MUD2MMO: Trope Solving

So let's talk about solutions to this whole "women in gaming" thing.


Still on this whole thing, yeah. It's refusing to go away. A second episode about Anita Sarkeesian, "Tropes vs Women in Video Games", but this time with some ideas on how to solve problems.

I reference "Extra Credits" in this episode, you can see their video below.  I didn't cover this in my video becasue, frankly, they did it first and better, so I would rather you saw their episode for yourselves.

On a personal note, this is the last time I'm intending to hit this topic.  I'm not going to ignore it by any means, but I'm not going to harp on this anymore.  I think I've said my peace...  piece?  Never knew which one to use.  Either way, it's time to mosey on to the next topic.

I'm still disgusted by a lot of what I've seen in all this on all sides.  

Originally Published Jun. 21st 2013

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