[Spoilers] Opening the 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit from CAH

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I told Cards Against Humanity all my nicest and naughtiest deeds of the year (anyone else think they'll probably be using those confessions to inspire new cards?)  and along with 99,999,999 other citizens of the internet, I managed to get signed up and give my credit card number to total strangers before the CAH Holiday Bullshit promo sold out.

Now, like everyone else, I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival.

As each delivery of Holiday Bullshit arrives, I'll be opening and taking pictures of it here.

I know a lot of people didn't get to sign up, so I'll be sharing mine as they arrive.

Then I'll Give my Holiday Bullshit Away

I'll be giving my 12 days set of whatever it is away at the end to one person who shares this post on Twitter (tag me in it so I know you did it and can include you! @AmyatGS).

Feeling lucky?

We're giving away a lot of stuff in December, like our GameSkinny Review Products Stash and a PS4 or Xbox One. 

Published Dec. 11th 2013
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