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Nintendo announced this past week that the May 19 U.S. release of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia for the 3DS will also include a limited edition bundle.  

Included is the game, a hardcover art book, soundtrack, a character pin set of heroes Alm, Celica and Marth, and a reversible cover sheet reflecting the game's cover art for the original Famicom version.  

First announced by Nintendo on January 18, Fire Emblem Echoes is a re-imagining of the Famicom game, Fire Emblem: Gaiden, which never saw a North American release.

The story centers around childhood friends Alm and Celica as they try to bring peace to the war-torn kingdom of Valentia. Players will follow both heroes as they try to lead separate armies to victory in the game's classic turn-based combat. Some players may recognize the two from the DLC map for Fire Emblem: Awakening where Alm embodied the "Dread Warrior" class.

The bundle will be available at a suggested retail price of $59.99 at specific retailers. The standard edition will be $39.99.  

How do you feel about the remake? Perhaps you played Fire Emblem: Gaiden and if so, how do you think Fire Emblem Echoes will compare? Let us know in the comments!

Hunt Monsters by Moonlight with Monster Hunter XX Sailor Moon DLC,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/bff46d0c9cb73ce459c382e5a03e6d61.jpg rq75h/hunt-monsters-by-moonlight-with-monster-hunter-xx-sailor-moon-dlc Sat, 25 Mar 2017 13:19:51 -0400 Glitchiee_8928

Monster Hunter XX may have just released in Japan, but it has already sold 800,000 copies. Following on the heels of its success is the announcement of the title's first cross promotion, a series mainstay. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, get ready to punish evil in the name of the moon with the "Sailor Moon" DLC!

Featuring Luna, Sailor Moon's talking furry friend, as a costume for the characters Palicos, the DLC brings the magical girl to the world of Monster Hunter XX. Once transformed, the Palicos will be sporting sleek black fur and Luna's signature golden crescent moon on its forehead. Wielding a Cutie Moon Rod, the Palico will be fighting evil by moonlight in Sailor Senshi style. 

Even though not much information has been announced, the popularity of Monster Hunter XX has almost assured a Western release. While not all cross promotions make it, the popularity and past successes of both franchises mean this one may very well work. 

What Is Going on With the Nintendo Switch Shortage?,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/n/i/n/nintendo-switch-inner-hardware-teardown-43dfa.jpg ujg6r/what-is-going-on-with-the-nintendo-switch-shortage Sat, 25 Mar 2017 11:38:48 -0400 tofuslayer

Since its introduction on March 3, the Nintendo Switch has sent consumers on tumultuous journey.

As is custom for newly released Nintendo consoles, demand has been high and supply, of course, has been low. In the wake of the short-lived (but almost catastrophic) shortage of the NES Classic Edition, it seems that Nintendo has massively underestimated the appeal of its newest console.

At the release of the Switch, the company promised that it would boost production in order to prevent a repeat of the NES Classic shortage. However, it looks like that may not hold true. According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has decided to double its production of the Switch to meet increasing demand.

News of this increase in production brought hope for many gamers hoping to acquire the new Nintendo release, especially after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has received impressive reviews throughout the gaming world. Still, for consumers anxious to purchase the console, this may not bring satisfaction soon enough.

On Thursday, March 24, several news sources announced that GameStop Chief Operating Officer, Tony Bartel, hinted that the Nintendo Switch shortage may not be over any time soon.

Image from

Several sources around the internet are quoting Bartel by saying that the Switch's “demand is incredibly strong... As soon as we get any in our stores, it’s out within hours. We anticipate we’re going to be chasing supply this entire year”.

Despite Bartel’s concerns for GameStop’s ability to keep the console in stock, the internet has been buzzing since, on the same day, news broke that Toys “R” Us will be restocking the Switch later this week. The new shipment of units was expected to arrive today, March 25 when stores opened.

It seems that the Toys “R” Us restock is just a temporary patch on an issue that could potentially last for months. However, this is entirely dependent on how quickly Nintendo can increase production and ship out more consoles.

Are Consoles Evolving into PCs?,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/n/e/s/nes-f12bf.png 3jvr0/are-consoles-evolving-into-pcs Fri, 24 Mar 2017 16:00:01 -0400 ReverendShmitty

Video game consoles have long been lauded (and derided) for their ease of use and simplicity to set up. No driver downloads, no software or firmware updates, no patches, no internet needed to verify your games, no checking specs to figure out if your rig can run the new game you’ve got your eye on. Just plug and play.

Well, for a while at least.

Back in the day, these descriptions were accurate. Early systems like the NES, Atari 2600, and Sega Master System were around pre-internet, and even later consoles such as the Sega Genesis and PlayStation made no use of internet connectivity. In fact, it wasn’t until 1998 with the introduction of the Sega Dreamcast that video game consoles came equipped for internet connectivity at all.

Years later, Sony’s PlayStation 2 emerged with an available adapter that would allow it play a select few games online, but it wasn’t until Microsoft’s Xbox that online console play really took off. They launched Xbox Live, a first-of-its-kind subscription service that took care of multiplayer server hosting instead of leaving it up to developers, revolutionizing console multiplayer by allowing players to reliably play over the internet just like PCs -- as well as giving a universal account, so in any game you kept your details, you didn't need to make a new account for each game.

ps4, ps4 pro

Cut to modern consoles and we have games that require constant internet connection, mandatory patches and updates, and firmware updates for the console’s OS, all of which can only be downloaded via the internet -- you can grab console updates and install via USB, but you still need to download the update.

With the introductions of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, consoles are becoming ever closer to their fully modular brethren, by providing smaller hardware upgrades much sooner that waiting for a whole new generation like before.

And this is nothing new.

Back in the 90s, Nintendo released a variety of accessories for the Nintendo 64 that introduced new features such as controller rumble, reading Game Boy cartridges, and even expanding RAM. Of course, there are also numerous other examples such as slimmer bodies (the PlayStation 2/3/4 Slim, Xbox/Xbox One S), and some models including backwards compatibility (the original PS3). Consoles have long had small upgrades and variances in ability.

For those worried their consoles will soon be too complicated and finicky for them to manage, take a breath. Consoles have been evolving constantly since their inception and growing more and more advanced over decades, so you don’t have to worry about them suddenly changing drastically. They adapt with new strides in technology, as do we all in this modern age. So if you, like billions of people around the world, can operate a computer, you can operate a console.

What are your thoughts and opinions? Do you like the way consoles are becoming more like PCs? Does their added functionality and power outweigh the loss of simplicity?

Or are your grievances of constant patching and day one updates just too much work to play a game? Let us know in the comments.

The Nintendo Switch Brings the Gamer Out of Everyone,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/n/i/n/nintendo-switch-multiplayer-45c0e.jpg p5zqy/the-nintendo-switch-brings-the-gamer-out-of-everyone Thu, 23 Mar 2017 12:00:01 -0400 Tinh Nguyen (Tinhn778)

When I picked up my Switch on March 3rd I thought that I would use it mostly in handheld mode -- because I’m out all the time. I realized quickly that it wouldn’t be the case, after two and a half weeks I found myself and most of my friends using all the modes the Switch offers. Nintendo delivered on the core concept of the Switch -- a home gaming console that you can bring anywhere to play with friends.

One of the many questions I had before launch was how complicated it would be to change from mode to mode. I have friends that want the Switch and are not the biggest gamers, seeing how many parts this system comes with worried me that non/casual gamers might have a difficult time wrapping their head around the modular factor of the console. Of course, everything about the Switch is quick and simple. After a couple of hours playing Nintendo’s new console me and my friends had a breeze switching from mode to mode, on top of all that simplicity it’s just fun and satisfying removing/attaching the Joy-Cons.

With every new console purchase, I try to show my friends what the thing can do. I did it when I bought my PS4 and showed some Destiny. Some of them were floored with how pretty games in 2014 could be. With the Switch, it was a completely different experience. I don’t know if it's Nintendo magic or the fact that the Switch can be played in both handheld or TV, but everyone wanted to have a go. With a new toy, it makes sense that everyone wants to have a turn, but the Switch has been out for two weeks and they’re obsessed with it -- more specifically with the Puyo Puyo Tetris Demo.

Puyo Puyo Tetris, Tetris

Puyo Puyo Tetris was released in 2014 (only in Japan) for all consoles. Puyo Puyo Tetris will come to the west in April and I can’t wait. I’m not the biggest fan of Tetris, but I love watching players going head to head -- the game gets heated quickly. My friends love this game -- well half the game. Because Puyo Puyo Tetris is only available on the Japanese eShop I downloaded the demo there, so I had to fiddle with the menus to understand which prompt is which. After playing the base version of Puyo Puyo Tetris -- which switches from Puyo Puyo to Tetris on the fly -- they hated Puyo Puyo and loved Tetris (like most gamers do). Eventually, we figured out how to play a match without Puyo Puyo. After that discovery, my time with the Switch has decreased, but I don’t mind. Watching my friends play the Switch is fun and interesting, because of my knowledge of the game industry, playing games is different. To me games are an expression of art and creativity, to my friends, it is another source of entertainment.

Puyo Puyo Tetris isn’t the only star, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also hit a chord with some of my casual gamer friends, one of which has played all 3D Zelda games. He is just absolutely dumbfounded by the number of things to do and the new direction Nintendo took with an open world approach. Watching him felt like watching a whole new game, every direction he took seemed like there was something new I discovered. I can’t say this enough; this game is magical. This game raise the bar for new open world games.

Nintendo has done it once again, giving a gaming experience with friends that no other consoles can offer. Yes, you can play with friends on any platform, but Nintendo caters and excels at multiplayer experiences -- on top that the Nintendo magic is always apparent. I love what Nintendo is doing, by giving a gaming experience not just to the kids anymore, but catering to the teens and adult gamers too. At this moment, Nintendo is doing really well, and I’m glad that they have buzz around them again. Everything is looking good!

