Cynbel's Secret: Child of Light Side Quest Guide

How to find Cynbel's Secret in Child of Light (the right way, AND the fast way - take your pick!)

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The "Right Way" to Complete The Cynbel Secret Quest

Follow the signs

Look for the large Emerald green crystals in the Cynbel sea palace. When you find them, illuminate them with Ignatious using LT and follow the direction of the arrow to your next crystal. Eventually by following the directions you'll find the treasure, and along the way you'll be rewarded with lots of smaller chests.

Not interested in following the path? Read on.

The Fast Way to Complete the Cynbel's Secret Quest

Just head straight to the final location of Cynbel's Secret

If you've reached the entrance to the Palace of the Sun, fly three chambers back to the right. You'll see a statue of a man, an eel, and two horses. There's an upright pillar in the background on the left, align Aurora with it and fly straight up into the ceiling. 

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Published Apr. 30th 2014
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