Spartacus Legends Guide

This is the ultimate, noob-friendly Spartacus Legends guide you want and need!

This is a guide to the new Free to Play game, Spartacus Legends. In this guide I give you a tour of the game and cover the basics, such as:

  • In-game currency (gold and silver)
  • AI battles
  • Gladiator Recruitment

...and other important aspects of the game. I even show you a combo list and how to disable the blood, nudity, and gore if that doesn't appeal to you (but this is Spartacus, man!)

Come from humble beginnings and become a legend! If you are new or need some help with the game, this guide will help you understand everything a bit better and help you forge your path to become a God of the Arena!

After this I hope to see you on the sands of the arena. If you see this, message me on the PSN: Swagicus_; I might go easy on you if we ever fight. For more epic Spartacus Legends gameplay, tips, and commentaries come visit my channel or stay tuned for more posts by me on here.

Published Jun. 28th 2013
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