3 Things Zelda: Breath of the Wild Can Add to Make It Even Better,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/z/e/l/zelda-breath-wild-screenshots6-840x455-8d03c.jpg 06pl5/3-things-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-can-add-to-make-it-even-better Thu, 23 Mar 2017 08:00:01 -0400 Eric Adams

It has been almost 3 weeks since the Nintendo Switch launch and almost everyone who purchased the new system has been enamored with its main attraction, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The overall scope of the world of Hyrule is bigger than any other game in the history of the Zelda franchise. Some reports pre-launch had hinted at the map of the game being bigger than that of Skyrim. Those reports turned out to be true as this version of Hyrule is truly gigantic, bigger than any other Zelda prior to BotW.

As great as it is having a huge open world to explore, having nothing to discover or actually do was a main concern prior to release. That concern was quickly put to rest after the first few hours with the game. BotW includes 120 shrines (mini dungeons, if you will) as well as 76 side quests and other story related missions to embark on. There truly is so much to do in this game that it is easy to lose yourself for hours without realizing it. While that is a major accomplishment for BotW, there are some features that are noticeably missing. After finishing the game and all of its side quests and shrines, here are some things it can add to make the game even better than it already is.

1. Fishing

 zelda, ocarina of time, fishing, link

Why must you do this to us Aonuma? I understand you can just shock the water and kill all the fish, use a spear or even swim up to fish and catch them manually, but a fishing pole would be so appreciated. There are a boat load of fishing spots all around Hyrule and the ability to whip out a fishing pole and catch fish would just be the most relaxing thing to do. Is this nitpicking? Maybe, but with how many fishing spots there are? Plus how beloved was the fishing mini game in Ocarina of Time? You would think a fishing pole in this game would be a no brainer. Here’s to hoping a fishing pole will be added in the still-to-come DLC.

2. Ganondorf

 Ganondorf, the legend of zelda

I’ll start this point by saying that I loved the bosses in this game. From the many different sub-bosses to the different forms of Ganon all the way to his final true form, the developers truly did a wonderful job creating these boss fights. However, the one boss that is missing is the Gerudo form of Ganon himself: Ganondorf. The evil warlord is nowhere to be found in BotW and while he may not necessarily fit into the story, he could have easily replaced the first phase of the true Ganon fight (if you finished the game you’ll understand what I mean).

I understand that Ganondorf may not have a place in this game, but I still wish he were included. The portion of the game where you have to recall memories of your past would have been perfect for Ganondorf. He for sure would have stolen some scenes from the beautiful voice acting of Princess Zelda. I think it also would have made for a killer surprise if you walked into the Sanctum at the end of the game, and he is just there waiting for you to fight him.

3. A recipe log
the legend of zelda, food, cooking

This has been brought up quite a bit when discussing the cooking mechanics of BotW. There are A LOT of different meals and elixirs that you can cook up in this game. Unfortunately, you are likely to forget the recipe you used to make these different foods and elixirs. A standard cookbook tab in the menu screen would be really useful, not to mention that it would inspire people to trade different recipes therefore inducing more conversation about the game. Of the 3 features I have talked about, this feature seems to be the one most likely to be added -- with all of the different ingredient combinations, it seems inevitable.

With that said…

It’s hard to look at a game such as BotW and say, "ok what can be added to make it even better?" The world is so huge and full of things to do that it is nearly inconceivable to say that it is missing something. This game is truly a masterpiece with very few flaws and it is more than deserving of its lofty praise.

The best part of BotW is that it isn’t over finished after you beat the game. A season pass was announced and caught a lot of Zelda fans off guard. The first DLC includes an additional map feature along with a hard mode, and the new cave of trials. The second DLC has Zelda fans buzzing because it will include a new original story, as well as a new dungeon along with additional challenges. The year ahead is full of excitement when it comes to Zelda and it seems as if the March 3rd launch date was only just the beginning.

Piece of Foam Fixes Nintendo Switch Sync Issue,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/w/i/switch-header-b86b7.jpg emlhu/piece-of-foam-fixes-nintendo-switch-sync-issue Wed, 22 Mar 2017 17:35:30 -0400 Gametastic

We have already reported on the Nintendo's Joy-Con desync issue. And now, the problem has finally been fixed. As it turns out, the culprit behind breaking the Bluetooth connection between the console and its left Joy-Con controller is a hardware issue.

Apparently, the controller's build-in Bluetooth has a problem with wide array of objects that can interfere with its connection -- including any kind of wireless devices, microwaves, and even fish tanks. The solution to this problem is a small piece of conductive foam that protects controllers' antenna.

Courtesy of Sean Hollister-CNET

Conductive foam is a type of foam that's been specially treated with nickel or copper or both so it can shield electronics from radio-frequency interference. It's often used in portable electronics when there isn't space for other protective methods.

Courtesy of Sean Hollister-CNET

The good news is that the newly shipped controllers are already resistant to the desync issues, and they don't even need to use the foam.

If your controller has a desync issue, you can get in touch with Ninetndo's customer support. You can reach them via phone at these numbers:

  • United States: 1 (800) 255-3700 in the US
  • United Kingdom: +44 (0)345 60 50 247 in the UK
  • Australia: 0800 743 056 

Hopefully Nintendo will be able to suggest a fix for affected controllers, or replace them with the upgraded versions. 

LEGO Worlds Cheat Guide: Code to Unlock All Bricks,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/c/7/y/c7ymmiju8aahpr4-81012.jpg g9v8q/lego-worlds-cheat-guide-code-to-unlock-all-bricks Mon, 20 Mar 2017 19:04:53 -0400 Autumn Fish

If you read my review for LEGO Worlds, you'll know one of my biggest criticisms is the lack of a proper Creative Mode. The game forces players to not only collect 100 Golden Bricks, but also hunt down all of the bricks they'll be using for building in order to flesh out their creative options as a Master Builder.

Lucky for PC players, however, there is a cheat code you can enter to unlock all of the bricks in the game and blast open the doors to your creative potential. Note that you must finish the tutorial -- gather 10 Gold Bricks on the first 3 worlds -- before entering the Bricks Code.

How to Enter the Cheat Code for LEGO Worlds

Once you've fnished the tutorial, navigate back to the main menu and load up your save. Instead of starting the game, click on the Enter Code icon on the menu; it's the fourth one from the left and it looks like .

LEGO Worlds Guide Unlock All Bricks Cheat Where How to Enter Code Button

Type the following cheat code into the text box that appears:


Thankfully the code is easy to remember. All you have to do is spell out the word Bricks in all caps, replacing the letters "i" and "s" with the numbers "1" and "5" respectively.

Keep in mind that entering this code only unlocks building bricks.

You still have to find all of the Discoveries, Paints, Gold Bricks, Biomes, and everything else yourself. That doesn't exactly make it a true creative mode, but at least it's a start.

Note that the console versions of LEGO Worlds currently cannot take advantage of this creative mode cheat, so players on these platforms unfortunately have to grind out all the bricks on their own.

However, it's entirely possible that the development team at TT Games will patch it in, so if you're a console player reading this in the future, the code is still worth a shot. If it ever works for you, shoot us a comment and we'll be sure to update this guide.

Finally -- no more grinding Troublemakers for their bricks. You know we aren't fond of it, but what do you think of the lack of a proper creative mode? Sound off in the comments below!

Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Where to Find All 13 Captured Memory Locations,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/c/o/v/cov1-52fea.jpg evrkn/legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-where-to-find-all-13-captured-memory-locations Mon, 20 Mar 2017 18:49:18 -0400 Ty Arthur

The much-hyped Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was well worth the wait, introducing Nintendo's rebooted Switch console in proper form following the disappointing run of the Wii U.

Shifting from linear to open world, Breath of the Wild has all the secret collectibles and hidden equipment you'd expect from a game world of this ludicrous size.

The photographs in Sheikah Slate's album show 12 different locations where long lost memories can be discovered. These areas are scattered all across the game world, so you'll need to have a fair bit of exploring under your belt. Several locations will require the paraglider to reach, as well as equipment for surviving in hot areas.

Each photograph gives only a vague hint of where to go based on the landscape. So if you're having trouble locating them, we've broken down each specific location below where the 12 memories (and one bonus secret memory) can be recalled.

All Captured Memory Locations in Breath of the Wild

1. Sacred Ground Ruins

This first captured memory is near the ruins of Hyrule castle and is easiest to reach by paragliding over the many enemies around. The memory itself is on the circular stone dais ringed by columns.

Subdued Ceremony Memory

2. Lake Kolomo

This memory is right next to the southwestern side of the lake, and can be reached by paragliding from the Oman Au Shrine warp point.

Resolve And Grief Memory

3. Ancient Columns

Grab this memory by the Tabantha section of the map in the grassy area directly next to Tena Ko'sah Shrine.

Zelda's Resentment Memory

4. Kara Kara Bazaar / Geruda Desert

This one is located on the road leading from Geruda Desert Gateway to Geruda Town. Look for an oasis to find the memory.

Blades Of The Yiga Memory

5. Eldin Canyon

This fifth memory is found next to a ring of stones on the ground in the mountains. It can be reached either by traveling from Woodland Tower or paragliding across the Goronbi Lake area.

A Premonition Memory

6. Irch Plain

Find this memory northwest of Hyrule Castle. Look for a small lake in a grassy area on the way to Korok Forest.

 Silent Princess Memory

7. West Necluda / Hylia River

In between Deya Lake and Scout's Hill, this one is best reached by paragliding from the Great Plateau Tower towards Hylia River. The memory is by a tree with a large rock.

