GameSkinny RSS Feed The top articles on GameSkinny. en Guild Launch, LLC A New Fighter Is Approaching: Rise Kujikawa Confirmed for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax It seems a new fighter is coming to the ring in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: Rise Kujikawa.

First introduced in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 as a teen idolRise always took back seat and narrated the action on the field, supporting the party by buffing and healing  at regular intervals. She also took the job of commentator in the original Persona 4 Arena. This will be the first time that she will be an actual playable character.

Bridging the gap.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, known as Persona ...

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Gamer Tells Cops "I Killed My Mother" After Bad Call of Duty Game; The Rise of "Swatting" Some gamers apparently aren't getting any smarter--and with this, these gamers make the rest of us look really stupid.

Yesterday in Long Island, New York, another hit of a rising trend called "swatting"--calling the police on false pretense and scoring points depending on how many units show up to the target's address--occurred as the caller, who identified himself as Rafael Castillo, 17, called 911 and said he'd killed his mother and might shoot more people.

I'm sorry, whose idea was ...
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Not All Gamers Are Teenage Boys...They Just Act Like Teenage Boys For just one moment, consider this from an outsider's perspective.

Let's say someone has no idea about gaming culture or the industry in general. To get an idea of the audience and targeted demographic, this person heads online and checks out some of the more prominent gaming communities.

... and then they either laugh or cry, depending on their mood.

While gamers everywhere are combating the mainstream stereotype that not all gamers are merely teen boys (per some comments made by ...

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Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call Hints At Western Release Date A new part in the Final Fantasy theatrhythm, theatrhythm curtain call, is heading to the west with new songs and new modes.

The Theatrhythm series is a spinoff of the Final Fantasy series. In the games you choose four characters from different Final Fantasy series to play levels. Each level consists of three stages field, battle and event. Each stage has different mechanics. You need to tap on the screen in the right spots on the beat of the music.

This new game features 200 songs; that's ...

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GameSkinny Updates April 23rd, 2014 We have some terrible news. Our developers have been working hard making fantastic changes to GameSkinny every couple of weeks (sometimes more often than that) for more than a year now, and we've never even told you about it.

Yeah, we know, that wasn't cool.

So going forward, every time we release changes to GameSkinny, we're going to announce what's new, different, and awesome. Here's our first update:

Changes on April 23rd, 2014

New article sidebar

The old article sidebar featured a ...

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Pokemon TV App Comes to Kindle Fire If you're anything like me you were incredibly excited when Pokémon  finally came to Netflix (or when Pokémon came to Google Maps). Time to revisit your childhood nostalgia, say goodbye to Butterfree all over again, and watch Ash, Misty, and Brock repeatedly engage in accidental adventures (not to mention the amazing antics of Team Rocket). 

Unfortunately there are only so many episodes on Netflix, so my Pokémon craving becomes more and more desperate as the days go on. Finally, in the ...

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5 Incredible Minecraft PE Seeds A seed is in short terms a random total of characters which you can type into a field when creating a new Minecraft world. Each seed makes a unique world terrain and that's one of the beauties of Minecraft. Spawning in one seed and you can find yourself in a desert while spawning in another seed and you can find yourself deserted on an island somewhere out in the ocean. It creates a unique experience each time when creating a new world in Minecraft PE.

As all the seeds come in so many ...

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The Witcher 3 Preorder Bonus Will Be "F***ing Amazing" When I preorder a game, it is usually because there is a pretty good preorder bonus attached to that game (I preordered Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to get early access) or it is a limited edition.

Well, if what CD Projekt Red studio head Marcin Iwinski said is true, I might be preordering The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The preorder might be worth it

If you preorder The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from CD Projekt Red's virtual storefront on GOG, the bonus might be worth it. During a Twitch ...

