GameSkinny RSS Feed The top articles on GameSkinny. en Guild Launch, LLC Female Call of Duty Pro Selda "Victrix" Radoncic Wants To See Even Playing Field z7bix/female-call-of-duty-pro-selda-victrix-radoncic-wants-to-see-even-playing-field Wed, 30 Jul 2014 18:12:57 -0400 John Gaudiosi Long before the $1 Million Call of Duty Championship was a reality, Selda "Victrix" Radoncic was devoting a lot of time playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live. Since 2005, Radoncic has immersed herself in online shooters. With the debut of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat, she engaged joined up with friends and engaged in competitive GameBattles. The advent of Major League Gaming (MLG) opened more opportunities for pro gamers of both sexes, and Radoncic excelled on the circuit from the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops.

With record-breaking livestreams and eSports events around the globe filling stadiums and arenas, more eyeballs are watching pro gamers than ever before. Although all-female teams have existed in the past, including FeaR Female, Obey Girls, Quantic HAM and Aware Rebels, the decision by Team Kaliber owner Jimmy “Chaosxsilencer” Markowski to form Kaliber Royal at this time in the rise of eSports shines the spotlight on female pros.

Radoncic has been on many female teams over her professional career and she believes Kaliber Royal is different from past endeavors. The team travels heavily and are true friends, which means they can openly critique each others’ play during scrimmages and competition for the betterment of the team. Ultimately, Radoncic and her team want to win. And by doing so, they’ll help quell the controversy that always seems to follow female pro teams – from both male and female gamers. She explains what it takes to be a pro gamer in today’s super-competitive environment in this exclusive interview.

How did you get involved in pro gaming?

Radoncic: "I got involved in competing at events in 2011 when MLG started to host Call of Duty LAN tournaments. After going to my first tourney, I tried to attend as many events as I could. There's just something so exciting about being part of a team with people with the same goal, and trying to achieve it."

When did you know you had what it takes to go pro?

Radoncic: "Myself, and my team, actually don't consider ourselves pro players."

What are the challenges when it comes to competing in this male-dominated vocation? 

Radoncic: "There aren't really that many challenges, honestly. The worst that happens is the trash talk we get, but eventually you become immune to that. We get more attention as female gamers, so it's nice to see the crowd we get when we play."

What do you think the biggest misconception is when it comes to female pro gamers?

Radoncic: "I can only speak for myself, and for my team, when I say that we are here to compete, and just compete."

What are your thoughts on the complaints that fielding female teams takes away from male amateur slots? 

Radoncic: "For one, I've never heard this complaint. But if that's the case, I think that's boloney. There are plenty of all-guy teams out there that we know we can beat. People don't realize that there are also males who game that aren't very good at the game, either."

Kelly Kelley told me at the COD Championship this year that one of the issues she saw with female pro gaming teams was the inability to dedicate the time to practice like guys do. What are your thoughts on this?

Radoncic: "She is not wrong. But I also don't like the comparison with girls vs. guys. There are plenty of guys out there who also don't have the time to practice. But I've teamed with a crazy amount of females in my past and I must say, it is extremely difficult to get four girls in one place at the same time."

What sponsorship opportunities do you feel female pros can bring to the table, given the number of females that already attend eSports events?

Radoncic: "Females in eSports, for the most part, get a lot of attention -- especially if you're popular on social media or place very well at LAN events. So I feel like they're really just used for promotion."

Where do you hope to see female pro gamers five years from now in eSports?

Radoncic: "I've actually been competing for three years. And in those three years, I haven't seen much change for females in gaming. So in five years hopefully there's a girl squad who can afford to put the dedication and practice into placing really well at a LAN event, regardless of what game they're playing."

Guild Launch's Nominees for the 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards: Best Community Manager iqldo/guild-launchs-nominees-for-the-2014-dragon-slayer-awards-best-community-manager Wed, 30 Jul 2014 14:53:28 -0400 Proto Foe It is that time of year again, the time where all your DKP is counted up and distributed across the 'Best Community Managers' of 2014. For three years now, our sister-site, Guild Launch has hosted the Dragon Slayer Awards.

So, how exactly does the Dragon Slayer Award process work? Well, members of the communities of nominate community managers, community builders, streamers, and developers, among others. This happens over three rounds, and when those rounds have concluded the final list is released. Voting is live now and runs through to September 1st, so be sure to register your vote.

Past winners of the Community Manager award include, Jonathan "Zarhym" Brown in 2012, and Andrew "Tamat" Beegle in 2013.

The Nominees

What is a Community Manager? 

A CM can be compared to a Man-in-Black, a Sheppard, a conduit, a punching bag... but I like see them as the our best friends (within the community that we are involved in.) Among other duties, they help us through each day, tell us when we are out of line, and pass on any frustrations we may have.

They achieve this through many means; social media, live streams, blogs, live interviews, forums, and any other mediums that can enable productive communications with the community-at-large.

As a former CM, I know that a lot of what happens behind-the-scenes goes unnoticed: long hours, short weekends, infinite coffee, dropped Skype calls. Yet, when that piece of news goes out and the community reacts, good or bad, it's when you know you have done your job. These nominees all do their jobs to the highest standard.

The Question Then

Which Community Manager has ticked your boxes? Is it Tony Rey and the 'I'm a fan' mentality he brought to WildStar during the launch period? Could it be Jessica Folsom and her down-to-earth management of the ESO forums amidst the cries of foul by the community? Or is it longstanding CM, Zarhym, who never fails bring opinion and fact from both sides of the fence when discussing content with the World of Warcraft community? Or will it be one of the other, equally deserving, Community Managers? The power is in your hands.

Let your voice be heard, vote now! Feel free to vote on the other categories too.

The Last of Us: One Night Live Reveals a Secret Epilogue vyvuo/the-last-of-us-one-night-live-reveals-a-secret-epilogue Wed, 30 Jul 2014 10:19:53 -0400 Yasmin Curren Did you miss The Last of Us: One Night Live? Well don't worry, details of the night's event are to follow, as well as a mysterious epilogue that Naughty Dog had been hiding from us. Trust me, it's no disappointment!

Warning: The Last Of Us spoilers ahead!

Night's Overview

On July 28th the original cast of the game got together to perform selected scenes live for one night only. It was strange to watch people who looked so different from the characters we all know and love play out these well-known scenes, but it didn't take long for me to get over this with their brilliant acting and feel the emotional ties I had previously formed with these characters come flooding back. For instance, Ashley Johnson may not look like Ellie but she certainly has her spunk! Or, more accurately, Ellie has Ashley's spunk...

The evening consisted of commentary from Neil Druckmann which filled in the gaps between various gripping and intense acted scenes, accompanied by music from Gustavo Santaolalla which ensured that the emotions felt throughout the game were re-awakened within the viewers that night. There was even a special alternative scene which involved some beautiful singing voices! (I'm sure some of you already know which scene I'm talking about)

Luckily most of the night can be viewed online, however there's one scene which Naughty Dog will never release publicly. Neil introduced this scene after the credits, saying that it was a special treat for the audience's eyes only.

The Secret Epilogue

Within this epilogue, Troy Baker as Joel and Ashley Johnson as Ellie sat alone, with Joel trying to make light of the situation; talking about how Tommy, Joel's brother, is trying to get him together with a woman at the camp called Esther. Ellie seems distant however, supposedly to do with what had happened previously in Salt Lake City.

This is when Joel picks up his guitar and sings a song just for Ellie all about what they have been through together. I wish I could have been there to see it, but from what people are saying on forums it sounds pretty special.

This was a scene that was originally intended to be shown within the game but writers couldn't find a way to make it fit with the ending. The idea behind the scene was to have one last goodbye to Joel, Ellie, and the 4 years that Naughty Dog had spent perfecting The Last of Us.

You can read a more detailed version of the epilogue in Polygon's article.