 Shelter From The Storm Memory

8. Hyrule Castle

Although this is eighth in the photograph list, you may want to tackle this one last after acquiring the Master Sword -- and make sure to bring items that recover stamina. 

Head into Hyrule Castle from the southwest moat and keep climbing up towards the northeast. At the top of the tower you can walk out onto a stone walkway, where the memory is waiting.

 Father And Daughter Memory

9. Spring Of Power / North Akkala Valley

This one is just to the south of the North Aakkala Valley and can be found by traveling a short distance from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab warp point.

Slumbering Power Memory

10. Sanidin Park Ruins

To access the tenth memory, cross the Regencia River and look for a hill with a statue of a horse rearing up on its hind legs.

 To Mount Lanuru Memory

11. Lanaryu Road East Gate

Head from Kakariko Village towards the Great Fairy Mountain to find the 11th memory on the road between two large hills.

 Return Of Calamity Ganon Memory

12. Hyrule Field

To the west of Hylia River and north of the Bottomless Swamp, you can find this memory in the forest by the Kaya Wan Shrine.

 Despair Memory

13. Blatchery Plain

Wait a minute, there's only 12 photographs, so why is there a 13th entry?

This is a secret memory that becomes available after you find all the previous ones. Talk to Impa at Kakariko village to find the picture giving a hint of the location. This final memory is on Blatchery Plain, accessed through the Ha Dahamar Shrine. 

 Zelda's Awakening Memory

Check out our other Breath of the Wild guides!

From finding special mounts to runes, armor, and much more, there's endless hours to pump into Breath of the Wild while exploring the game's varied landscapes. Need help with some other aspect of this epic Switch launch title? Check out our other walkthroughs:

How to Get into the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Demo This Weekend,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/be788df86f6a34d1f7d773b6e0fd1f09.jpg v4eip/how-to-get-into-the-splatoon-2-global-testfire-demo-this-weekend Mon, 20 Mar 2017 18:42:10 -0400 ESpalding

Fans of Splatoon will get the opportunity to play the Splatoon 2 free demo on Nintendo Switch this weekend. Dubbed the Global Testfire, this event starts on March 24th and runs until March 26th. Over the course of those three days, there will be six one-hour matches that players can hop into and check out what the Splatoon sequel has to offer.

We'll break down the exact times below. These hour-long slots are pretty spread out across all times, so you should be able to find a time that works for you no matter where you are in the world. Note that all times listed below are in PT (Pacific Time). 

Schedule for Splatoon 2 Demo

Friday, March 24
  • 12:00pm - 12:59pm PT
  • 8:00pm - 8:59pm PT
Saturday, March 25


  • 4:00am - 4:59 am PT
  • 12:00pm - 12:59pm PT
  • 8:00pm - 8:59pm PT
Sunday, March 26
  • 4:00am - 4:59am PT

Sneak peak at the new awesome weaponry

To get involved in the "squid-licious" action, all you need is your Nintendo Account login details. Head to the Nintendo eShop and download the free demo or go to the Splatoon 2 game page, log in, and download from there.

The demo weekend will let players experience the new game and get a feel for what's to come when the game hits general release later in the Summer.

One of the main features players will get to see will be the new and revamped weapons. These include the new Splat Dualies, and revamp versions of old favorites, the Splat Roller, Splattershot and Splat Charger. The matches will also alternate between two arenas, The Reef and Musselforge Fitness.

Want to see some game action before you head into your first match? Check out the event video above! And don't forget to have fun during your Testfire weekend!


Review: LEGO Worlds Fails to Deliver on a Brilliant Idea,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/a14a0ae93ddbee84d73814e34db8e6f5.jpg umv0h/review-lego-worlds-fails-to-deliver-on-a-brilliant-idea Mon, 20 Mar 2017 13:44:17 -0400 Autumn Fish

Allow me to kick off this review by first saying that LEGO Worlds has the potential to be the best LEGO game I've ever played. TT Games did a pretty nice job with taking the joy of our favorite childhood building bricks and translating that into a virtual landscape. The possibilities are staggering with the insane amount of bricks, character skins, and themed assets at your disposal.

With that out of the way, however, LEGO Worlds feels like it should still be in Early Access. Beyond a vast array of technical issues that I ran into during my playtime on the PS4, I felt that a little more TLC could have been put into the world generation and overall pacing of the game, among other things.

While it saddens me to see it released in such an unpolished state, the potential is definitely here. I believe this game could go far if the developers continue to iron out its issues and work towards fully fleshing out its existing content. 

Now, I could prattle on about how disorienting all of these mixed feelings are, or I could let the gameplay speak for itself. 

LEGO Worlds Review How it Fails to Deliver on a Brilliant Idea Preview Impressions

What is LEGO Worlds, anyway?

Imagine a game of dollhouse where you play as a Master Builder on a pre-made little world of LEGOs. And you can build or rebuild with the bricks however you like. Now imagine if neither you nor your family had to go through countless hours of set-up to pull it off. From here, just mix in a never-ending supply of bricks, alongside some semblance of progression, and you essentially have LEGO Worlds.

The game begins with your spaceship falling apart and crash landing into the nearest blocky mass of bricks, making a rather nice-sized crater. To fix it up, the game requires you to hunt down an elusive treasure called Gold Bricks. You'll need 3 to get off the island, 10 to get out of the tutorial, and 100 in total to unlock all world types and permanent equipment available.

LEGO Worlds fails to deliver on a brilliant idea world generation review

World Generation

There are no world generation options to speak of until you collect 100 Gold Bricks. Heck, you're stuck with exploring single-biome small-sized worlds until you amass 25 bricks. Even after you unlock Medium worlds, spawning one from the Random World Generation button is entirely a matter of luck.

Points of interest like castles, beanstalks, and towns don't do enough for any world to forgive all of the shortcomings of its procedural generation.

Even if you can live with the early absence of generation options, it's worth noting that the procedural generation overall is really sub-par. The lay of the land always felt familiar to me, no matter how many worlds I visited. I never felt that feeling of awe that you get when you load into a fresh Minecraft save and discover a really radical cliff face that no one else has likely seen before. Points of interest like castles, beanstalks, and towns don't do enough for any world to forgive all of the shortcomings of its procedural generation.

Unfortunately, the repetitive world generation goes hand-in-hand with a sheer lack of variety in quests. I started seeing repeats before I was even a dozen hours in. I understand that quests get heavily reused in randomly generated games like this, but I ran into the issue far too soon and too often to continue to suspend my disbelief.

I felt like my retention was artificially padded -- where it seemed like I was constantly discovering new things, but only because they lock off entire biomes and other important map features until you collect a number of Gold Bricks. For example, cities only start spawning on Medium worlds, but there are a few extra town variations that only show up after you've unlocked larger worlds.

Now don't get me wrong, TT Games did a great job making sure every type of city and biome feels distinct and truly unique. However, they simply don't spawn in enough interesting ways to make each biome or type of city worth visiting more than a handful of times. The charm just dies out after the first visit.

LEGO Worlds Review Gameplay World Quest Generation How it Fails to Deliver on a Brilliant Idea

Creative Toolkit

Considering LEGO Worlds is essentially a sandbox game, you may decide that its poor ability to build itself doesn't matter all that much when you can just rebuild it. If so, hats off to you. But it pays to be aware of how the creative tools work so you know how big of a time investment you're looking at for getting all the bricks you want for your mega-build.

Discovery Tool

The first thing you're introduced to is the Discovery Tool. This simple device can essentially scan objects, vehicles, creatures, and characters found throughout the world for use in your own projects. I love this tool because it really augments the experience of exploration. If you find something new, you can scan it and essentially never live without it again.

This is fantastic because anything that's not made out of bricks can be scanned. If you found an awesome airplane, you can scan it and use it on all of your future expeditions. If you find a character you really like the look of, you can scan them and wear their skins. As a bonus, the more character skins you have unlocked, the better the character randomization button gets.

Landscape Tool

Once you discover your way off the first island, you'll find yourself in a volcanic region with nothing but a brand new Landscape Tool to get by. With this nifty gadget, you can Flatten, Smooth, Raise or Lower, Add or Remove, and Replace the bricks that make up the landscape. It's simple in concept, yet as powerful as your favorite creative mods for Minecraft.

LEGO Worlds Review how it fails to deliver on a brilliant idea discovery landscape build tool

Build Tool

After landscaping your way off the second map, you're introduced to the Build Tool. With this equipped, you can use LEGO bricks to build whatever structures you like. If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is.

Even after dozens of hours, I've only unlocked around 33% of the available bricks in LEGO Worlds.

From the start, you only have access to a small handful of brick shapes. To unlock more brick shapes, you must chase down little green monsters called Troublemakers or luck out when opening a treasure chest. Even after dozens of hours, I've only unlocked around 33% of the available bricks in LEGO Worlds. That is an insane and frankly unnecessary amount of padding, especially when we're stuck without a creative mode. (PC players can, however, enter a code to unlock all the bricks.)

Paint Tool

Next up you'll find the Paint Tool, which allows the player to replace the color or material of any brick. With this, you could paint a brown barn red or the green grass into red hot lava. This is another simple yet powerful tool normally only found in mods for these sorts of sandbox games.

Copy Tool

Finally, the game drops you the Copy Tool for your convenience. This tool, as you might guess, allows you to copy anything in the world and paste it anywhere. You can even save the copied segment as a blueprint to place later with the Discovery Tool.

Free Build

After collecting all of the tools, you get your hands on Free Build mode, which is essentially a place where you can access all of your tools without needing to go back through the fiddly menu.

