No Microsoft Handheld on the Horizon

Microsoft Studios head, Phil Spencer fields questions regarding E3 and a handheld Xbox.

With this year's E3 a little over a month away, gamers want to know what companies are planning to introduce. Announcements on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 dominated last year's E3 conference. People are curious about what Microsoft is up to.

Phil Spencer, recently named head to Xbox and Microsoft Studios, took to the airwaves of Twitter yesterday fielding questions. One Twitter user asked if Microsoft had a handheld console in the works. Spencer had a denial for the question, saying that the focus of the studio is on new intellectual property--or in other words, new games.

On top of new games, Microsoft intends on announcing new sequels as well as new partner studios. Not all news will be held until E3, though. Phil Spencer has a big month planned, with a good bit of news flowing from the studio. At this year's E3, Microsoft Studios wants to focus on gamers, including those not lucky enough to hang out at E3 live.

What news are you hoping from Microsoft between now and E3?

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Published May. 5th 2014
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