The Card Game That Made Me Howl 4sup9/the-card-game-that-made-me-howl Wed, 30 Jul 2014 13:42:44 -0400 Bob Szes “Bob get over here, we're playing cards,” my friend called over.

I walked over by the log cabin where my friend, his wife (a good friend as well) and coworker were setting up a roundtable. After helping them pull out the table and set some plastic chairs around it I asked “so what are we going to play?”

The woman shuffling told me the game is Spoons. She took three spoons out of a plastic container and put them evenly across the table.

The game was simple enough. You could only have four cards in your hand at a time. You discard a card passing it to your left. The person receiving the card would look at it, if they decided they wanted it they had to pass one of their own cards to the next person. The object of the game is to have four of a kind.

Now the fun part, the first person to get four of a kind takes a spoon. Every one left has to race and try to get a spoon. The one left without a spoon gets a letter. Much like horse in basketball, the person to spell out S-P-O-O-N first loses the game.

Before I continue I should clarify something or the following might not make as much sense. I have a physical disability referred to as TAR Syndrome. Basically my arms are shorter than most people because I am missing the long bone referred to as your funny bone. Luckily, I still retained a sense of humor.
Usually I have a card holder though I didn’t bring it this time. Sometimes you have to improvise.

Bent over the table shifting through cards trying to get four of a kind as quickly as I could. The cards came at me as if they were Bullet Bill being shot out of a cannon on Bowser’s ship from Super Mario Brothers 3.

Luckily, I formed a strategy for this particular game. I look at the four cards I had before we start playing for each round, memorizing what I had. If I had a pair it was no brainer. I would just be looking for whatever the matching cards were. I put the pair in the bottom of the pile of four cards that made up my hand. That way I would just dismiss whatever the top card was in exchange for the card that matched my pair.

If I had four cards with no pairs then the process was a lot slower. It’s a lot harder trying to keep track of four possible cards you’re looking for instead of just one. Remember, I’m not looking at these cards. I’m doing it in my head. Plus new cards are coming in every few seconds. It was worse than trying to blast away giant boulders in Asteroids at one point.

A New Challenger Approaches

A dark-haired man wandered over that I just met at the party. Earlier that day, when my friends where talking about firing their rifles at the range he remarked the only kind of shooting he did involve pointing a light gun at a mocking dog popping up from a field. Ah, Duck Hunt, classic. Of course I liked him. He was laughing holding two cans of ginger ale.

“What is so funny?” we all asked.

He put the ginger ale on the table.

A ginger Ale combine with a claymore illustration.

“Read the expiration date,” he says.

The canned soda was from five years ago.

On top of it being my friend's daughter’s first birthday it was also very close to his and his wife’s anniversary. They married when that can wasn’t as volatile as a claymore in Call of Duty. We thought it odd, most people save the bride and groom from the top of the cake not the soda from their wedding.

To our astonishment, the dark-haired man proclaims that he was going to try this drink. We all joked that it was a rare vintage. He declared it tasted like sugar-water. After spitting out the sip he sampled we got back to the game.

We played a round or two. I was getting more familiar with the overall concept of the game.

After a while, another decided to join our table. She was tall. Her light brown hair fell over her shoulder and she has high cheek bones. She originally was from Switzerland and was accustomed to speaking French. You could hear a faint French accent in her voice.

Spoons and Strategy

We started using fake out techniques. We started reaching for a spoon when we really didn’t have anything, known as a bluff in the game.

When you start understanding the basic ideas behind Spoons you find yourself watching the other players more than your cards. Looking up Spoons in Google revealed that this is a valid strategy. Eyes off the Cards, is a technique where players will just pass the cards and watch for anyone to grab a spoon.

I can’t help but draw a parallel between this and video games. I was new to this particular game and was just given the basic rules though I started to test the boundaries of those rules and see where I could gain an edge. This is similar to computer games such as Hearthstone or League of Legends where you try to find combinations between items, cards, and characters to gain an advantage in play.

It’s not cheating you just found something that your competition hasn’t yet. It is punishing being on the receiving end. Though, don’t worry if the thing that keeps creaming you time after time as your opponent spams it like a cat playing with a mouse. It will be nerfed by the higher-ups on the next patch cycle.

We both reached for the same spoon at the same time. I growled at her.

Case in point, one match it was so close between me and the woman from Switzerland. We both reached for the same spoon at the same time. I growled at her. She yelped like a deer caught in headlights and I grab the spoon.

It was a great move.

Would you ever expect a low wolf sounding growl from a round-faced short man who looks like he belongs smoking a pipe alongside Bilbo Baggins in the Shire?

I’m just taking advantage of the Meta. It was all in fun and she was laughing right after words.

It was getting very late. There was some picking up to do after the party and the guests were looking to get back home. I shook the hands of the new people who I just met that day. Before that game we were just acquaintances. Afterwards, we were all on the road of becoming friends. This silly little activity helped to build a bridge between people whom didn’t know each other. Games sure have a way of bring people together.

New Webroot Survey Reveals PC Gaming Vulnerable Against Online Threats d4tar/new-webroot-survey-reveals-pc-gaming-vulnerable-against-online-threats Wed, 30 Jul 2014 08:00:00 -0400 PR Newswire

BROOMFIELD, Colo., July 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --A new study on security and PC gamers, conducted by Webroot, the market leader in cloud-based, real-time Internet threat detection, details the security perspective of players on their gaming systems. The study indicates that many gamers either disable their security or remove it altogether, thereby sacrificing protection to maximize system performance and leaving themselves vulnerable to gaming-focused malware and cyber-attacks. The study also provides guidelines for protecting online gaming credentials, and other personal information against cybercriminals.

Key findings from the Webroot PC Gamer Security Study include:

  • Nearly half of gamers have experienced an online attack, with 55 percentof the attacks resulting in slow-down in system performance and impacted browser behavior.
  • 35 percentof PC gamers have either no security or just rely on free diagnostics or clean up tools.
  • Trojans, phishing and rootkits ranked top attacks against PC gamers.
  • "Effectiveness" and "does not slow down system performance" ranked as the most important security program characteristics for gamers considering a security solution.
  • "Proven performance results" was identified as the top influencer when trying a security program, above "recommendation from a pro gamer" or "free trial," indicating that gamers require proven protection that will allow systems to run at the speed modern gaming demands.
  • Web forums and fellow gamers are top sources to get information about Internet security.

The new report is based on survey responses gathered from more than 1,200 gamers during the E3 2014 Conference. It concluded that while a third of gamers do not use a security program citing gameplay, slowdown and too many alerts and interruptions as key factors 47 percent have experienced a malware attack. While running a gaming system without traditional antivirus security can improve gameplay performance, it exposes gamers to higher risk of security threats, including phishing attacks, malware and identity theft.

"We understand the high expectations that gamers have of their systems, and the frustration they have had with traditional antivirus programs. But the desire for performance can't be at the expense of protection there's too much to lose," said Mike Malloy, executive vice president of products and strategy at Webroot. "We believe by following some basic best practices and using a cloud-based security program that is very light on system resources, such as Webroot SecureAnywhere Gamer Edition, PC users don't have to choose between performance and protection."

What can gamers do?
To protect against cybercriminals who are targeting gamers to gain access to their online gaming credentials, and other personal information that can be exploited for profit, Webroot recommends gamers:

  1. Install a cloud-based anti-malware program. This next generation of PC security does not rely on local threat signatures so it provides dramatically superior system performance compared to traditional antivirus software.
  2. Keep antivirus software up-to-date. The previously mentioned cloud-based anti-malware technology is one of the best ways to ensure protection is always current as it does not need threat signature updates.
  3. Use browser-based URL filtering. Warns users before they access a malicious or undesirable website.
  4. Deploy anti-phishing detection. Online gaming credentials are frequently targeted by cybercriminals who can exploit the information for profit.
  5. Avoid free public Wi-Fi. Stick to secure networks whenever you're gaming on the go.