LEGO Worlds review creative tools and technical issues how it fails to deliver on a brilliant idea

Technical Issues

Speaking of fiddly menus, little is more frustrating in this game than the controls. The interact button has surprising inconsistencies, the menus are too difficult to reach, and combat is absolutely horrid. Even coming from a grizzled Dark Souls background, every death I experienced felt unfair and somewhat unavoidable. It seemed like the only way to avoid taking damage while simultaneously dealing it was to stun-lock an enemy -- and even that felt inconsistent.

On top of poor controls sits a plethora of technical problems that make LEGO Worlds feel like it's still in beta rather than a full release state. I've landed on at least 3 worlds that didn't generate properly. One of them had chunks of bricks that were straight up missing, which was easily discernable thanks to floating objects and misaligned quest objectives. The other two worlds were missing a quest, and an entire city was nowhere to be found at green and blue beacons respectively. (And yes, for those wondering, I excavating the ground where the city should have been to come up with no results.)

I've also encountered a number of bugs dealing with the player character. For example, my character often wanted to default to the Discovery Tool after interacting with something like the spaceship, a treasure chest, or even an NPC. One time it bugged out to the point of being unable to place anything with the Discovery Tool until I rebooted the game.

Another time I managed to get myself stuck by trying to interact with too many things at once. Another reboot was required to be able to move my character again. Finally, I did experience one bizarre crash while taking off in my spaceship to visit another world. Oddly, I noticed that the character skin was changed upon loading back in after the crash.

None of these technical issues would really bother me on their own, but they happened so frequently that it really disrupted my groove. I can only imagine the level of grief this would cause should you crash or freeze in the middle of working on a massive project.

LEGO Worlds Overview Review Verdict Technical Issues How it Failed to Deliver on a Brilliant Idea


I want to reiterate that I actually really like this game. LEGO Worlds has heaps of potential and TT Games has a really solid vision. If they continue to work on and improve this title, it could easily contend with the top 3D sandbox games on the market.

If you have a rig bulky enough to handle it, I highly suggest picking up LEGO Worlds on Windows PC as opposed to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch consoles. The exclusive creative mode code combined with always being up to date on the latest patches easily makes it the superior platform for experiencing this game.

If LEGO has anything over Minecraft, it's that the world isn't confined to blocky square shapes. If you can get past the padded out progression and the current lack of depth in world generation options, you're looking at a true gem that most modern-day creative sandboxes can't even compare to.

Note: Review copy provided by the publisher.

The 16 Best Fan-Made Short Films Based on Video Games,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/u/n/t/untitled-8c2e4.jpg ntdj1/the-16-best-fan-made-short-films-based-on-video-games Mon, 20 Mar 2017 08:00:01 -0400 Sergey_3847

Hell of a DayZ

People that play DayZ know that the worst enemies in the game are not zombies roaming the wastelands, but the humans, or simply other players. This is also the main plot point of the short film based on DayZ that tells a story of two companions.


The film clearly shows what usually happens in the world devoid of any honor and conscience, which is probably the best lesson one can get.


On that note, let's wait and see what else 2017 will bring in terms of video game fan-films, so expect another selection later this year.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Shadow

Here’s another dark re-telling of the familiar story. This time Link meets his dark twin -- the Link’s shadow. The film’s got a few bloody scenes and the whole theme suggests that the bright world of Zelda is not that bright after all.


It was made by the same team that shot Shadow of Mordor, so there is a certain style to their work -- lots of action in a fantasy-based world. We hope they do more of this stuff in the future ‘cause it does look great.

Metroid: The Sky Calls

The Sky Calls is the true successor of such great sci-fi films like Alien and Space Odyssey. It has that undeniable aesthetics of the grim, open space that is as dangerous as it can get.


There is a lot of CGI in the film, but it’s done very well, and the special saturation effect that resembles the Kodak film strip used in the 70s and 80s makes everything look extra cool.


If you are a fan of oldschool sci-fi movies, then definitely watch Metroid: The Sky Calls.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Instead of letting a real actor play the part of Sonic, the creators of this fan film decided to go with a full animated character, and probably for the best. The animation looks neat and it blends naturally into the live setting of planet Mobius.


The film doesn’t try to take a Sonic into some new direction, but shows it the way this character is meant to be -- fast and funny, if even silly at times. However, the danger is real and the stakes are high, so there is more to the story than it seems at first.

Super Mario: Underworld

Super Mario in a horror movie? How is this possible? Well, Nukazooka made it possible! It’s a tale with morale that warns all the young kids about the dangers of missing a jump in Super Mario Bros. game, because if that happens, then Mario will go to the most terrifying place -- the Nintendo underworld.


Anyhow, it’s a really cool concept, it is actually so good that could spawn an entire fan-made video game, but we all know too well that Nintendo will never allow that... but we can always dream, right?

Portal: No Escape

No Escape simply cannot show all the aspects of the original game from Valve, but it does tell a short story from a life of a female prisoner who finds the miraculous handheld portal device.


It is a very well made short movie, which isn’t surprising, since the creator of the film is Dan Trachtenberg -- the same guy who directed 10 Cloverfield Lane from last year. If you want to see how he came up with his own style of filmmaking, then definitely check out his Portal film.

Tomb Raider: Croft

The story of Lara Croft is not only one of the longest-running video game series, but also a movie franchise that spawned two features with Angelina Jolie in the main role and the upcoming reboot with Alicia Vikander.


Although not a massive undertaking as the above-mentioned Hollywood blockbusters, this fan film is nothing short of amazing. It was inspired by the game that was released in 2013 and incorporates all the stylistic features of it, such as the new look of the main heroine, grim atmosphere, bow and arrows as the main weapon, etc.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Human Revolution is not a usual fan-made short film -- it’s got a relatively huge budget, it took two years to film... and it looks impressive. The slick design of the game is preserved to a T and the action sequences are perfectly choreographed.


The actor who plays Adam Jensen, the main protagonist, also served as the editor, writer, and director of the film -- his name is Moe Charif. He is currently working on his full feature film “Exile” that should be out sometime this year.

The Splinter Cell

Ubisoft has two tactical shooters that should make their way into the big cinema sooner or later -- Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon. None of them have been actually seriously considered yet, but this fan film made by Atomic Productions is simply staggering.


The cinematography in the film is mind-blowing and at times even trumps those big Hollywood flicks.

BioShock: The Brothers Rapture

BioShock series is a perfect candidate for being turned into a few high-budget Hollywood blockbusters with some nice plot. At one point such a movie was greenlit, but due to financial problems and artistic differences it was put on a halt indefinitely.


Fortunately, there are some really cool short films based on the iconic game. One of them is The Brothers Rapture created by film students from Canada. It tells the story of two brothers who work in the Rapture City and how their experiments lead to some horrific results.

The Last of Us: No Escape

Pocketsquare has made two short films based on The Last of Us thus far, and it looks like it’s not their last one, especially with the announcement of the sequel to TLOU video game.


The 13-minute long film captures the atmosphere of the game incredibly well. Some of the scenes are gripping and convey a true sense of despair. The sound design plays a huge role in it, and it is clear how much attention the creators paid to the ambience -- these people know what they do.

Fallout: Nuka Break

The original short film based on Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas became so popular that the team behind the project decided to turn it into a full-fledged web-series. The first season got huge online very quickly and the Kickstarter campaign was launched to finance Season 2.


Not only fans were amazed by the quality of the original film and the series, but the representatives of Bethesda themselves gave them two thumbs-up. Later on the Nuka Breaker weapon has been released through a DLC, which was a direct homage to this fan-film.

Red Dead Redemption: Seth's Gold

Seth’s Gold is a true fan-film made with the money gathered on IndieGoGo from 87 backers that managed to bring in over 8,000 Euro. Although it is based on the RDR video game, the shooting style was inspired by the old westerns, such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West.


The people behind the film are two young Spanish filmmakers -- Guillermo de Oliveira and Javier Esteban. They have a few other cool shorts on their YouTube channel, so check them out.

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft has in plans of releasing a feature film based on Watch Dogs, but after the flop of the Assassin’s Creed movie, we should all expect more delays and rewrites. There is hope if the production team tries to really ground everything down, instead of imitating the unrealistic approach that works only in video games.


The good example is the short film presented here that received tons of positive reviews from the community. It was created by Infectious Designer right after the release of the first game, which even spawned several sequels.

Shadow Of Mordor

This little movie was made in 2014 by Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital with financial support of Warner Bros. Games. The film shows an episode from the story of ranger Talion, who is being chased by a bunch of orcs.


It features high standards of production, including top-notch make-up, excellent acting, fighting choreography, and some very well-done CGI. The only drawback is the main character’s synthetic wig that looks really cheap, but other than that it’s totally worth a watch.

Grand Theft Auto: RISE

There isn’t much story wise in RISE, but the chase scene that takes the two thirds of the film is more than impressive. Gevorg Karensky, the writer and director, created a style that combines both live and video game footage.


The film was so well accepted by the community that it was immediately snatched for the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. Sam Gibs from Gizmodo UK said the following about GTA: RISE:


"It blows every other fan-made project I've ever laid eyes on completely out of the water."


In the last 20 years dozens of Hollywood filmmakers tried to make movies based on video games that would be well-received by the audiences. Unfortunately, only a couple have managed to bring something decent to the world cinemas -- there is a feeling that movies based on video games are cursed.


The very first game character that was brought to life on a blue screen was Super Mario in 1993. The latest one was Assassin’s Creed, which failed both domestically and globally. On the other hand, there is an entire community of amateur filmmakers that make their own short films of video games -- and it is way more successful than you may think.


This selection offers some of the best examples made in the last five years, including fan-made films based on GTA, Watch Dogs, Fallout, The Legend of Zelda, and many, many others. You can watch them all right here without the need to visit the cinemas.

