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HearthStone Beta Key GiveAway!

You heard right! We have more keys to give away.


HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft continues to build steam and it seems everyone loves it. I should also mention everyone has been scouring the internet endlessly for beta keys. I've been begged by gamers from all around the world for a chance to get in to the beta.

The quest is almost over my friends, just a trip to Guild Launch's Facebook and Twitter will give you the chance at a key!

Each contest is separate. This does in fact mean you have two chances. Like the Guild Launch Facebook page to enter, as well as follow Guild Launch on Twitter and retweet the contest message to get a second entry.

I'll make it even easier to win, heres the tweet!
And here's the Facebook contest page!
Originally Published Oct. 30th 2013

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  • 1
    skyfog_4546 9 months ago
    Awesome! I got a Hearthstone Beta Key and it was valid! No bull they're free at
  • 1
    Sasho_1968 9 months ago
    Can give me 2 key, one for me and one for friend ?
  • 1
    THX_2544 11 months ago
    i need beta key please.
  • 1
    Randy_1252 11 months ago
    Been waiting for a beta key so I can start playing with my friends! Can't wait! Extremely excited to get a beta key !
  • 1
    Simone_2254 11 months ago
    I have 2 beta key i sell it for €10 if you want 1 contact me at that email
  • 1
    Boban_6782 11 months ago
    Could I get a beta key?
  • 1
    Emi Lam 11 months ago
    Hi, can someone give me 1 key for HearthStone?
  • 1
    Alex_9862 11 months ago
    i would want a beta key, i opt in blizzards one, and ive been waiting for months
  • 1
    ajolito 11 months ago
    i want!
  • 1
    doggy_5926 11 months ago
    im searchign for a key for so long >.< i hope i get luck
  • 1
    Frasd 11 months ago
    Guys check this out
  • 1
    Pepa_2817 11 months ago
    Please let me beta key :(((
  • 1
    gameoverthee 11 months ago
    Ok i liked it!! Thanks!
  • 1
    senya_5625 11 months ago
    I need beta key!
  • 1
    FreedomFighterNL 11 months ago
    Really want this game! Watching live streams 24/7 :P
  • 1
    Etiënne_6816 11 months ago
    Have been trying for ages to get a beta key.. lets pray for the best =D
  • 1
    Jack_7702 11 months ago
    You guys are so silly. If you need a beta key just use ax00ms ph00bas generator
  • 1
    Toze_5819 11 months ago
    GL i'll hope i'll be the winner
  • 1
    Dominik_5246 11 months ago
    ( .Y. ) i rly want beta key ( .Y. ) (the tits are there for good luck)
  • 1
  • 1
    anonymous2233 11 months ago
    wooho key?
  • 1
    Pietras_2770 11 months ago
    Hearthstone key giveaway:
  • 1
    Shaun_5980 11 months ago
    So here's hoping this is the contest that does it!
  • 1
    Fernando_7499 12 months ago
    beta key to me :D
  • 1
    Kaza_2076 12 months ago
    Thank you for the opportunity, i need a key!
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