Limited Edition Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL Coming to North America

Choo choo! Another special edition 3DS coming through!

by 1 year ago

Who doesn't like special edition handhelds, aside from early-adopters? It turns out we're getting a very special Pikachu-styled 3DS XL model later this month, courtesy of Nintendo and the release of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates of Infinity. I guess it's finally time for me to get a 3DS.

The special edition model will be coming with a 4GB SD card, but not with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates of Infinity. This may sound disappointing, but those of you not interested in the Mystery Dungeon spinoffs can get this astoundingly yellow 3DS XL model for $199.99. Look for it in participating GameStop, Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart locations on March 24.

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