All About The Nintendo Switch - Reviews, Games, Controllers, Online Play And More,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/n/i/n/nintendo-switch-reviews-051ae.jpg x5k9o/all-about-the-nintendo-switch-reviews-games-controllers-online-play-and-more Mon, 20 Mar 2017 06:29:26 -0400 Rudyardk

No matter if you have a Nintendo Switch in hand or are preparing to buy one soon, this post is for you.

Let's have a run down of everything we know about the Switch so far.

Before buy Nintendo Switch, what you should know?

What's the price of the Switch and where to buy it?

  • Target, Best buy and Toys R Us: In these stores, the Switch is sold at $299.99, but not available to buy now, as it's sold out. If you are in America and want to buy the Switch at a cheaper price, you should try these stores.
  • Amazon/Wal-mart: In these 2 shops, the Switch is sold at over $430, but you can order now and will be them around 15-30 days after.
North America South America Europe Asia Oceania
$299.99 USD (United States) $349.990 CLP (Chile) £279.99 GBP (UK) ¥‎29,980 JPY (Japan) AU$469.95 (Australia)
$399.99 CAD (Canada) $1.450.000 COP (Colombia)(To Be Confirmed) €299,00 (France)    
$9,499 MXN (Mexico) $14.999 ARS (Argentina) (To Be Confirmed) €319,00 (Spain)    

What’s in the Switch package?

In the box, you will receive the 7 items.

  • Nintendo Switch Console
  • Left and Right Joy-Con controllers (Grey/Blue and Red Neon)
  • Left and Right Joy-Con wrist straps (Grey/Blue and Red Neon)
  • Joy-Con grip
  • Dock
  • HDMI cable
  • AC adaptor


What modes does the Switch support?

The Nintendo Switch can be played in three configurations.

  • TV mode - playable on HD televisions and generating an image up to 1080p.
  • Tabletop mode - Propped up with kick-stand and played using detached Joy-Con or Pro Controller.
  • Handheld mode - With attached Joy-Con controllers for play on the go.

Which controllers work with Nintendo Switch?

The controllers for the Nintendo Switch are called Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons can be connected to the Switch console when you're away from home and using the system as a handheld, or connected to the grip (the grip in the box cannot charge the Joy-Cons) to transform them into a more traditional controller when you're playing at home on the couch.

The Joy-Cons will also come in a variety of colors including neon blue and red, and like Wii-motes of old, they will come with wrist straps too. Joy-Cons can also be purchased separately for $79.99, while the Joy-Con charging grip will cost $29.99.

Is the Switch region locked?

The Nintendo Switch is not region locked, but developers can choose to region lock their games.

Does the switch have any online features?

Yes. Online play will be a paid service much like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live. The service will be free until Fall 2017.

Is there local system link play?

Yes. Up to 8 Switch consoles can play together in local multiplayer wirelessly.

Is there any Bluetooth support?

The Switch uses Bluetooth 4.1 but currently doesn't support any third-party devices.

Does the Switch have Amiibo support?

Yes. There is an NFC reader in the right Joy-Con.

Does the Switch have miiverse for drawing and posting screenshots?

No. Nintendo has stated that miiverse will not be available on the Switch.

Does the Switch have Streetpass like the 3DS?

No. Nintendo has stated that Streetpass will not be a feature of the Switch.

Does the Switch have Miis?

Yes. Mii Maker has been confirmed by Nintendo to be under system settings, but Mii characters are not required for a user account. There are avatar images to choose from relating to Nintendo's first party titles.

When using the Nintendo Switch to play games, what we should notice?

How long is the battery life of the Nintendo Switch while playing games?

2.5 to 6 hours depending on the game and brightness setting.

Where to buy games for Switch?

Games will be available in both physical and digital formats at select retail stores. You’ll also be able to browse, buy, and download games right from the Nintendo eShop on your system or from the game store on -- for ultimate convenience.

Can we watch movies or browse the web on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is first and foremost a gaming system, so it won’t support video streaming services or internet browser functionality at launch -- Nintendo are working with streaming services, like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Can Nintendo Switch play NDS, 3DS, Wii U or other games?

It has been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will not have any backwards compatibility with the physical media of the WiiU or Nintendo 3DS. So you can not play DS, WiiU, or 3DS Games.

Does the Switch stream games like the NVIDIA Shield?

No. Docking is closest to this, but not streaming.

Which games we can play on the Switch now?

For a full list of games that are announced:

  • 1-2-Switch – 3rd March, 2017
  • ARMS – 3rd March, 2017
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 3rd March, 2017
  • Splatoon 2 – Summer 2017
  • Super Mario Odyssey – Holiday 2017
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – TBC
  • New Fire Emblem – 2018
  • Fire Emblem Warriors – TBC
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 28th April, 2017
  • Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! – March, 2017

Can we download games from the eShop on the Switch?

Yes. The Nintendo eShop will be available to purchase digital versions of games as well as downloadable content.

Critic Reviews Breakdown

Vince Ingenito - IGN

"[The Switch is] an attractive and powerful but oversized portable gaming system that struggles to be a convincing or reliable home console.”

Kyle Orland - Ars Technica

“[The system] seems to pull portable gaming upward more than it drags home console gaming downward. Though Nintendo's marketing seems intent on describing the Switch as a home console that it just so happens you can take with you, I’ve found myself using the system as a portable much more often than on the TV. In the week I’ve spent with the Switch, the system has replaced my iPhone as the source for flexible gaming when I have a few minutes to spare regardless of location.”

Devindra Hardawar - Engadget

Noted that the Switch’s screen didn’t perform all too well with even just “a hint of sun in the sky.” While Hardawar was impressed by other parts of the hardware, they are still unconvinced, by saying:

“Nintendo has wowed us again, but it still has a long way to go to prove that the Switch isn’t another Wii U.”

Sherri L. Smith - Tom’s Hardware

Smith gave the Switch a thumbs-up, writing that she hated Nintendo’s last couple of hardware products, but "that changes with the Nintendo Switch, a truly innovative product.”

Smith particularly liked hardware features like the Switch’s detachable controllers and the simplicity of the conversion process that turns the handheld into a TV-connected game console.

“Nintendo turned me back into a believer. As a gaming console, I’m impressed by the Switch’s sturdy build, ease of use and innovative versatility."

Nathan Olivarez-Giles - The Wall Street Journal

"The Switch’s versatility will make it a must-have console like the legendary original Wii. As incredibly versatile as the Switch’s hardware and technical capabilities are, the console feels incomplete at launch without a strong lineup of games, access to Nintendo’s rich back catalog of iconic titles and really any online services to speak of. The Switch has the potential to be a console for everybody. But most everyone but die-hard Nintendo — well, Legend of Zelda — fans should wait to see if it shapes up."

That's it

All the above is still we currently knowing about Nintendo Switch. And hopefully it will help you choose the best game for you. If you have further questions about this console, you are welcome to leave your comments down below.

11 Best Video Game Bromances,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/w/t/f/wtf-bromance-808bd.jpg 1g5yb/11-best-video-game-bromances Sat, 18 Mar 2017 21:59:59 -0400 Shark Tank Gaming

Since the conception of the term "bromance," we've seen more and more examples of this type of friendship in all forms of pop-culture. To those who still don't know, a bromance is the relationship between two male friends that breaks the walls of mere friendship; they become "brothers." If there's one thing women hate the most, it's their man in a bromance.

We've had movies (mostly comedies) portraying this inseparable bond between buddies but (all alliteration aside), video games have used many bromances in their own stories, Here are STG's 11 Best Video game Bromances, bro... 

Mass Effect Trilogy

Commander Shepard & Garrus Vakarian

Garrus:"Nobody would give me a mirror. How bad is it?" 

Shepard:"Hell, Garrus, you were always ugly. Slap some face-paint on there, and no one will even notice." 

Garrus:"Ha-ah! Don't make me laugh, damn it. My face is barely holding together as it is. Ah, probably for the best. Everyone was always ignoring you and hitting on me. Time for you to get a fair shot at it."

Throughout their adventures in the Mass Effect series, Shepard and Garrus form a strong bond while trying to save the galaxy. If you played as fem-Shep, then you could have formed an even tighter relationship... Ahem.

But this is about the bros, so it stands to reason that sharing multiple near-death experiences would have only strengthened their friendship. Having similar personalities and a sense of humor helps, at least in our play-through.

Gears of War Trilogy

Marcus Fenix & Dom Santiago

Marcus: "What are you doing here?"

Dom: "Getting you out. Here, put this on." 

Marcus: "You could get into a lot of trouble for doing this."

Dom: "Not anymore. Things have changed. C'mon."

Another tale of friendships strengthened through battle and near-death experiences -- all while trying to save the world -- Marcus and Dom shoot their way through multiple alien species, as their mission is to eradicate all and save humanity. Two muscle-bound bad-asses carving their way through tough-as-nails aliens, all while spouting one-liners? This would definitely solidify a bromance.

Assassin's Creed II, Brotherhood, & Revelations

Leonardo Da Vinci & Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

Leo: "The blade is finished, though it will require the removal of your ring finger. It is the way the blade has been constructed."

Ezio: "Bene (fine). Do it, quickly."

Leo: "I'm just joking with you Ezio. In the past such a sacrifice was required but I have found a way to modify the blade."

This was always going to be a good combination. A master craftsman, painter, engineer, and all-around genius working with a sneaky, efficient master assassin. Ezio and Leo are the prime example of a great bromance, willing to risk their lives for one another and achieve their goals together. A bromance spanning across decades and countless Templar conspiracies sees this relationship to the list. 

Jak & Daxter Series

Jak & Daxter

Daxter: "Please, Jak, you're such a wimp. I could have taken them myself! Maybe you should sit on MY shoulder for a while."

