January Contest: Review Your 2013 Game of the Year!

Review your 2013 GOTY and you'll be entered to win your next game!

by 3 months ago

Everyone is making their selections for 2013 Game of the Year, and we want to hear yours! Review the game that you would choose as the best game of 2013 and you'll be entered to win the game of your choice.

How to Enter:

Review your pick for 2013 GOTY (Game of the Year)

We will choose a winner at random on January 31st!

The winner will get a $60 gift card of their choice to either Amazon or GameStop to buy their next game. 

Post your 2013 GOTY review »




Which games are eligible? 

Any game released in 2013 is eligible: PC, Console, Tabletop, etc. 

Who can enter?

Anyone who is not a GameSkinny paid writer or paid staff member (or immediate family member of one) is eligible to enter. 


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  • 57
    About 3 months ago,
    Amanda Wallace (Featured Columnist) said:
    Are there any restrictions on who can participate?
    Can I add the tags and tweet a pre-existing article about my GOTY?
  • 40
    About 3 months ago,
    Coatedpolecat (Featured Correspondent) said:
    Ditto for the questions.
  • 15
    About 3 months ago,
    Landon Sommer (Correspondent) said:
    Tabletop and Video games?
  • 60
    About 3 months ago,
    Amy White (Editor in Chief) said:
    Good questions everyone; I added an FAQ section with answers in the contest article. Let me know if there are any additional questions!
  • 30
    About 3 months ago,
    JohnHeatz (Featured Correspondent) said:
    Oh oh oh! This is awesome, going to write mine :O
  • 25
    About 3 months ago,
    Germaximus (Correspondent) said:
    This is awesome as always. Are the staff still going to help with editing grammar and stuff?
    Last edited 3 months ago
  • 30
    About 3 months ago,
    Lauren Puga (Featured Columnist) said:
    Do reviews just need to be posted by the 31st?
  • 66
    About 3 months ago,
    Ashley Shankle (Associate Editor) said:
    Man, screw that. The world already knows it's Spelunky HD on PC, why fight it? WHY FIGHT IT
    Last edited 3 months ago

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