About Webroot
Webroot is the market leader in cloud-based, real-time Internet threat detection for consumers, businesses and enterprises. We have revolutionized Internet security to protect all the ways users connect online. Webroot delivers real-time advanced Internet threat protection to customers through its BrightCloud security intelligence platform, and its SecureAnywhere suite of security products for endpoints, mobile devices and corporate networks. Over 7 million consumers, 1.5 million business users, and 1.3 million mobile users are protected by Webroot.Market-leading security companies, including Palo Alto Networks, F5, Cisco, RSA, NetCitadel, GateProtect, Microsoft and others choose Webroot to provide advanced Internet threat protection for their products and services. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Colorado, Webroot is the largest privately held internet security company in the United States operating globally across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. For more information on our products and services, visit

2014 Webroot Inc. All rights reserved. Webroot, SecureAnywhere, Webroot SecureAnywhere and BrightCloud are trademarks or registered trademarks of Webroot Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

Logo -

SOURCE Webroot

Divinity: Original Sin Quest Guide - Kitty Love lkcaq/divinity-original-sin-quest-guide-kitty-love Wed, 30 Jul 2014 00:45:21 -0400 Ashley Shankle Kitty Love is only available to parties with at least one member with the talent Pet Pal, and is started by talking to Sam the cat in the King Crab Inn. Sam tells you he is in love with the mayor's cat, Maxine, and asks you to talk to her for him.

As with my other Divinity: Original Sin quest or puzzle guides, spoiler markers (---) for those who just need a nudge in the right direction are in key segments of this article. If you feel you've gotten all the information you want or need to progress, do not read past the (---) marker.

Finding Maxine

Maxine is just where you would expect her to be: lazing about the mayor's home. She can be found in the main room, where Mayor Cecil is pacing. She is rather small, so keep an eye out.

Maxine will give you her answer and send you back to Sam.


Where is Sam's collar? *basically spoiler free answer*

In a cave found on the orc-infested beach just west of Cyseal.


Where is Sam's collar? *direct answer*

You must complete the quest Crabs Versus Skeletons before you can progress Kitty Love. This quest is found in Black Cove, which is located in a cave on the orc-infested beach just west of Cyseal. If you have yet to complete it and are having trouble, I have worked up a similar Crabs Versus Skeletons guide.

The Black Ominous Key you receive from finishing Crabs Versus Skeletons can be used on the Black Ominous Gate found in the area you stumbled upon the orc and pirate skeleton battle. From here you go down to engage in a level 6 battle to receive Sam's collar.


Quest completion

Once you've gotten the collar, go back to speak to Sam with the collar in the inventory of the character with Pet Pal. Follow him once you've given it to him to complete the quest.

Sony Reveals LittleBigPlanet 3's November Release Date n7hvl/sony-reveals-littlebigplanet-3s-november-release-date Wed, 30 Jul 2014 02:03:14 -0400 zoLo567 During their E3 presentation this year, Sony announced the next entry to the LittleBigPlanet franchise. Now Sony has given the release date for the title.

LittleBigPlanet 3 releases in America on November 18. While we knew that the game would release on the PlayStation 4, Sony also announced that the game is coming to the PlayStation 3 on the same day.

Sony also revealed the various pre-order bonuses buyers can receive from different retailers. Regardless of where you pre-order the game, you will automatically be upgraded to the Day 1 Edition if you get the game for the PS4. This pack comes with Dragon Age Costume Pack, as well as a variety of costumes based off of various PlayStation characters.

If pre-ordered at participating retailers, gamers will receive a Sackboy plush. Order from Target, and Sackboy comes along with a Target hat. GameStop customers will receive Mythical Creatures Costume Pack, pre-orders from Best Buy get the Hidden creatures Pack, and Amazon orders come with the PlayStation Favorites Costume Pack.

Those that would rather buy the game digitally can also receive something. Digital purchases come with the LittleBigPlanet 3 T-shirt Pack. The pack comes with set of t-shirts for LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, and LittleBigPlanet Karting, and will transfer to the third entry.

Some of these costumes look pretty nice. It is good to see that the new characters being introduced in LittleBigPlanet 3 will also be given the choice to wear alternate costumes. I loved making my own distinct Sackboy in the previous titles, and can see myself doing that for the whole team in this entry as well.

I also like the plush. When it comes to pre-orders, I prefer to have physical bonuses, so the plush looks pretty nice to me. Hopefully LittleBigPlanet 3 will continue what has made the series so great, and allow gamers to push their imaginations even further. We will see in November.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes pjqzz/sherlock-holmes-crimes-punishments-teases-20-minutes-of-holmesian-action Wed, 30 Jul 2014 00:00:20 -0400 Amanda Wallace There is a great deal of affection for the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes. From the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tales, to more recent additions (such as Benedict Cumberbatch's urban Sherlock and the mercurial Dr. House), watching the perceptive crime solver in action is always a blast. Now independent studio Frogwares has brought the viewer into the action, able to control Sherlock Holmes in Crimes & Punishments. 

Frogwares promises that Crimes & Punishments will be the complete Sherlock Holmes experience, allowing players to flex their deductive muscles and utilize all of the traits that Holmes is prized for (such as his ability to differentiate individuals through their footsteps). It even includes a section for creating disguises.

The game looks pretty polished, and was put together in the Unreal Engine. If anything, it calls to mind games like LA Noire where the player is called to investigate crime scenes and put together elements to catch a perp. The polish extends to voice acting and animation, which all seem to really pull together elements of the game. 

Crimes & Punishments is set for a September release on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. 

Divinity: Original Sin Quest Guide - Crabs Versus Skeletons xxgcy/divinity-original-sin-quest-guide-crabs-versus-skeletons Wed, 30 Jul 2014 00:30:34 -0400 Ashley Shankle Crabs Versus Skeletons automatically enters your journal once you have traveled deep enough into Black Cove, the pirate cave found on Cyseal's beautiful and bloody western beach. You need a keen eye to complete this quest.

As with my other Divinity: Original Sin quest or puzzle guides, spoiler markers (---) for those who just need a nudge in the right direction are in key segments of this article. If you feel you've gotten all the information you want or need to progress, do not read past the (---) marker.

This guide assumes you have defeated the Source Abomination that spawns at around the same time the quest is triggered, so our adventure begins in the room just behind our now-dead lobster-clawed friend.

Be sure to grab whatever loot you can find in the room, then adjust the camera angle as seen in the image below to see the lever.

Pull it, and the painting on the wall will move to reveal a switch. Press the switch, and a hidden hatch becomes visible in the corner as seen here.

Make your way down the hatch to continue.


Which switch is the right one?

After making your way down the hatch, you will come to an area with several switches with odd names and an ominous-looking skull. This is one area I got stuck on for more than I would like to admit, and it's possible you've gotten stuck on it too. There are so many switches, and only one will lift the skull for you to proceed.

The switch you are looking for is the Blood Stained Switch, which is just to the south the arena with the giant skull, hidden behind a cluster of ferns.


Quest completion

Behind the giant skull is a battle against the skeleton pirate Pontius. Defeating him will complete the quest. Be sure to pick up all of the loot he drops, especially the keys. One opens a chest on the ship in the room and the other is needed to open another door in Black Cove.

Rise in Assault at San Diego Comic Con fhdui/rise-in-assault-at-san-diego-comic-con Tue, 29 Jul 2014 23:49:23 -0400 Venisia Gonzalez There is always news regarding assault, sexual harrassment, and comic con policies when it comes to any convention. This year at the San Diego Comic Con has most certainly raised some serious concerns as to the safety of all attendees. Despite claims of increased security and presence of local San Diego Police Department, incidents still occurred.

The most horrifying of incidents involved a female minor cosplayer attending the convention in celebration of her birthday. It was reported that after a disagreement, the victim ran off and was later discovered on the side of a road--unconcious and bloody. The victim's friends and family reached out, along with the San Diego Harbor Police Department, to anyone with any information to contact them. The victim is listed in critical condition at a San Diego Hospital. The victim's identity is being concealed since she is a minor.

