How do you decide which console you buy next?

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    About 10 months ago,
    Clay (Featured Contributor) said:
    I'm not sure why loyalty is such a huge factor.
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    About 4 months ago,
    Doug Who (Contributor) said:
    Agreed, especially in this day and age when exclusives are all but dead.

    I have loyalty for certain franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Halo, and EA Sports NHL series. The only developers I feel any sense of loyalty too are Blizzard and Bungie.
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    About 9 months ago,
    Mathew_8801 said:
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    About 8 months ago,
    Celestinas (Contributor) said:
    I'm gonna go with games above all else personally.
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    About 6 months ago,
    Scottybaws said:
    I agree with Matthew
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    About 4 months ago,
    Doug Who (Contributor) said:
    It's always been about the games, and it always will be for the true hardcore gamers.

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