Top 20 Games of 2013 According To Metacritic Scores

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'Tis the season for lists! As we all begin to think of our own "Game of The Year", let's take a moment to see what the critics had to say this year. While Metacritic is often unreliable in nature due to the aggregation of conflicting rating scales (is a "B" a 80? Who knows), it is still an interesting tool.

That said, here are the Top 20 highest rated games on Metacritic this year, excluding DLC and re-releases:

20. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) - Score: 88

19. Rocksmith 2014 Edition (PC, Xbox360) - Score: 88

18. Pokemon XY (3DS) - Score: 88

17. Joe Danger (iOS) - Score: 88

16. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox360, XboxOne) - Score: 88

15. The Stanley Parable (PC) - Score: 88 

14. Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force (Xbox360) - Score: 88 

13. DotA 2 (PC) - Score: 90

12. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PC) - Score: 90

11. Spelunky (PC) - Score: 90

10. Fez (PC) - Score: 91

9. Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption (iOS) - Score: 91

8. Asphalt 8: Airborne (iOS) - Score: 91

7. Rayman Legends (PC, PS3, Xbox360, WiiU) - Score: 91

6. Skylanders Swap Force (WiiU) - Score: 92

5. Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS) - Score: 92

4. DEVICE 6 (iOS) - Score: 92

3. Bioshock Infinite (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) - Score: 94

2. The Last of Us (PS3) - Score: 95

1. Grand Theft Auto V (PS3, Xbox 360) - Score: 97

Anything on this list surprise you? Your favorite game not here? Let us know in the comments below!

Originally Published Dec. 20th 2013

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  • Samuel Smith
    Featured Contributor
    I don't really see any games that don't deserve their spot on the list. It would be interesting to see a user score comparison.

    My favs that made the list would be: BioShock, Device 6, Spelunky, Fez (sad there won't be a sequel) and the Stanley Parable.
  • Germaximus
    Ridiculous Fishing surprises me. That's funny and kinda cool.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    How come Zelda: A Link Between Worlds isn't on this list? It has a 90 score on Metacritic... did it come out too late in the year?

    Anyway I think Metacritic is great for seeing how some games like Beyond: Two Souls can have such a mixed reaction. I usually go there and look at both the highest scored review and then the lowest score... you basically know then the game is really somewhere in between that.
  • Jay Ricciardi
    Senior Editor
    "How come Zelda: A Link Between Worlds isn't on this list? It has a 90 score on Metacritic... did it come out too late in the year?"

    Good question, actually. There seems to have been a glitch in the filter systems on Metacritic, But, since the error is on Metacritic's side (seen here: I will leave the list as is. If the site is unable to list the game in a typical way consumers would find this information, I feel no obligation to fix the mistake for them in my article. But...

    #11.5ish. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) - Score: 90
    Last edited 2 years ago
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    LOL, it's not just Zelda either... Mario 3D World has a 94. You heard it here first folks... Metacritic is biased against Nintendo scores :P

    ... you know... except for Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem... damn Nintendo had some good games this year!
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Yeah they did. I'm going to have to get Super Mario 3D World. As soon as I can actually play the Wii U I got.
  • Richard Whelchel
    The Stanley Parable has always been alluring to me for some reason...I might have to give in and try it now -- Oh look! It's on sale on Steam.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    oh yeah... it's the biggest WTF game ever made, but I've loved every minute of it. It's one of those games you almost have a hard time calling a game... similar to Gone Home and Papers Please that just barely didn't make the list.
  • Jay Ricciardi
    Senior Editor
    Stanley Parable is not for everyone, but definitely worth your time and money to explore.
  • Coatedpolecat
    Featured Correspondent
    I really enjoyed Brothers ATOTS. My wife cried and all she did was watch me play it... and yeah... I did too.

    I thought the back story to the game was really neat. The guy who wrote it pulled these things directly from his life. Was a neat interview on GiantBomb I believe.

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