Press Release from the San Diego Harbor Police Department:

Incident Type: Arrest

Incident Date/Time: July 27, 2014 1:15am

Location: 333 W Harbor DR.

Case #: 14-03122

Prepared by: Sergeant Todd Rakos

Harbor Police arrested a 29-year-old man early Sunday morning, July 27th in a hotel at 333 West Harbor Drive. He was booked into San Diego County Jail at 11:20 am on charges of sexual contact with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of minor. The victim, a juvenile female, was transported to a hospital for evaluation and treatment. The Harbor Police Investigations Unit is handling the incident. This investigation is ongoing.

We here at GameSkinny send our best wishes to the victim and her family for a full and speedy recovery.

This wasn't the only assault out of SDCC either. Adrainne Curry was noted for coming to the aide of a friend and fellow cosplayer, Alicia Marie, after being assaulted by an attendee. As someone who frequents conventions, incidents such as these, concern me greatly. Why are we not safe? Why aren't officials doing a better job at prevention?

All of this begs to question consent. A word that is becoming extinct for all intents and purposes. Since when has behavior such as these become the "norm?" Something needs to be done and it starts with each and every one of you.

Meet Elise, the New Assassin's Creed Unity Templar z4muw/meet-elise-the-new-assassins-creed-unity-templar Tue, 29 Jul 2014 23:38:45 -0400 Chris_Lemus The release of a new CG trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity included a surprise by Ubisoft - a new female Templar.  Elise earned her own introduction trailer, who was shown as a captive about to be publicly executed on the guillotine until assassin Arno Durian saved her after parkour-ing through chaotic Parisian streets.

Although they are on opposite sides of the conflict taking place during the French Revolution, they will form a bond that will also show her contribution to the game’s story, according to Ubisoft.  Elise’s introduction trailer was released on the heels of controversy over accusations of sexism against Ubisoft after Assassin’s Creed Unity originally announced at E3 2014 to not feature any playable female characters.

The backlash began after Ubisoft European technical director James Therien told VideoGamer that adding female characters into video games would require extra time to create gender-specific animations.  This extra time, according to Therien, would not only discourage developers from using female characters, but also delay video game release dates.

In addition to being featured in the game, Elise will also be included in a book with the same name.  Assassin’s Creed Unity is set to be released Oct 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Riot Reveals New Champion Gnar With a New Game Mechanic: Forced Transformation uzi40/riot-reveals-new-champion-gnar-with-a-new-game-mechanic-forced-transformation Tue, 29 Jul 2014 19:08:18 -0400 Travis McGee Yesterday Riot teased their newest champion Gnar, but today all the details are out and this (sometimes) cute little guy is one of the most interesting champions to ever hit the game. The official reveal page outlines his background, abilities, and even laning and gameplay strategies, but this champion is bringing more to the game than just strong top-laning and late-game tanking. Gnar's unique ability is an uncontrollable transformation that will force players to anticipate when it's coming and change their playstyle dramatically.

First of all: Gnar is apparently not only an adorable fuzzball but a time traveler as well. His background is still missing some details, but Gnar is a prehistoric yordle that was trapped for centuries in Runeterra's True Ice. Time stopped for the frozen yordle until he finally managed to break free of the ice, and this cute critter is much more than he seems.

Gnar shows that Riot still knows how to put plenty of cute into a game that revolves around crushing your opponents

Gnar's passive is called "Rage Gene," and if that doesn't give away what this little guy is all about the fact that each of his abilities have two names should. "Rage Gene" causes Gnar to slowly build up rage in combat. Once his rage hits a threshold Gnar transforms into Mega Gnar.

Oh my god where did the cute go?!

Now, Mini Gnar (the original form) is an agile, fragile ranged champion that relies on mobility and attack speed to harrass and poke in the top lane. When Gnar reaches max rage and transforms, though, he becomes a much larger, much scarier tank with slow movement speed, no mobility, high damage, and lots of crowd control. Because the transformation is more or less uncontrollable (though not unpredictable) it will require players going against and piloting Gnar to be able to shift between these two playstyles very quickly - and back again once Mega Gnar runs out of rage.

Riot discussed this development decision at length before settling on this implementation for a new champ and after struggling to balance other transform champions they decided they wanted a champion with obvious strengths and weaknesses in both forms - so that neither would be more or less useful than the other overall - and a more or less uncontrollable transform mechanic so that players must adapt to it rather than abusing the transform mechanic itself.

Gnar is the first champion to have this unique transformation mechanic, and because of it he will play very differently between early and late game. For now, though, it seems best to consider him a solo top laner or a support since his both of his forms support either role well.

Bravely Default Hits One Million Copies Sold Worldwide mv0ii/bravely-default-hits-one-million-copies-sold-worldwide Wed, 30 Jul 2014 00:44:36 -0400 Valentina Floegel Square Enix's latest popular JRPG, Bravely Default, has sold over one million copies worldwide, and it's no surprise. This JRPG has become massively popular in the West. In March, in an interview with Nikkei Trendy, Yosuke Matsuda revealed that due to the success of Bravely Default, Square Enix would start to focus on the heavy JPRG fans they had seemingly forgotten before. We're looking at you, Final Fantasy. 

Bravely Default was first released in Japan in 2012, followed by Europe in December 2013, and finally in North America in February of this year. The impact it has made is massive, surpassing the expectations of Western sales.

"...there are games like the JRPG [Bravely Default that] we made for the Japanese audience with the proper [and familiar] elements,” he said. “[That] ended up selling well around the world.”

Yosuke Matsuda

The games North American release sold 200,000 copies in the first weeks. Outside of Japan, Bravely Default has sold over 600,000 copies, and within Japan an additional 400,000 copies. Thus, surpassing one million sales.

Bravely Default is a turned-based RPG, said to be a spin-off of Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. You embark on an adventure with companions to restore balance to the world. Character's can learn certain abilities from different jobs, increasing their levels with battling. The battle system allows for two options: Brave and Default. By using Brave, you increase the number of actions you take in a turn, while selecting Default lets you store actions for later use. Described as a game of personal growth and adventure, Bravely Default is a must-have game for any JRPG fan! 

Bravely Default is available for $39.99 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, or any video game retail shop. 

Hearthstone Naxxramas Plague Quarter Guide hwak3/hearthstone-naxxramas-plague-quarter-guide Tue, 29 Jul 2014 17:33:25 -0400 Jay Ricciardi This guide will cover hero abilities, strategies, and recommended classes for taking down the three bosses of Hearthstone's Naxxramas Plague Quarter.

Naxxramas features a host of deathrattle specific cards, the full list can be found here on Hearthpwn. I recommend every class have a few silences against these bosses to avoid deathrattle synergies. Also, deathrattle is slow - take advantage of this by going for the face and try to end the fight before the bosses ramp up.

Deathrattle aside, the real key to bringing down the Naxxramas bosses is understanding how to combat their unique and totally OP Hero Powers.

Plague Quarter features: Noth, Heigan, and Loatheb.

Noth the Plaguebringer - 30 HP/45 HP Heroic

Hero Power (Passive) - Raise Dead: Whenever an enemy dies, raise a 1/1 Skeleton. (0 Mana)

Heroic Power (Passive) - Raise Dead: Whenever an enemy dies, raise a 5/5 Skeleton. (0 Mana)

General strategy and recommended classes for Noth:

Any sort of AOE or ping decks can deal with Noth's 1/1 adds. The best thing to do on both normal and heroic is just try not to lose minions. High health, heals, Divine Shields, and removal spells will negate most of what Noth can do.

Also, Noth can't do much of anything against big beefy minions - stall early and bust out every huge legendary you have!

Try these classes:

Mage: Mages can easily ping off Noth's 1/1 skeletons with the Mage's Hero Power, making her an obvious choice. Play control and take some AOE. Arcane Missiles is your friend! In heroic, if the adds get out of control, just throw in some AOE freeze.