This mischievous duo requires no introduction to many gamers. The Jak & Daxter series scored a massive following due to the captivating platforming, dialogue, and beautiful graphics. Naughty Dog definitely know how to create their characters/worlds and these two are no exception.

Daxter is usually riding Jak, pushing him forward and showing a somewhat false, yet still inspiring, sense of bravado from atop Jak's shoulders. However, when the time comes, Daxter has proven to be the ultimate ally as they go on a quest to not only change the furry friend back to his original form, but also to save their world as they know it.

Ratchet & Clank Series

Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet: "If I can get that, I can get past those robot guards."

Clank: "Robots are not so easily fooled."

Ratchet: [trying to trick Clank by pointing at something] "Ahh! What's that?"

Clank: [falling for the trick, Clank turns his head] "What?"

Ratchet: "Uh-huh..."

The only other duo that seemed to pick up hot on the tails of Jak & Daxter, this ingenious little robot and his marsupial accomplice span their known galaxies going on bounty hunts, stopping villainous henchmen and bosses along the way.

Ratchet & Clank are right up there with the Jak & Daxter games (though they have released a few more installments than the former).They have amassed their own cult following, even managing to take part in one of the most dangerous combat sports arenas in the universe and survive!

Street Fighter Series

Ryu & Ken

Ryu: "Let's leave the talking to our fists!"

Ken: "Can these things even talk?"

Everybody's favorite fighting duo from the Street Fighter series undoubtedly belong in this list. With a bromance spanning decades now (how do they stay so damn young?) and more than a few ways that it could have ended very, very badly, these two show us what true brotherhood and friendship can be. 


Contra Series

Bill Rizer & Lance Beam

Considered one of the hardest game series ever made, Contra puts games like Dark Souls and Battletoads to shame with its insane difficulty system (a true SNES staple). Many controllers have been broken against walls via fits of rage and epic moments of completion in this game, which solidified its place in history.

Contra brought forth two bad-ass bros, Rizer & Beam. Shwarzenneger and Stallone got nothing on these two. Side scrolling, shooter action at its finest.


Army of Two

Tyson Rios & Elliot Salem

Phillip: "No problem, fuck-o."

Rios:  "Fuck-o? Who says that?"

Phillip: "I'm gonna kill you both, slice you open and go to an aerobics class wearing your intestines for leg warmers!"

Salem: "I mean... does that even make sense?"

Elliot Salem & Tyson Rios, two bad-ass dudes who clearly live through hundreds of death-defying moments together, covering each other's hides. Their job? Being a complete 'Army of Two', with Salem & Rios, flanking, tactics, firefights and one-liners are literally their life.

Playing as these two mercenaries really pulls everything together if you have your very own bromance buddy sitting next to you playing co-op, even if things get a little weird.

Telltale's The Walking Dead -- Season 1

Lee & Kenny

Kenny: "Hey. Lee. You know how to pick a lock, right?"

Lee: "No, why would you say that?"

Kenny: "Well. You're... you know... urban?"

Lee: "Oh, you are NOT saying what I think you're saying."

Kenny: "Jesus, man! I'm from Florida! Crazy shit comes out of my mouth sometimes. Sorry."

Lee first meets Kenny at Herschel's farm after saving Clementine from a couple of zombies and bringing her along with him. Kenny has his wife Katja and his son 'Duck' there with him and things seem to be going kind of well.

As this is Telltale's TWD, this peace and serenity is short-lived. After a chaotic and surprising zombie attack, Herschel's son is killed and the gang are banished from the farm.

Lee and Kenny continue to do what they can with the ragtag group of survivors they meet up with but Kenny starts to lose his wits. This forces Lee to make some seriously hard decisions for all of them. A bromance that stands the test of time (or at least until the last episode of Season 1), Lee & Kenny are the perfect example of a true bromance, looking out for each other (and their subsequent 'families') no matter what happens; arguments, punch-ups, and all. 

Uncharted Series

Nathan Drake & 'Sully' Sullivan

Sully: "I'm sweating like a hooker in church!"

Drake: "You took a hooker to church?"

Sully: "Nate, let's just pretend for a minute that I don't really care about any of that and cut to the chase will ya?"

Drake: "Man only interested in the climax. You must be a real hit with the ladies."

Sully: "Never had any complaints."

Now there can be the argument made here where Sully isn't really a 'bro' and more of a father figure, however as they are not related by blood, this still counts as a great bromance. 

Throughout the Uncharted series, Sully is Drake's mentor and partner, keeping him focused and getting him to continue using his head and not his, erm, other head. Regardless of how you personally view their relationship, Sully is bonafidede bro in all aspects of the term and continues to be there for Drake no matter what.

Now Nathan's real brother, on the other hand.

Sonic the Hedgehog Series

Sonic & Tails

Sonic: "We good to go or what, Tails?"

Tails: "I've built a TV out of paper clips..."

Sonic: "Yeah..."

Tails: "...and reprogrammed a super computer using dish washing detergent and a toothpick..."

Sonic: "I know..."

Tails: "...So look, fixing a propeller on a biplane? That's about as difficult as taking a nap."

Sonic: "Kay, I did not need your whole life story. A simple "good to go" would have been cool."

Tails: "Alright. Good to go!"

These two heroes need absolutely no introduction to the gaming world (unless you've been living under a rock you're entire life). Sonic & Tails are the ultimate bros, taking part in adventures throughout the entire Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Once thought to be a female, Tails' first name is actually Miles, so show us one woman with that name, but I digress. Tails can fly and Sonic can run really, really fast. Put these two together and you have a bromance that spans across decades and still moves strong to this day.


So there you have it. The 11 Best Video Game Bromances that STG thought deserved some attention. Next time you pick up any of these games, see how much you notice.

So what did you think about the list? Any that should have been mentioned or that we seemed to forget? What did you think of the bromances listed? Leave a comment below and look out for our next article!

LEGO Worlds Beginner's Guide: 4 Essential Tips to Help You Get By,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/c/7/e/c7eylydu8aa1det-e44ae.jpg ezset/lego-worlds-beginners-guide-4-essential-tips-to-help-you-get-by Fri, 17 Mar 2017 11:53:34 -0400 Autumn Fish

So you load up your brand new copy of LEGO Worlds, thrilled to dive into a fully-realized sandbox game in the style of our favorite childhood building blocks. You make a new save, choose whether you're an Astronaut or an Intergalactic Girl, and crash land on the nearest pirate island to discover that you have nothing.

That's right -- you must tirelessly climb your way out of the deep end to find and unlock all of the brick shapes and available assets (character skins, creatures, vehicles, and set pieces). It's definitely achievable if you put in the time, but it certainly expedites the process to know what the game's trying to tell you when it says "Cannot Discover/Quest Not Found" on an aggressive Skeleton or when it gives you a plethora of colorful yet ill-explained markers to shift through on your map.

Here's all the essential information you need to know to get a feel for the world you're in and make it your own.

How to Use the Discovery Tool in LEGO Worlds

The Discovery Tool is a powerful artifact that you receive at the beginning of the game. Its sole function is to copy assets found around the world for use anytime. If you scan a Campfire with this Discovery Tool, for example, you can spend a small sum of studs and unlock the ability to place as many as you like at any time.

LEGO Worlds Beginner's Guide 4 Essential Tips and Tricks to Help You Get By Discovery Tool

Whenever you find yourself in a new biome -- indicated by the narrator and an on-screen pop-up -- it's an excellent idea to pull out the Discovery Tool and take some time exploring. To help you along, anything that hasn't been discovered yet will flash white as soon as it enters your field of view.

Monsters, NPCs, and certain creatures are governed by a different set of rules.

You can discover them, but you must complete a quest or task first. Here's how it breaks down for each type:

  • Monsters: Must be knocked out before they can be discovered.
  • Villagers: Must complete a quest for an NPC to scan them with the Discovery Tool. 
    • You can used parts of scanned NPCs and humanoid monsters for your own character -- and some will offer special effects. Fashionistas will not want to pass up these scans.
  • Critters: Must befriend them first by giving them something they desire.
    •  Some aggressive animals, like lions, won't show you what they desire until you knock them out cold.

With all this in mind, you'll complete the entries in your Discovery Tool in no time.

Map Markers, Beacons, and What They Mean

Unfortunately for the average user, LEGO Worlds does not come with a map legend, despite having a bunch of icons and colorful beacons. Luckily for you, I've got it all laid out here. Prepare to be amazed as you find out that there are indeed both yellow and gold beacons.

Gold Beacons

These are treasure chests. When you get close enough to the beacon, you should even see a chest icon on your mini-map. It's up to you to figure out how far above ground or underground they may be.

Green Beacons

These are questing areas. Aside from the procedurally generated field quests, each map has a number of points where you can go for a guaranteed quest.

Pink Beacons

These are zones that you've visited and completed to some degree. Completed Green Beacon quests turn into Pink Beacons, as well as any Cities you've visited. Pink Beacons can also be manually placed.

Light Blue Beacons

These represent the traveling trader. It's a good idea to pay her a visit whenever she's floating around in her hot air balloon. Sometimes she'll sell Gold Bricks or items you may need for a nearby quest.

Blue Beacons

These represent towns and villages. Here you'll find plenty of opportunities for Gold Bricks, civilians with their own slew of requests, and a bounty for your Discovery Tool. The larger the map, the grander the town. Note that towns only start appearing on Medium worlds.

Red Beacons

These represent dungeons. Here you'll find a noteworthy challenge guarding some enticing treasure chests. Dungeons only begin showing up on Large worlds.

Yellow Beacons

These are "points of interest", such as a beanstalk. You might be confused upon arrival at a Yellow Beacon. If you mistake it for the same color as a Gold one, you might flat out believe the game is pulling your leg -- there's nothing there. Look closer, however, and you'll see exactly what it's pointing to.

