BobsMade Combines Gaming and Street Fashion

If you like Street Fashion and Art, you'll love BobsMade

8 years ago Deviantart account Bobsmade made waves when they began posting their hand-painted sneakers and headphones. Taking commissions eventually led to a BobsMade online store where customers can custom order shoes, prints and accessories. Inspired by Japanese cartooning and graffiti artists, BobsMade makes custom colorful street art designs of some of our favorite characters from video games. 

Customers can order shoes, bags, headphones, and glasses directly from them or can send in their own to be painted with whatever theme and colors they wish. 

Today I want to showcase some of BobsMade's best video game themed designs.

Zelda Designs:

The Legend of Zelda is undoubtedly the most requested game themed designs that BobsMade posts.  However, a major theme of BobsMade's work is that they want to foster individuality. So each design is guaranteed to be unique.

Mario Designs:

BobsMade also makes a number of Mario themed designs that depict all the colorful characters in Miyamoto's series. 

Other Designs:

While BobsMade most popular shoes are usually Chucks, they offer custom order for high heels, boots, slip-ons and basketball sneakers. 

BobsMade designs are lovely, and if you like to combine art with fashion you will love their work. Definitely checkout BobsMade and get quality designs to express your own individuality. 

Published Jul. 16th 2015

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