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Goodnight Irene: How a second playthrough changed my opinion of Bioshock Infinite BioShock Infinite is without a doubt the most polarizing entry in its revered series. Many people who played and loved the first Bioshock were greatly disappointed by the change in pace the team at Irrational introduced with their last game. Some of my friends went so far as to call it Call of Duty with plasmids. Even I must admit that on my first playthrough it left me feeling numb. It was too much action all the time, and why was Elizabeth constantly feeding me items to keep me going? The ...

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Lords Of The Fallen Looks Like My Kind Of Game I would like to admit that I agree with those who say that Lords Of The Fallen looks very similar to Dark Souls, but let’s be honest--is that really a bad thing? In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with a game looking, or playing similar to another game. As long as that game plays well and brings something new to the table that the other game could not. So what new things is Lords Of The Fallen bringing to the fray?

Lords Of The Fallen is a fantasy-action RPG, set in a medieval world ...

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The Event Horizon, the Next Big Thing in Sci-fi Gaming Event Horizon: Episode 1 is the first chapter in an epic, Sci-fi, FPS/RPG, narrative experience.   

A bit about us: Spray N' Pray studios is a part of Microsoft's Indie Jumpstart Program on the east coast. They noticed our team in their dreamspark and decided to integrate us into the program. They've expressed great interest in the project, aside from funding us, which would be against the spirit and definition of independent game design, they've been a big help and excellent facilitators. ...

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Brave Frontier Guide - 5 Star Thunder Unit Stat and BB Comparisons Brave Frontier's Thunder units have turned out to be quite the well-rounded bunch!

This element used to be one of the least favored, but these days 5-star Thunder units come in enough variety (with high enough stats) to make them welcome additions to most teams.

The stats listed here are each units base stats, from which they will grow as they level. 5-star units have a maximum level of 80, and stat growth is dependent on a unit's type. Here are the types to keep in mind:

  • Anima - HP ...
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Brave Frontier Guide - 5 Star Earth Unit Stat and BB Comparisons Brave Frontier's Earth units are another well-rounded bunch, with the strongest offensive 5-stars within the element packing high attack and Brave Burst hit counts.

The listings below include not only each Earth 5-star's stats, but also standard attack and Brave Burst hit counts to compare a unit's full functionality. With that said, leader skills are not included.

The stats listed here are each units base stats, from which they will grow as they level. 5-star units have a maximum level ...

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Brave Frontier Guide - 5 Star Dark Unit Stat and BB Comparisons Brave Frontier's 5-star Dark units are best known as glass cannons, and their stats certainly do back that up. Many boast high ATK with low DEF, and less than ideal HP.

These charts sort each 5-star Dark unit by HP, ATK, and DEF. Standard attack hit count and Brave Burst hit count/type are included with each listing to get a better comparison from one to the other. Leader skills are not included, but they can be easily found on the official Brave Frontier wiki.

The stats listed here are ...

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[Review] Hands On with Mushroom 11 I recently got my hands on Mushroom 11 from Untame and I was simply blown away. Those who know me know that I'm not overly effusive, but I haven't been able to stop talking about Mushroom 11 since I played it. This game is simply wonderful. If you love games you want to try this game; it is a specimen of the finest quality.

Now, on to the details:

Mushroom 11 is at its heart a puzzle game.

The unique aspect is the way you interact. You move an amorphous fungus around the game world by ...

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Bandai Namco Presents New Fighting Game Rise of Incarnates From the creators of the Soul Calibur and Tekken franchises, Bandai Namco brings us Rise of Incarnates.

Meteorites have fallen from the sky causing worldwide catastrophe with the spread of a massive cold front over several areas. This "cube phenomenon" has enveloped the world, and its people live in perpetual fear of what will become of their planet.

People with special abilities--dubbed "incarnates" roam the land. The incarnates possess damons, who can draw special powers from gods, ...

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SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Review Let me preface this by saying I am not a huge fan of wireless mice, especially when it comes to gaming. More often than not, I run into issues with connection, battery, output, etc. A wired mouse is my preference simply because they have a hard connection and don't require a battery--not a whole heck of a lot can go wrong.

