The Gamer Gift Guide: Gifts for the Girly Gamer

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Not every gal likes that touch of pink, but for some girl gamers, they really want that spark of femininity on their gaming gear. For some women, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of pink. 

Treat your favorite gamer this holiday season with these great pink-themed gamer gifts. 

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    Featured Correspondent
    I really liked that jewelry, I'll have to go check out the site, I've never heard of Etsy.
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    Amanda Wallace
    Associate Editor
    I did a post yesterday on Etsy:

    It's a really great online marketplace for handmade items. I have a store there (as well as some other GS members) and I've had a lot of great experiences purchasing from there. I buy most of the jewelry for the women in my family from Etsy. Fantastic service.
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    Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Those green zebra controllers are... Something.
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    Amanda Wallace
    Associate Editor
    I think it's amazing.