Lightning Returns Guide: Time Management

Struggling to manage you're in-game time? Take a look at these tips.

In Lightning Returns, time is everything. In this guide I'll give tips on how to use your time wisely. This is just a basic guide and may not be useful to all.

Stay Active:

When time is of the essence, it's recommended that you stay active. That means if there isn't anything else to do at the moment in an area, go to another area. It's really hard to get anything done if you're just sitting there.

Don't Die:

Avoid those big fights if you're not ready for them.

Dying in this game has unusual penalties. Selecting Game Over technically, by returning to the title menu will take you back to the last saved point. However, you can select escape, and spend 1 in-game hour to prevent having to redo things. This option is risky, so only take it if you have time to spare. Otherwise, to save time just don't die.

Be Productive:

If you have side-quests that are going to eat up your time, skip them. You can always complete them on New Game+, or come back to them at a later time. Try to stick to the easy side quests (1 star) at the start.

Stay On Task:

If you're on a task, just get it done. Don't worry about exploring too much. Once you get a feel for the world flow, you can spare time to explore. You won't be able to get that feel until you've been a few places, so at the start just stay on task.

This wraps up my guide for time management. Check out my Lightning Returns directory for more guides.

Published Feb. 13th 2014
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