However, the SteelSeries Sensei Wireless is starting to change my mind.

The packaging was clean, simple, but heavy enough that I felt like everything I received was in ...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Releases October 7th, and It's Not Alone Imagine you are waiting for the bus, tram, or tube. There is a delay that day; you get wind that two carriages are on the way to transport you off to far-off lands. You're excited. You're wondering which carriage to take. Then from nowhere, a third carriage appears  in the distance--this one is 11 months late.

That game is Dragon Age: Inquisition. Yes, it has a release date. Yes, it has a deluxe edition. Yes, it is coming in 2014!

Check out the video below, and the details on what you can ...

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BioWare Attempts A Comeback With Dragon Age: Inquisition After the disappointment following the ending of Mass Effect 3, it's no surprise that fans' faith in BioWare is waning.

However, with the release of the brand new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer, players' excitement can be observed across multiple social media platforms.

With hype for the latest title in the Dragon Age series skyrocketing, it's safe to say that the release trailer for the game has done its job. Featuring a dramatic, new plotline; changes to dragon combat; beautiful, ...

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Shattered Planet Goes Green(light) Kitfox Games' much acclaimed survival strategy title for iOS and Android, Shattered Planethas touched down on the greener side: Steam Greenlight. Shattered Planet is a game of death, loot, and exploration. The way it usually happens is you explore for loot and die trying. Multiple times. Can I have my soul back now?

The Captain of Kitfox Games and industry veteran, Tanya X Short, has posted the following description on the Greenlight page for Shattered Planet.

A challenging roguelike ...

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New Fatal Frame Heading to Wii U Fatal Frame is a fan favorite among those who enjoy the horror genre of video games. Most of the installments have been through PlayStation and Xbox--two titles went through Wii U in 2008, but neither made it over to Western gamers.

Well, that might change.

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei are working on a new Fatal Frame for Wii U, though no titles or release dates have been announced; right now, the game is only known as "zero."  A live-action film and original novel will be releasing in ...

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Injustice (Mobile) - Multi-Player? One year after exploding onto iPads, iPhones and Android devices, NetherRealm Studio's mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us announced a major update.

Multi-Player Mode.

Actor Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the animated series and countless games including Arkham Aslyum and Arkham City, teased the new challenge to players from WonderCon: Anaheim this past weekend. Now, check out the gameplay video in DC's new All Access webcast.

Injustice mobile players have discussed the ...

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Moving Forward with Online Shooters The relatively slow transition between the last wave of consoles and the most recent batch has made it hard to highlight titles that truly belong to the next generation.  While developers work out how to best use the new hardware available to them, players themselves are looking for games that bring their experience to the next level.

Hailed as the first true "next-gen" shooter, Titanfall’s prominent place between these two worlds could give us a great look at the future of the FPS.  What ...

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Naughty Dog's Future Uncertain As Yet Another Director Leaves It seems that Uncharted and The Last of Us studio Naughty Dog has taken another hit. In a tweet late yesterday, The Last of Us lead artist Nate Wells announced that he has left Naughty Dog for The Unfinished Swan developer Giant Sparrow.

Before joining Naughty Dog in August 2012 to take up as lead artist for The Last of Us, Wells work at Irrational Games for 13 years, working on games such as Bioshock Infinite as art director. According to the tweet that Wells posted, he had left for the ...

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Video Games as Therapy: When Life Gets You Down, Play a Game It's not easy being green.

Or so Kermit once said. The point is, of course, that life can sometimes get you down. Maybe your situation, financially or personally (or God forbid, both) isn't exactly enviable. Maybe you're making bad decisions. Even worse, maybe in your quest to ease the strain, you're making even more bad decisions.

But don't turn to alcohol to drown your woes. Don't find the latest prescription drug that zonks you out and hooks you faster than most illegal drugs. Don't ...

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