Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: How to Get the Most Coins

Want to know how to get the most coins in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare? Then, check out this guide to start rolling in coins.

PvZ: Garden Warfare has several different variants and customization options for plants and zombies. You get them from leveling and buying sticker packs with coins. You gain coins by contributing to and finishing matches.

If you want some beginning tips, check out my Beginner guide. For anything else, visit my Master Guide List.

There are 3 game modes to choose from:

  • Team Vanquish - A standard team deathmatch mode.
  • Gardens and Graveyards - Plants defend gardens from zombies.
  • Garden Ops - similar to Mass Effect 3 multiplayer in which you fight waves of enemies until you make it to the final wave. In the final wave, you must get to the extraction point to complete it.
Gardens and Graveyards - Your best source for coins

This is the best mode if you want a lot of coins. Team Vanquish doesn't get you many, but it is fast. Garden Ops gives a decent amount, but it is long. Gardens and Graveyards is either long or short, and you get a lot of coins.

Work as a Team - Teamwork gets you the most money

If you play as the Zombies, you have to take 6 gardens and do something special at the end. What you have to do depends on the level. In one, you have to get 5 zombies into the mansion. In another, you have to destroy a giant plant. For the most coins, it is crucial to take as many gardens as you can. The longer you stay in, the more coins you get.

If you win as the zombies, you get many coins. I got almost 10k coins when I finished the mansion level.

Even getting past the first garden will get you more coins than normal because no matter how long it takes, the timer is reset for the next garden.

As Plants, you don't want the Zombies to make it to end. You get extra coins for every garden you protect, so try to stop them from taking the first one to get the most coins.

Killing for Money - More kills = bigger payout

If you need a support character or to fall back for your team to win, then by all means do that. For more money though, pick a class that you can kill with a lot. The more kills and streaks you get, the more coins you earn.

For most people, the Pea Shooter Plant and Soldier Zombie are the easiest to do this with. They are simple assault classes where you run and gun.

Engineer Zombies and Cacti Plants are also amazing if you target the garden or zombie spawn. Their drones can deal great damage and both have airstrike that level a team.

If you build it, they will come - Make the most of your Engineer

As the Zombies, Engineer is a great way to earn coins in Gardens and Graveyards. When you progress through the level, engineers can build portals. Every time a teammate goes through the portal, you gain 10 points.

If you constantly build them, and make it far into the level, you get a steady stream of points, gaining you many coins.

Don't ignore good support - Heals Please!

Scientist Zombies and Sunflower Plants are the healers in the game. Healing gets you points as well, and if you do enough of, it is a decent payoff. It is harder as a scientist because your teammates have to stand in one spot, but it is still effective.

Keeping your teammates alive also means that you are more likely to win and get more coins. Everyone's happy!

I hope these tips help you get all the coins you need to unlock the many customizations in the game. There will be plenty of guides and tips, including in-depth looks at each class and variant. To stay ahead of the game, follow me, and check back often.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions for getting more coins.

Published Feb. 25th 2014
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