Note: At the time of writing, world generation isn't perfect. Sometimes beacons spawn that seem to lead to nothing. Specifically, I've found some Green and Blue Beacons to be strangely devoid of quest givers and cities respectively. I may just be looking in the wrong places, but it's something to keep in mind.

LEGO Worlds Beginner's Guide 4 Essential Tips and Tricks to Help You Get By Bricks and Blueprints Map Markers

How to Fill Out Your Bricks and Blueprints

Bricks and Blueprints are similar in that neither of them can be scanned with the Discovery Tool to learn their use. Rather, they must be found from Troublemakers, in treasure chests, or from quests.

Troublemakers are going to be your main source of bricks.

The other two methods of acquiring them are truly just supplemental to wasting time waiting for these little green monsters to spawn. Really, if you just stand still for awhile, you're bound to see or hear one spawn around you before long. 

Bricks and blueprints are both rare loot in treasure chests. 

This isn't the most reliable method of filling out your collection, but it doesn't hurt to chase them down for the chance of running into Troublemakers and quests along the way. You'll also find Gold Bricks and a variety of equipment in these chests, so that's a bonus!

Some quests will also reward you with blueprints.

When they're not holding a Gold Brick or another miscellaneous item, there's a chance that quest-givers will reward you with a biome-related blueprint upon completion. Just focus on what you can easily complete. Don't go out of your way to complete a quest, especially when the reward is so uncertain.

LEGO Worlds Beginner's Guide 4 Essential Tips to Help You Get By Seek Out New Biomes

Actively Seek Out New Biomes

After spending enough time in a biome, it becomes exhausted. Returning to a biome yields a high number of repeat quests, with far less stellar rewards than before, very few opportunities for new discoveries, and a strange deficiency of Gold Bricks.

Certainly returning to biomes can be beneficial -- particularly in larger map sizes once those are unlocked. There's bound to be some things that you missed, but it's uncanny how much stuff truly gets reused in each biome. Because of that, it's ultimately easier on your progression to spend a fair bit of time discovering all you can in every biome before eventually moving on to the next.

Running out of places to find Gold Bricks is a commonly reported issue among players approaching the 100 mark. Apparently, the game gradually gives you fewer sources for them as you eventually deplete the supply you can buy from the trader or find from Troublemakers and treasure chests.

Bouncing to biomes you've never seen before is the best way to blast open your chances at finding more when your supplies run low. For more information on collecting these coveted treasures, check out our Gold Bricks Guide.

Keeping these tips in mind will take you far in LEGO Worlds. If you couldn't find the guidance you were looking for, consider leaving us a comment down below. We're happy to help!

Anew: The Distant Light Adds New Stretch Goal to Kickstarter; Includes Potential Switch Port,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/8ef883d836bd1df0cfe3c154c7ef80f3.jpg 4ccea/anew-the-distant-light-adds-new-stretch-goal-to-kickstarter-includes-potential-switch-port Thu, 16 Mar 2017 05:54:20 -0400 Greyson Ditzler (PurplePocketPirate)

Anew: The Distant Light, an intriguing looking 2D exploration-driven shooter from studio Resonator Games, has added a new stretch goal to it's campaign with only few days left to go and with nearly full funding. 

With nearly 99% funding (at time of writing) and only a few days left to go, the first stretch goal for Anew has been added to its campaign page.

The stretch goal is for $35,000, surpassing the funding goal by $5,000, and includes (but is not limited to) expanded localization, speed run features, minigames, a new area as well as a new mechanic, boss, weapon, vehicle, and last but not least, "Nintendo Switch feasibility research". 

The team is merely making the promise that reaching this goal will give them the ability to look into making a port of the game for the Switch. It is a promise that they will do everything they can, but they cannot guarantee it.

If you'd like to see a more in-depth discussion on our impressions on the game, you can read about our expanded first impressions of Anew.

Anew: The Distant Light has three days left before it's Kickstarter has concluded, and you can view the page as well as the stretch goal update on Kickstarter.

5 Best Space Opera Sci Fi Console Games That Aren't Mass Effect,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/c/i/n/cinematography-mass-effectromeda-wallpaper-daf81.jpg mycht/5-best-space-opera-sci-fi-console-games-that-arent-mass-effect Wed, 15 Mar 2017 12:00:01 -0400 Michael Llewellyn


Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic


If you love Mass Effect and Star Wars, then the Knights Of The Old Republic series worth investing in. For many, the original KoTR is one of the best RPGs ever made.


The combat is more akin to what you find in CRPGs, rather than the over-the-shoulder third-person shooter style we see in the Mass Effect series -- but the interaction and exploration mechanics will be very familiar to fans of ME.


The story is where the game really shines, as you can choose the light side of the Force or take a path to the dark side. The events of the game take place 4,000 years before the rise of the galactic empire portrayed in the films, and you'll get to engage with some very memorable characters -- especially the assassin droid HK-47.


If you haven't played Knights Of The Old Republic yet then you definitely should. And avoid spoilers at all costs, because you'll be treated to one of the best plot twists gaming has to offer.


Are there any epic space adventures on home or handheld consoles I've missed? What other galactic games are you playing while you wait for Mass Effect: Andromeda? Let us know in the comments below!


Infinite Space

Nintendo DS

Infinite Space is a JRPG/strategy and space sim hybrid by Platinum Games (Nier, Bayonetta, and Metal Gear Rising). It's also one of the best and most overlooked games on the Nintendo DS.


The game is split in two halves, both of which are centered around the main protagonist, Yuri. The first half is spent learning about and defending against the evil Lugovailian Empire and its emperor Taranis, who has plans to destroy Yuri's galaxy.


The second half is set ten years into the future, and you find yourself protecting the same galaxy while engaging in politics, rescuing civilians, and taking on quests as the game's story continues to open up.


It's a huge game with a ton of content and an intricate story that could have easily made two games. And although it's on handheld, it is absolutely on par with games like Mass Effect or the Xeno series.


Xenosaga Trilogy

PlayStation 2

Now we're moving away from space shooting sims and more into the story-based space opera. The Xenosaga games are an epic sci-fi JRPG trilogy that began a decade before the first Mass Effect was released.


The Xenosaga trilogy was developed by Monolith Soft, which is known for the classic Xenogears on the PlayStation 2 and the current Xenoblade series that's exclusively on Nintendo systems.


Xenosaga takes place thousands of years into the future, where humanity exists only in deep space and is fighting extinction against a hostile race known as the Gnosis. The main character Shion and an android known as KOS-MOS join a cast of ragtag characters that are on a journey to unlock the secrets of the universe. 


The thee games combined make a sprawling space opera, and their stories dabble heavily in philosophy and various religious themes. If you're an RPG fan and lover of complex sci-fi plots, I definitely recommend checking this series out. Hopefully Namco will release the full trilogy on the PlayStation Network.


Project Sylpheed

Xbox 360

Project Sylpheed was published by Square Enix and developed by Game Arts -- the studio responsible for the Lunar and Grandia series. So you'll be getting a story in the form of a typical JRPG, combined with a very fast-paced and colorful space shooting simulator.


The arcadey nature of the game feels similar to the Rogue Squadron series, only much faster paced. The game's plot tells a fairly familiar tale of rebels versus an evil empire, but its narrative is interesting enough to keep the action moving.


The visuals are definitely up to the standard seen in a Square Enix-published title, and hold up pretty well today. They are still a beautiful sight to behold despite being on last generation's Xbox.


DarkStar One: Broken Alliance  

Xbox 360/PC

DarkStar One is, at its heart, an Elite clone with a story. The game doesn't tell a very complex tale, but does have enough of a narrative to pull you in and persevere through the game. Who doesn't want to play as a Han Solo type trying to unravel the mystery behind his father's death?


There are some RPG-like mechanics to play with, as you can choose to be a brigand, mercenary, privateer, merchant, or a combination of the four. Your goal is buy or capture alien technology to upgrade the DarkStar One so you can do battle and explore space.


With Mass Effect: Andromeda just around the corner, gamers will once again be taken on another epic adventure through space.


The ending aside, the first three Mass Effect games helped prove that video games were as good a medium as books, television, or even film for creating a space opera -- at least one that is on par with Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and The Expanse.


Whilst looking forward to Andromeda, I realized how few space-based adventure games out there actually tell a story -- at least on console. But that doesn't mean there aren't any at all. Here are five epic space opera experiences you can find on Xbox, PlayStation, and handheld consoles.

Dating the Nintendo Switch: A New Experience for This Gaming Millennial,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/1/7/0/17098293-10154247317291776-3055976232850425353-2e2c3.jpg 0h0nm/dating-the-nintendo-switch-a-new-experience-for-this-gaming-millennial Wed, 15 Mar 2017 12:00:01 -0400 Ryan Friend

With the accumulation of Nintendo consoles, I decided to date the most recent of them, the Nintendo Switch. I've read in-depth articles, and I've immersed myself into the vastness of the Zelda: Breathe of the Wild E3 trailer. I've had  great relationships with the NES (I love the SNES but never owned it), Gameboy Color, Wii, and New Nintendo 3DS XL Red. Since I am already engaging in polygamy, why not embrace a new romantic adventure with this newly developed handheld?

Here's a detailed account of my first date with this upcoming multi-faceted console, the Switch.

Flirting with New Ideas

Browsing through Target, BestBuy, and Walmart's electronic section marked "Pre-Order the Switch and accessories," I decided to pre-order through Walmart because of my desire for easy travel around midnight after a long day of manufacturing. So far so good, right?


