EQNext Landmark: Become A Founder And Get Into Alpha And Beta

Be a founder and enter EQNext Landmark early.

EQNext Landmark Founders bundles are out now. With any of the founder's packs you will get access to the Beta. If you get the Trailblazer or the Explorer pack you will also get access to the Alpha. Each tier comes with in-game rewards as well.

Founder's Packs:

Settler Pack's: $19.99
  • Unlimited Closed Beta access
  • Settler's Flag
  • Founder's Pickaxe: A special pick combined with a secondary tool.
  • Forum and In-Game Founder title.
Explorer's Pack: $59.99
  • Everything from Settler Pack
  • Alpha access
  • Explorer's Flag
  • Ring of Bounty: 10% bonus to all resource gathering.
  • Mega Pocket: upgrades inventory or vault.
  • Courtier's Regalia: both genders included.
  • Tech Sergeant's Gear: both genders included.
Trailblazer's Pack: $99.99
  • Everything from Explorer Pack, including Settler Pack.
  • Trailblazer Flag
  • Mastercraft Bracer: grants a bonus to crafting.
  • Void Vault: gives you access to a vault without having to craft one first.
  • Noble's Regalia: both genders included.
  • Tech Commander's Gera: both genders included.
  • Four sharable closed beta keys. These are time-limited unlike the founder access.
  • Name in EQNL credits.

There are also four limited time bonuses to the Trailblazer pack. I will combined the two title bonuses though.

  1. Early access to the Beta Forum
  2. Forum and In-Game Trailblazer title.
  3. Alpha boost: 20% bonus resource collection. Lasts for 2 weeks real-time during Alpha.

Be among the first to claim your spot!

Alpha and Beta Projected Start Dates:

As It stands right now both Alpha and Beta are scheduled for 2014. Alpha is slated to begin on or before February 28th. Beta is scheduled to begin on or before March 31st. Get your guaranteed access while it's available. Non-Founder beta keys have time restrictions. You only get seven days real-time per key from the time of activation.

Published Nov. 11th 2013
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