Warlock: Finally, a chance for hand-lock to shine! Keep you hand large with Life Tap and get out early Twilight Drakes and giants. Soulfire and Mortal Coil are reasonable early spells if you need to control the board.

Priest: Abuse the hell out of the Priest's healing abilities and health buffs. Every trick in the Priest's book is useful against Noth.

Druid: Ramp up, own face. Use Wild Growth and Innervate to get mid and late game minions out early. The Druid's direct removal spells and face smacking powers (Claw is great for early removal) should be able to handle most of what Noth can throw at you.

Note: Other classes are viable, but these seem to be the most effective. Let us know how you beat Noth!



Heigan the Unclean- 30 HP/45 HP Heroic

Hero Power - Eruption: Deal 2 damage to the left-most enemy minion. (1 Mana)

Heroic Power - Eruption: Deal 3 damage to the left-most enemy minion. (0 Mana)

General strategy to defeat Heigan the Unclean

One of the nicest things about this boss is that Heigan encourages you to use the Naxxramus cards you've already earned: he basically is a deathrattle-triggering machine. If you got here, that means you just received two brand new Stoneskin Gargoyle cards - now is a good time to use them!

Put a Stoneskin Gargoyle on the left-most side, control board, and watch as Heigan fails to kill it every turn. Alternatively, any sort of token or deathrattle oriented deck will thrive in this matchup.

Nerubian Eggs and Haunted Creepers are great minions to throw at Eruption. A turn 2 Nerubian Egg will set you up for some heavy hitting early power.

There are also 5 neutral Divine Shield minions, 10 if you get two of each, that all can absorb at least one Eruption each.

Try these classes:

Warlock: Deathrattle zoo-lock is a perfect recipe for taking down Heigan quickly. Populate your board with tons of low cost creatures to just absorb each hit and overwhelm Heigan.

Paladin: Tokens are great Eruption fodder and the Paladin's natural removal and Divine Shields help to minimize Heigan's aggression. With a focus on Divine Shields, you could potentially have 12 (+2 more from Hand of Protection) Divine Shields - potentially even making Blood Knight a viable choice.

Shaman: Again, tokens = Eruption fodder and removal = great control. A little spell power and you'll be able to hit like a truck. Ancestral Healing and Ancestral Spirit will also reliably help to minimize Eruption's damage.

Priest: Health buffs and healing are a beautiful thing. Holy Nova, beefy creatures, and even shadow removal are all wonderful things - not to mention that Eruption gives Priests a reliable way to beef up Gurubashi Bezerker.

Note: Other classes are viable, but these seem to be the most effective. Let us know how you beat Heigan!



Loatheb - 75 HP/99 HP Heroic

Hero Power - Necrotic Aura: Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero. (2 Mana)

Heroic Power - Necrotic Aura: Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero. (0 Mana)

General strategy to defeat Loatheb

STOP! I know that you're already freaking out about all that health! Thankfully there is no need to worry, Loatheb has a set of Spore mechanics that actually makes that health number easy to deal with if you know about it in advance. The only thing is that Necrotic Aura puts you on a bit of a timer - on heroic you have 10 turns max to kill Loatheb.

Spore mechanics: Loatheb has two cards that will generate Spores (below) for you to kill - and Spores give your minions +8 attack permanently. All you need to do is play cards that force Loatheb to use Deathbloom and Sporeburst.

Generally, any class that can generate a lot of minions to take advantage of the Spore buff will do well. Also, windfury minions LOVE to eat up Spores and hit like trucks!

If you ever played WoW, this fight actually echos the Loatheb raid fight: Loatheb had a gargantuan amount of health and killing Spores gave the raid attack buffs - all you needed to do was coordinate clearing out the Spores within a time limit. Same thing here!

P.S. Murloc rush decks on any class can ROLL on Loatheb pretty hard.

Try these classes:

Shaman: Grab as many totems as possible and even beef them up with Ancestral Might! Each Spore is already a beefed-up Bloodlust, so take advantage of windfury cards to get the most out of the Spore buffs. Even a totem with windfury can still hit for at least 16 damage if you kill a Spore first.

Warlock: Zoo-lock pure and simple. Populate your board ASAP with as many minions as possible - if you need more cards, Life Tap. Murloc-lock is also very potent!

Hunter: Keep your hand healthy with card draw and stall for the right opportunities to use Unleash the Hounds. Unleash + one or two Spores will devestate Loatheb with ease! Note: because of this you don't need Timber Wolf nor Dire Wolf Alpha - use other zoo minions to draw out the Spore-generating spells.

Paladin: Normally, shock-Paladin prioritizes using spells to go for the face, but in this matchup use Hammer or Wrath, Truesilver Champion, and Avenging Wrath strictly for board control. Populate your board with quick and cheap minions and pack one or two heals to give yourself some extra time against Necrotic Horror - then just hit some spore combos and you are good to go! Just as with Heigan, some Divine Shields will help keep creatures alive - take advantage of this for Spores. 

Note: Other classes are viable, but these seem to be the most effective. Let us know how you beat Loatheb!



Reward note: you will be rewarded the cards above for the first time you defeat each boss. You will also unlock the ability to craft each card and it's gold version if you have the dust.

Red vs Blue Nominated for Best Machinima or Video Series 2014 - Dragon Slayer Awards y6zgd/red-vs-blue-nominated-for-best-machinima-or-video-series-2014-dragon-slayer-awards Tue, 29 Jul 2014 18:20:17 -0400 onpv3rtigo1 It's time once again for the Dragon Slayer awards hosted by our sister site Guild Launch. This year one of the nominees for Best Machinima or Video Series is the outstanding and hilarious web series Red vs Blue (or RvB for short). Why should they get your vote? Well ladies and gents let me enlighten you.

First off, for those who don't know, machinima is the use of real-time computer graphics engines to create a cinematic production. As for the case of Red vs Blue, the team at Rooster Teeth have utilized the Halo series for their graphics engines of choice. They started on the original Halo and have worked their way up through the series to Halo 4. Although examples of machinima have been around since the 1990's, RvB is widely credited with attracting public attention to machinima and bringing it into the mainstream.

Red vs Blue was created as a parody of first-person shooter games, military life and science-fiction films. The show premiered as a web-only series on April 1, 2003 and saw immediate success. It was estimated that episode one saw around 20,000 downloads in a day. Originally intended as a short series of only six to eight episodes, RvB has run for 11 full seasons. They have run a multitude of event specific shorts and PSAs as well as five mini-series events which have extended the show's plot. Season 12 of RvB premiered on April 28, 2014 making it the longest running web series of all time and the longest American science-fiction series (including television).

Shortly after airing episode two online, Rooster Teeth was contacted by Bungie in regards to their show. Because Bungie enjoyed what they had seen so far and wanted to show their support they arranged for Rooster Teeth to continue the use of Bungie's properties without license fees. So basically Bungie said that they liked the show so much that Rooster Teeth could go ahead and do whatever they wanted using the Halo property.

Praised for it's originality, RvB won multiple awards at film festivals including ones held by the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences. The first season won awards for Best Picture, Best Independent Machinima Film, and Best Writing at the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences 2003 Film Festival. They have also won an award for Best Animated Web Series from the International Academy of Web Television.

Microsoft has commissioned RvB to do videos for Xbox demo kiosks in game stores. Barenaked Ladies also commissioned them to do videos for concerts. Other videos have been made specifically for gaming magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly and Computer Gaming World. Conventions like E3, the Penny Arcade Expo and the Sundance Film Festival have also commissioned specific RvB videos.

Red vs Blue also received praise from soldiers who were stationed in the Middle East during the early to mid 2000s. In August 2005 there was a blog entry by Kim Matsuzaki of displaying soldiers holding various weapons as well as copies of the first and second season Red vs Blue DVDs. They have even gone so far as labeling one of their trucks as the "Chupathingy" in reference to Halo's Warthog.