After making payments using Walmart's layaway system, the staff said that I was the first to order the Switch which surprised and excited me. Then I went to the Internet to pre-order the launch title for the device Zelda: Breathe of the Wild Special Edition via Ebay using my Paypal account. While the Master Edition looks incredible in its artistic presentation, it seemed like a poor choice since I lacked space to display the Master Sword statue at my current residence, so I took the Special Edition instead. Once my excitement kicked in thinking my order was sufficient, I received an email saying that I would be refunded. Little did I know, through sheer ignorance, Paypal had a policy that directly restricts buyers from massive online pre-ordering.


I was distraught because previously I was snubbed from the Fire Emblem Fates 3DS Special Edition thinking I could take my good ol' time. This time I was very aggressive in my research, timing, and purchase power.

Even though it was a rocky start, the seller worked with me so that I would still get the new Zelda title a little later than originally planned. The staff at Buy a Switch LLC did a fantastic job communicating with me and I would highly recommend them to my friends. Now to proceed to the actual date night.

Date Midnight

That evening, and after picking up my brother from work, I traveled down the highway to Walmart -- this was around midnight -- to pick up the Switch. Once I walked back to the layaway section, I saw a line of 12 people waiting patiently, including a fellow co-worker. One by one the Switches disappeared, luckily when it was my turn I got to pick the Blue and Red Joy-Con Switch, which is what I really wanted compared to the standard Black Joy-con Switch -- I wasn't sure there would be any left because they aren't the standard.

I returned home, and got ready to setup my Switch the next day.


It was finally time to get to know the Switch. I plugged in the charger and immediately the screen turned on. Hello, Switch. I then slipped the Blue-Red Joy-Cons down the sides of the brightly lit screen; strangely enough, they moved with ease and snapped into place with a "click."

I was then asked by the Switch's on-screen instructions to remove the Joy-Cons by pushing in a black button located on the upper-back of the controllers; this was not as easily executed as putting the controllers on, but it would allow me to test the wireless capabilities of the Joy-Cons. The motion controller are pretty smooth when moving of the cursor (and I wanted to avoid smudging the screen). Then, like all modern systems, I was asked to create usernames -- I could then select an iconic nintendo character as my avatar (I decided to go with the Breathe-of-the-Wild Link icon). That was followed by selecting a background color.

Lastly, I had to install an update. This took some time because of our slow wireless internet, but there is an accessory avaliable for Ethernet to be used.

Where Are We Going? Puppy Love

I'm very excited about this new system and the whole duality of moving from big screen TV to a small screen portable handheld is really what I always wanted from the Wii U -- which also had a very limited library. I decided purchasing the Switch would be better because of the new Zelda title, Hollow Knight announcement, Dragon Quest X and XI not to mention possible Ni no Kuni 2 rumor and Project Octopath Traveler from the makers of the Bravely Default, one of my favorite series from the Nintendo 3DS' amazing library of JRPGs.

It would seem that the Nintendo Switch plans on catering to the RPG gaming community and I couldn't be more excited. Furthermore, any platformer on a high resolution device -- which can transported at will -- also seems like a great asset to be had with our daily hustling and bustling.

Just so the world doesn't think I am a weirdo, I'm not really dating the Switch, but it will be interesting to see where this relationship goes and I do plan on chronicling my adventures via GameSkinny. Stay tuned, readers!

Nintendo releases "Making of" video for LoZ: BotW,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/u/n/t/untitled-474b3.jpg 2u5ww/nintendo-releases-making-of-video-for-loz-botw Wed, 15 Mar 2017 08:00:01 -0400 David Fisher

Much like their video on Fire Emblem: Fates in the past, Nintendo has released a new "The Making of" video for their most recent release: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game that has widely impressed critics -- including myself -- this month has certainly been a long time coming, having been conceived all the way back in 2013. However, Nintendo's new videos give us some insight into how this world-class title came to be how it is now.

The Beginning

In the first video in this series, we learn a lot about the process the developers took to differentiate Breath of the Wild from other titles in the Legend of Zelda franchise. They discuss how certain conventions had to be kept in order to preserve the feel of the series, but how others were completely scrapped as they realized that certain elements -- such as traditional dungeons -- were more of a result of hardware limitations than actual core gameplay.

We also learned about how wild some of the suggestions that went into the game were. Everything from UFO invasions of Hyrule to more modern adventures were considered. However, it was actually a return to the 2D original Zelda format that helped inspire what we now know as Breath of the Wild.

It's an interesting watch, and could possibly inspire many developers on alternate takes of their own projects.

Story and Characters

In this video we get a look into the later parts of development - namely the characters and story that will fit into the gameplay. Considering that the game took an open world format, the developers and staff working on Breath of the Wild decided that a story that took place prior to the events of the game was much more functional than one that took place while the game was in progress. Ultimately, this worked for the better as the memory-based storyline allowed for players to move freely without shoving linearity into the mix.

Characters were also designed with the player's desire to aid them in mind. Zelda in particular was designed in a way that players would want to save her, but at the same time was individualistic enough that it was evident that she was capable, but also needed help to accomplish her goals. This helped separate her from other princesses in the series thus far since she did not need Link's help, as much as it ensured her goal was met.

Even the way that enemies interact with Link and the environment was taken into consideration with this game, something that other developers don't really seem to highlight in their own designs. Once again, an interesting video for fans and developers alike.

Open-Air Concept

The last video in the series discusses the importance of a fully-explorable world in the design process for Breath of the Wild. Aonuma discusses the design philosophy of the game being that he wanted to explore the area between the secluded areas that were found in Skyward Sword. The director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, further stated that he wanted to bring the game back to the roots of the Legend of Zelda franchise where a large world was explorable from the get-go again.

When deciding on the size of the game, the developers decided to use the real life city of Kyoto's design to determine how big the game world should be. What they wanted to accomplish was to ensure it was large enough for players to get lost in, but small enough that it wouldn't be barren or overwhelming.

Other parts of this video discuss how the physics engine was important for both the combat and other gameplay aspects, as well as how music and sound design was centered around the importance of maintaining a natural-feeling environment.

An Interesting Take on Game Design

The efforts that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's development team made in creating the world of the latest Zelda title shows. While it's not an entirely unique game, it does feel much more polished than other games within the same genre. I might not go so far as to call the game perfect by any means, but I can certainly appreciate the lengths that this team took to get this title to where it is now.

My question would now be whether or not Nintendo can pull off another game that lives up to the new standards set up by this one.

But what do you think? Do you agree with all the takes the developers made on the series? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below!

LEGO Worlds Guide - How to Earn Gold Bricks Quickly and Efficiently,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/c/6/5/c65nydvv4aa6jru-04ba7.jpg h5pue/lego-worlds-guide-how-to-earn-gold-bricks-quickly-and-efficiently Wed, 15 Mar 2017 05:37:37 -0400 Autumn Fish

Welcome to LEGO Worlds, a sandbox adventure game in the same vein as Minecraft where you can go anywhere and build anything -- but only after you collect an inordinate amount of Gold Bricks and other block types first.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to find enough to power your spaceship. After the tutorial, you're free to earn them in whatever way you like. There's a catch, though; they are no longer clearly marked on your map as they were before. Now you must brave the unknown and discover them on your own.

Gold Bricks - LEGO Worlds Walkthrough

Since every world beyond the first three is randomly generated, we can't just point you in the right direction and set you loose. Oh no, you'll ultimately have to find them on your own. However, we can guide you along the right path.

LEGO Worlds Guide How to Earn Gold Bricks Quests Walkthrough

There are a few ways to go about collecting Gold Bricks. The first and most intuitive way is to run around a map completing quests. Quests sometimes award you with other things like blueprints for your Discovery Tool, but they're still an excellent source for bricks.

The best way to find quests is to follow the green markers on your map when you land. Some quests won't show up under a green marker, but all of the important ones will. If you reach a marker and don't see anything, remember that your objective may be underground. Completing a quest or quest-chain turns the green marker purple.

Sometimes you'll run into a situation where you don't have an item or blueprint needed to proceed. In that case, make a mental note of what they're looking for and move on. Sometimes you'll find what you need in the same world, other times you won't. If you ever find yourself in possession of the blueprints or items needed to finish, return to the quest-giver for your prize.

LEGO Worlds Guide How to Earn Gold Bricks Treasure Chests Walkthrough

The next best source of Gold Bricks is the old-fashioned treasure chest. These are marked as yellow dots on your map. Many of them are hidden in caverns deep underground, though, so the dots won't always feel accurate if you're searching on the surface. Alongside your coveted upgrade bricks, chests also cough up unique items, blueprints, and new block types.

Make full use of the Landscape Tool to find and reach treasure chests. Just beware that the flatten function will destroy all blocks above the plane you're trying to flatten. If you're in a cave, this means a gaping hole in the ceiling. Good luck fixing that.

Finally, you can fill out your collection by chasing down Troublemakers. These little green monsters are more prominently sought out by those of us still filling out their collection of LEGO bricks and blocks. However, they also have a chance of picking up and running off with Gold Bricks.

LEGO Worlds Guide How to Earn Gold Bricks Chasing Troublemakers Walkthrough

You should be chasing Troublemakers regardless of what they're holding, but it's nice to know you can really plump out your collection by being observant and cunning in your chase.

If you're having issues catching up to the Troublemakers, try running around their sides to guide their movements. You can run the little bugger into walls, cornering them and snagging the brick all for yourself.

If you find yourself running out of quests and treasure chests on a map -- or are simply itching for a change of scenery -- then don't hesitate to pack up and move on to another world. You can generate and explore as many as you want, which means there's always more Gold Bricks to find. Don't waste a second more on a planet once boredom sets in. B-line it for your spaceship, chase down any Troublemakers you encounter, and jet.

How's your Gold Brick collection coming along in LEGO Worlds? Sound off with your questions and comments down below!