Which next-generation console are you most excited about?

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  • TenEightyP_5127
    Is there a third option labeled PC? PC master race.
  • Andrei Manolache
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  • Andrei Manolache
    Both of them have hardware limitations that prevent a game from being a superb work of art, as they portrayed are on PC versions. For one thing, games are starting to become a community thing, where moders bring new and better content that surpass any dlc available for download in the first place. Even though XBox has better perks than PS4, it is still an advertised console to constrain people to pay money for games! Build your own PC, cause it costs less and you can always upgrade it instead o changing it all together!
  • Brian Tate
    I want to buy both systems. Rise looks like a great game for Xbox 1 and Knack for PS4 looks like an impressive title. Nintendo you are falling behind. The only reason to buy a WiiU is to play Super Mario U. The only way I will buy a WiiU is if there is a price drop to $150-$200. Sorry Nintendo...
  • DBOT187
    To be honest its neither. Until there are some unique system selling single player exclusive games, and some variety in the type of genres and experiences that the mainstream industry is pedalling out, chasing the next big thing...i'll go back through the backlog, good games are timeless..
  • Eric Nicolai
    Featured Contributor
    Before Microsoft reversed their policy I was on the fence, but now I can't wait for Xbox one :)
  • Eurosniper
    none of them. I build my own and have done so for over a decade.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    I've been surprised not to see a strong swing back towards Xbox One since the used games DRM change.
  • JohnHeatz
    Featured Correspondent
    it might be due to the fact that they simply have done absolutely everything wrong when it comes to advertisement...I mean, their TV spots are about everything but gaming, and their idea for a multimedia console is, basically, only targeting the US market (coming from someone that isn't from the US... is easier to spot)
  • Crazy_6482
    Neither of them...... No longer buy PC games because you can't sell them. The only bad thing about PS4 is that you have to sign up for PlayStation Plus to play online multiplayer. WTF!? Oh well, I don't play online multiplayer anyways.
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  • Branden Sumerix
    No Region-lock, no 24-hour check ins. PS4 all the way. Except for Minecraft. Always play Minecraft.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Ummm...they 180ed all of that. The only thing you need is Kinect plugged in, but not on, you can turn it off.

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