How should we give away all this STUFF?

Here, take our stuff. One GameSkinny member will be greeted by a giant box of all the things we've gotten over the last 3 months.

One of the very cool things about working at GameSkinny is that companies send cool stuff for us to review. Lots of places like to keep their review goodies, but we had some concerns about that:

1) All that hoarding would make it hard to reach our keyboards, eventually.

2) We shouldn't be personally invested in the items we're reviewing, because it will make sure we give you the best, most honest review we possibly can.

Which leads us to:

Giving Away All Our Review Swag

Every few months when the path from my office door to my chair becomes dangerously riddled with neat stuff, we'll up and give it away. This is one of those times. The question is:

How do you want us to pick the winner? YOU DECIDE.

One person will get all this gaming goodness packed up into a giant box and sent to their door. There are some really sweet high end cases from Pelican (the ones we didn't run over with a Jeep), art books from Titan, a tournament grade Turtle Beach XP Seven headset, figurines and games in there, putting the total package value at around $1,500. 

We Have Some Ideas

All these would apply only to unpaid GameSkinny writers, of course. Here are some of our current ideas for how to decide who gets the Review Box o' Doom:

  1. The most popular article in December
  2. A poll on the favorite article of 2013
  3. Vote for your favorite GameSkinny Contributor
  4. Pick completely at random from anyone who writes a featured article in the month of December

But What do YOU think?

Have a better idea? We're all ears. After all, you're the reason this place is so awesome. So tell us, how should we pick the recipient for our first Review Box Of Doom? We'll decide on a method and kick off next week so we can get this into one luck GameSkinny member's hands soon.

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Published Dec. 11th 2013
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