Based on the simple fact that Bungie gave RvB their stamp of approval after only two episodes should cement them into award winning status. But the fact also that they have been going as long as they have and continue to amaze and delight us with their antics goes to show that RvB must be doing something right. The videos shown here alone should be ample proof for you to go and vote RvB asBest Machinima or Video series for the Dragon Slayer Awards.

A Look at the People Behind the Words at GameSkinny tkrgt/a-look-at-the-people-behind-the-words-at-gameskinny Tue, 29 Jul 2014 17:41:17 -0400 Proto Foe Have you ever wondered about the person behind the words on your screen? Why they do what they do? What inspired them to pick up a keyboard and write? Do they actually play games? If they could do this forever, would they?

Well, some of our interns had the chance to ask and/or answer some questions similar to those above, and more. This article will highlight a small selection of their answers. The writers that will be under-the-knife this time will be, Yasmin CurrenShawn Malone, and myself.

Oh, and if you would like to be one of the interns in the future, then check out this article that explains how many pints of blood & sweat are required on a weekly basis, and maybe you can be the one who is wondered about.

Money, Fame, and Oranges

All three were asked a variation of "What inspired you to take the mantle of protector of GameSkinny, the Italic Knight?", and here is what they had to say:

Yasmin: In theory my pen never left the paper! Since I was a child I've been concocting imaginative short stories and making detailed files of my imaginary friends different personality traits and appearances. (I had some real friends too... I swear!)

When I grew older the pen was used as an emotional outlet for anything I was going through and I excelled in English within school. So when I saw the opportunity to write about games and gain something from it for my future career I jumped at the chance to get involved. I love games and I love writing so it just made sense :)

We all have had imaginary friends, Yasmin, but not all of us kept an X-Files style library of them. I, for one, wish I had though.

Shawn: It was suggested by someone already in JTP as a way to explore a different spectrum of the game industry.

That someone is GameSkinny's very own Venisia.  We are thankful for both them both. (I was not paid to say that.)

I Used to Smile, That Was before I Worked in Retail

A lot of writers have other jobs, or have worked in areas that gave them inspiration to move into the writing field. Shawn was asked: "How do you enjoy game journalism as compared to your past experience with game retail?"

Well I enjoy both. I like in journalism how I can express my love of games through knowledge and research. I love researching into each piece and informing readers.

The difference between that and retail is that, it’s not as personal. In retail, if I recommended a game for a customer to purchase, I’d be exposed to them coming back into the store thanking me for it and sharing what they loved so much. I got the chance to build relationships with my customers. I don’t have that in journalism. Yet at that the same time, I don’t have the corporate pressures that come with working in the retail end--the pressure for sales, pre-order quotas and the like.

I feel your pain, brudda. 

There Can Be Only One

Interviewing a fellow industry professional is no easy feat. So, when asked "If you could interview anyone from the games industry, who would it be and why?", Yasmin was torn between fandom and professionalism.

Do I have to choose just one?! D: I would originally want to choose Notch because, well, who wouldn't?! He's a genius and so freakin' humble as well it's crazy! But there are already so many interviews to watch online and books to read about him... Also if I did see him I'd probably turn it into a session of me attempting to sponge knowledge from him.

Instead I would choose Michel Ancel just so I could slip in some pestering about Beyond Good and Evil 2; I need that game!

We all need that game, Yasmin. We. All. Need. Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Does It Hurt?

I was asked: "Is this your first time doing the JTP?"

It is not, I have been here since January 2014. It's been an interesting 7 months, each session brings a whole new set of learnings for me.

To expand on my initial answer a bit; GameSkinny have had the displeasure of my company for 7 months. I initially wasn't going to return, however some elements changed between the last session and this one. Mainly, the addition of 'Senior Interns.' This new role has allowed several former interns the chance to see more behind the scenes; it's a real eye-opener.

(W)Rapping It up, Freestyle

Let's dive into the deepest, darkest, parts of the psyche of our subjects. This is where it can get real dark. You have all been warned!

First off is Shawn, "As an artist, what is your impression of how far art has come in video games?"

I think they have come very, very far from the days of the Atari 2600. Where games didn’t have very much concept art, where as today, you have multi-million dollar projects. It’s as if you’re watching them make a movie. Thanks to the advances of hardware, you can now have in-game art look as amazing and highly detailed as the concept art.

Shawn is absolutely correct, he also has some skills. Check out this example, the cover of For the Love of Words, which was penned by a fellow writer of GameSkinny, the Queen of Geeks, Venisia Gonzalez. 

The advancements over the past 3 generations of console is amazing, indeed. Just take a look at what Blur are doing with the Halo 2 Anniversary cut scenes.

Yasmin may be a writer, a collector of imaginary friends (the ultimate precursor to Skylanders), but that doesn't mean she has reached her limits. She has a YouTube channel, and when asked about it:

Ah yes, YagmanX. My YouTube channel is my passion and has been a real blessing since I started it last October. I enjoy all forms of creative media and had just finished a well-rounded media course and pursued a career in coding. But I missed filming, editing and using my imagination so that's when I started my channel.

I've already met some amazing people on there and use it to my advantage to get in touch with people from all sorts of industries as it shows my enthusiasm for certain areas of work (like games!) Overall it's just fun! :D

Here is hoping that she can take the skills that have been learnt in the realm of YouTube, games journalism, and mix them together.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Lastly, I was asked what job I'd select if I was granted the ability, by President Obama, to pick any in the world?

Creative Lead for first party and expanded universe products, at 343i.

I hope you all enjoyed this small peek behind the curtain. All that is left for me to do is give thanks to my fellow interviewers and interviewees, Rocky and Venisia, and Yasmin and Shawn, respectively.

Legend of Korra Gameplay Revealed jdigc/legend-of-korra-gameplay-revealed Tue, 29 Jul 2014 19:54:35 -0400 Valentina Floegel Coming out of Comic-con weekend, a lot of video game news has been released. Perhaps one of the more exciting ones (for me at least) is Platinum Games' Legend of Korra. 

Legend of Korra is a TV-show on Nickelodon that acts as a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Korra is the Avatar, the only person that can learn all four elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. Her job is to keep the world at peace and take on evil. In the game the same philosophy goes.

In the game developer's talk with IGN, a good amount of gameplay and information was revealed. The game is single-player. The creators explained that the it takes place between Book 2 and 3 of the series .

Korra's bending powers have been blocked and you go through the game unblocking them. The demo shows a mana-type bar for each element (Air, Fire, Earth, Water) and Korra can swiftly switch through each of them.

Gamespot tried out the demo last month and explained the attributes of each element in combat:

"Ranged attacks are exclusive to Water, Earth has slow, close-quarters attacks, Fire focuses on fast melee combat, and Wind gives you a balanced, versatile set of moves"
                                                                                              - Gamespot

The game has a lot of replay value and is meant to have at least 3 playthroughs, each about 4 hours long. In their interview with IGN, the developers explained that the first playthrough is Korra getting her powers back, the second is collecting high-level items with Korra having her powers, and the third is an "extreme" mode where you must use everything you've attained up to that point.

There is also a Pro-Bending mode where Korra, along with Mako and Bolin, battle it out just like in the show. It is still a singleplayer mode, though it would be perfect for multiplayer. This is a sport played by gaining and losing territory. Each team has 3 players using different types of bending. Only one type of bending can be used per person, although this is only a problem for the Avatar. This mode also has 3 difficulty settings.

 The Legend of Korra will be available for download in Fall of this year for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Review: Rogue Legacy (PS4, PS3, PSVita) k0xtj/review-rogue-legacy-ps4-ps3-psvita Tue, 29 Jul 2014 13:08:50 -0400 Anthony Schultz Rogue Legacy is devilishly delicious and wickedly funny.  Combining a dose of nostalgia with a dab of amusing nuances and addictive gameplay, Rogue Legacy for all three PlayStation platforms takes what was best about the PC version and ups it repeatedly for a truly definitive.

