Supports PS4

Playstation 4 has pegged itself as being the ultimate machine for gamers. Now they can add "porn approved console" to their list of accomplishments.

With all the next-gen news out right now, it's hard to really pick which console will strike your fancy. Always there to lend a helping hand, Pornhub recently announced that it will be the first site to fully support the PS4. 

Now as you have assuredly never gone into the more  hardcore parts of the internet, let me clarify what Pornhub is. It's a pornographic version of YouTube, basically. And it now runs on the brand new, just launched Playstation 4. 

Sure, you can play a library of great games Killzone: Shadow FallResogun, and Contrast to name a few, but there have to be a few people who are at least slightly aroused by the idea of having a porn-approved and supported console. 

Pornhub made the announcement on their twitter in a NSFW tweet


This announcement should come as  welcome news to people who enjoy the delights of Pornhub and their gaming console. Pornhub also included this image, which features a sticker bedecked PS4 as well as some slightly NSFW content (edited of course for the safe for work audience): 

No wonder the PS4 is overheating

What do you think about Pornhub's announcement? Is this little bit of titillation enough to draw viewers attention away from the Xbox One? 

Published Nov. 18th 2013
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