Rogue Legacy released for the PC and OnLive users on June of 2013, which was followed by a Macintosh and Linux version the next October.  The title received well across all of the aforementioned platforms, being praised for its difficulty, “broader progression system,” and unique stylings.  Recently, Rogue Legacy made the jump to consoles and has been refined to fit consoles a little bit better.  All of the updates that slowly hit the original incarnations of the game have been bundled together along with some balance and difficulty tweaks. 


Essentially the game places the player as an ambiguous knight (usually with a hilarious name) and the character is tasked with exploring an ever-shifting castle.  As the game progresses the character battles numerous types of monsters while collecting coins, blueprints, runes, and other long lost artifacts.  Initially the castle is available, but as more of the map is uncovered and (more-importantly) as the knight levels up and progress other more difficult areas open up.  Each of these pre-defined areas, which are procedurally generated between deaths, have a boss.

Once the boss is defeated…the boss remains defeated.  The game promotes repetition and leveling to defeat the bosses.  Hardcore, skilled gamers will find much challenge in this setup, while those who enjoy the difficulty, but may not have a lot of time to play, will also enjoy the quick-pacing and eventual level progression that’ll make the bosses all that much more easier— Time over a ridiculous learning curve.

The real nuts and bolts of Rogue Legacy stem from death.  As the player dies, instead of respawning, the character chooses an heir to carry on the family quest.  The heir is chosen by making a selection from a group of three randomly generated characters.  These characters oftentimes have weird and unusual abilities that’ll effect the style of gameplay, the character’s attack, health, and combat/magic abilities, as well as the general feel of the character.  

The player also retains his or her gold from the prior play session and can then use it to purchase upgrades to the family manor, which ultimately upgrades all subsequent characters.  From the manor screen, there is another section which allows the user to strike up a conversation with a myriad of sellers which provide weapons, armor, and magical armaments.  There is even an architect, which can be paid a percentage to prevent the castle from randomly changing, so if a particular room is giving you trouble and you die you can pay to have the castle remain the same (instead of being procedurally generated) and tackle it once more (this can be done ad infinitum).

The Verdict

Rogue Legacy harkens back to an older era of gaming.  The art style is pixelated and colorful and the music is reminiscent of the more-limited chipsets of yesteryear.  Akin to such games as 1001 Spikes and Dark Souls in difficulty, Rogue Legacy will give most players a run for their money, however, the slick progression system, rich sense of humor, and overall cadence of the game is perfect for hardcore gamers or those wanting to play in bits on a commute or with only a couple minutes of downtime.  Plus, Rogue Legacy is cross-buy and cross-save on all three PlayStation platforms, so with a challenging experience, cohesive gameplay, and a great aesthetic there is a lot to be had by Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy.

Role Reversal: LEGO Learns From Minecraft l1ut4/role-reversal-lego-learns-from-minecraft Tue, 29 Jul 2014 16:46:08 -0400 Yasmin Curren After the success of teaming with Mojang and launching four sets of LEGO Minecraft, all inspired by fan-suggested playsets, they now plan to launch full sets of Minecraft themed LEGOs. The plan is for LEGO to make as many sets and variations as they would do for other huge franchises such as LEGO Star Wars!

Of course, this is fantastic news! To anyone who plays Minecraft it is obvious that this game works well in a physical and creative form such as LEGO; Minecraft is pretty much the online, digital interactive version of it after all!

But what's particularly interesting is the approach that LEGO is taking. For the first time they are allowing their players to have control over these new designs and playsets, an approach adopted from Minecraft itself. 

"We are in the process of designing a new line of LEGO Minecraft. The LEGO Minecraft Co-build project is where we ask LEGO and Minecraft fans for your help in designing and getting this new line of mini-fig scale Minecraft products onto the market."

- LEGO Minecraft 

By involving players in the production of the game, Minecraft's popularity spread like wildfire with nothing but positive comments to be said! With a fan-base so loyal and used to having their opinions heard, LEGO have been very clever to follow in Majong's footsteps with involving them as much as possible. The LEGO Minecraft website is loaded with voting systems, forums and a gallery for people to show off their creations.

“Credit to LEGO: they could see us as competition and not work with us, but they’re basically just embracing it and putting a lot of effort in to this project”

-Carl Manneh

Spoiler: Lego Creepers will not explode upon interaction!

What Time Is It?! Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Coming Soon To Consoles xckz0/what-time-is-it-adventure-time-the-secret-of-the-nameless-kingdom-coming-soon-to-consoles Tue, 29 Jul 2014 09:36:20 -0400 PencilPusha The hit Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time, is finally coming to game consoles this fall. According to the teaser trailer on, the game is hitting the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, and the Nintendo 3DS. This seems strange considering the next-generation consoles have been out for a while and could use a game with a popular background like this. This game would actually be perfect for the Wii U since it's probably a 'rated E for Everyone' game.

The teaser trailer shows gameplay that has an overhead view, like in the old Pokémon games from the late '90s. In Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, players get to run around as Finn, with his trusty morphing dog, Jake, close behind.

There's fighting, treasure, beasts and creatures, but there won't be many familiar faces from the show in the game since the kingdom is brand new and so will be the enemies, princesses, and so on who haven't been introduced in the show.

According to, Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, along with voice actors Jeremy Shada and John DiMaggio all make a vocal appearance in the game. Ward does the voice of Lumpy Space Princess, Shada does the voice of Finn, and DiMaggio does the voice of Jake. Even with the largely new cast, Adventure Time fans will enjoy at least the three most important voice actors from the show.

Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is coming sometime in November. If you can't wait that long, you can always watch the show on Cartoon Network.

Get Your WildStar Keys Quick - How to Get Yours 3j23d/get-your-wildstar-keys-quick-how-to-get-yours Tue, 29 Jul 2014 01:44:45 -0400 Mary Yeager Wildstar released almost two months ago. Players are well settled in and guides from beginner on up are already flourishing on the web. Now, Carbine wants to give even more people access to the Nexus with their offer of trial keys in partnership with Alienware Arena.

Wildstar gave Alienware a total of 20,000 keys to hand out to people registered on or willing to register on the Alienware site in North America and Europe. 10,000 keys are reserved for each continent. Getting a key is simple, but you do have to make sure you go grab one now before they are all gone.

1. Visit Alienware Arena and sign in or register.

First things first, you have to register on the Alienware website or sign in to the site if you have already registered. The registration form is pretty much standard. They will not ask you for any payment information. You also have the option of logging in with Facebook or Steam.

2. Get your key from Alienware's site.

Go back to Alienware's site and grab your key. Your key will be given to you then. It will also be sent to you though email. Should you close your browser window on accident or if it crashes, you can also view your keys inside Alienware's site on your giveaways page found here.

3. Log into WildStar Site.

Next you will need to visit the WildStar site. If you don't already have an account, you will need to sign up for a new account here. Again, information is all standard and they do not ask for any payment information. One thing to note is the password instructions are a bit misleading. You will need uppercase and lowercase letters plus at least 1 number and 1 special character. You will need to verify your email address to complete your registration.

4. Login and add your code.

After logging in on the WildStar website, you will be shown a landing screen with some options on what you can do within your account. On the right hand side, there will be three blue banners. Click the one that says "Apply a Code". Put your code in the box and click Apply. You will be taken to a confirmation screen that will tell you that the code will show being used in the transaction history page.

5. Download the game.

Go back to your account summary page (click the profile link) and on the right side of the page above the apply code button is a button with gold lettering that says "Download Game". Hit the button and run the installer once it is finished downloading. The installer will finish downloading and installing the WildStar game (took me about an hour on my internet speed).

You are now ready to venture into the Nexus. Go jump in-game and get started on your free trial. Keep in mind, the trial starts as soon as you input your code into the website. So don't put it your account until you are ready to play. The key is good for a 7-day trial.

Watch The Bullets Fly In The English Dubbed Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Trailer 89ybl/watch-the-bullets-fly-in-the-english-dubbed-bayonetta-bloody-fate-trailer Tue, 29 Jul 2014 01:46:41 -0400 zoLo567 This fall will see the release of the sequel to Platinum Games' over the top action game, Bayonetta, on the Wii U. Now it seems that the West will be receiving a second way to enjoy some crazy action this fall in the form of Bayonetta: Bloody Fate.

The feature-length anime film will receive an English dub in America, and now has a trailer showcasing some of the action to expect (which is below). The anime, led by Afro Samurai director Fuminori Kizaki and produced by animation studio Gonzo, seems to keep the spirit of the original game.

The trailer begins with Bayonetta praying in a church, before revealing her usual garb and taking out a few angels. Her rival Jeanne and her arms dealer Rodin also make appearances, all showcasing some action to techno-filled tunes.

Released in Japan last year, the anime follows Bayonetta through the events of the first game, as she battles angels to unravel the mysteries of her past. Hellena Taylor will reprise her role as Bayonetta for the English dub, with much of the game's cast reprising their roles.

I never had the chance to check out the Japanese version of Bloody Fate, so I will have to check it out when it releases Stateside. I enjoyed the voice work in the original Bayonetta, so I may liked the dubbed version of this anime. It seems like it will have the same crazy, over the top action that the original game had, which is the main draw for me. I am also waiting for Bayonetta 2 to land on the Wii U, so fall just got more busy.

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate will release in North America on October 21 in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. The release of the anime will be just on time for the release of the sequel, Bayonetta 2, on the Wii U.

China Gamers One Step Closer to Gaming with Xbox Pre-Orders 6txuq/china-gamers-one-step-closer-to-gaming-with-xbox-pre-orders Mon, 28 Jul 2014 22:59:47 -0400 Chris_Lemus Gamers in China are beginning to take the first steps towards once again enjoying video games in their homes.

Due to strict government regulations on companies entering and competing in the Chinese economy, Microsoft began taking Xbox One orders on Monday through retailers and Tencent.

This pre-order is in anticipation of the government lifting a ban on home video game consoles since 2000. This order, according to Chinese officials, prevented malicious activities and negative effects on mental health.

While consoles have been banned from the country for over a decade, mobile and PC gaming make up the $6.8 billion video game industry in China, the third best performance in the world behind Japan and the United States.

Those platforms are still allowed provided they do not feature graphic images or defame the Chinese government.

The reintroduction of home gaming to China’s electronic entertainment industry could add an estimated $10 billion, according to Bloomberg. will end Xbox One pre-orders on July 28.

Divinity: Original Sin Guide - The Earth, Water, Air, and Fire Lever Puzzle iu6nk/divinity-original-sin-guide-the-earth-water-air-and-fire-lever-puzzle Tue, 29 Jul 2014 03:08:44 -0400 Ashley Shankle You're going to come across a great deal of optional content in Divinity: Original Sin, and this puzzle is just a taste of what's to come brainteaser-wise.

Some players may only want gentle nudges in the right direction. Tiers of spoilers ("if you do X, X will happen") are separated by (---). If you feel you have read enough on how to progress and don't want what's further to be spoiled on the solution, stop at the (---) marker.

You come across a hatch next to a dilapidated home to the west of Cyseal, just south east of the area with fire elementals. Found in the hatch is a cave adorned with with four elemental pillars and a tome which reads:

In this cell's double, your double will face your ally.

Cryptic, right? The key word to keep in mind from this, aside from the list of elements, is "ally" -- meaning a party member (or two) as opposed to the entire party. This should tell you to split your party when you find the other cell. (Note: This cell is called the "first room" further down the guide.)

The other cell is just north west of this one, in the area with fire elementals. Fight them and make your way down the hatch to find the room mentioned in the tome.

This room has similar elemental pillars to the other, but the words on the tome itself are a little different (Note: This is called the "second room" further down the guide.):

In this cell's double, your double will face your ally.

Notice the elements are in a different order, and again it mentions "ally", hinting you should split your party. Do just that, and send two party members to the first room.


Figuring out the order to pull the levers

The first cell you came across asked for Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. The second cell requests Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. As pulling a lever sets off an elemental attack in the opposite room, you may assume you need to pull the levers in the order the tome in the opposite room requests -- and that assumption would be correct.


Before pulling levers willy-nilly, be sure to move your character(s) in the opposite room to the outside of the middle of the pillars. The pillars' attacks aim in the center, and they do hurt and apply status effects.

Order of levers in the first room

You must pull the levers in the first room in the order the tome found in the second room lists: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Order of levers in the second room

You must pull the levers in the second room in the order the tome found in the first room lists: Water, Earth, Air, Fire.


After you're done pushing buttons and pulling levers

A mysterious enemy will appear in the opposite room once you have finished a lever puzzle. This happens in both rooms upon puzzle competion, each fight against one level 5 opponent modeled after one of the default characters.

After these fights, be sure to pick up the pendants and loot that drop to the floor.

Head down the newly-revealed hatches in each room to come upon two pedestals, one on each side. Drag the pendants from your inventory to their respective pedestals to open the gates and receive a good deal of loot for lower level characters.

It's Sad That the Best PS4 Game So Far is An Updated PS3 Game tf7q5/its-sad-that-the-best-ps4-game-so-far-is-an-updated-ps3-game Mon, 28 Jul 2014 22:23:13 -0400 Fathoms_4209 Firstly, having been gaming for a very long time now, I am well aware that a console's first year in existence generally isn't peppered with instant classics.

Well, unless you're the PS2. 2001 was one of the best years in the history of the industry, due in large part to Sony's console, which launched in late 2000 in North America.

But at any rate, I know history and I'm not an impatient individual. I'm also a huge fan of The Last Of Us and I've supported the idea of this Remastered edition from the moment it was announced. Besides, after Sony said the majority of current PlayStation 4 owners hadn't played TLoU, I figured this was a great way to bring a truly amazing game to even more people.

Even so...

What's disappointing is that no next-gen game is even CLOSE in my eyes

Perhaps the most accomplished next-gen title thus far is Titanfall. It's not necessarily my cup of tea but I have played it, and it has scored the best with critics (among the next-gen-exclusive software currently available). The game was plenty polished and gave us a positive glimpse of the future. That's fine and dandy but in my eyes, it was still just a glorified multiplayer shooter. I love the inFamous series and while I finished Second Son and hit 100 percent complete, it was hardly the epitome of "next-gen" in my eyes.

Besides that, what else is there right now? Killzone: Shadow Fall? A fine FPS but still somewhat disappointing given the hype. Arguably the last great PS4 title was another revamped game from 2013; Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Another fantastic title and another newly upgraded production I'd be happy to have in my collection. Dead Rising 3 was a colossal disappointment as was Ryse: Son of Rome. What else is there? Multiplats like Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag? Again, great games, but not big leaps forward, in my estimation.

And then there's the unbelievable awesomeness that is The Last Of Us

Playing the game again on the PS4, it sorta shocked me to realize that in fact, The Last Of Us is still the best game available, even though it first launched well over a year ago. It's still the most accomplished title I've seen since it released, and we're including not one, but two new system launches in the time frame. Even though it often takes a while for new consoles to get rolling, isn't this just a little depressing? One could even make a solid point in saying that Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is the second-best game on store shelves, even ahead of anything on the next-gen machines.

But maybe it's just that Naughty Dog is always a step ahead. Maybe it's because that with every new game they put out, they immediately place themselves head-and-shoulders ahead of any other developer in the industry. Each Uncharted was light years ahead of most any other game when it launched, and it was the same with The Last Of Us. There's a reason it says "Over 200 Game of the Year Awards" on the front of the Remastered box. And no, such titles don't come around very often.

It almost feels like one studio has single-handedly managed to make the new generation of gaming feel even more unimpressive.