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Father-daughter time looting and picking off the Prime Evils. It's the best.


As a little girl I always loved watching my dad play games, and he was the one I went to whenever I couldn't get past a difficult--but uber easy now that I'm older--part. I remember watching him play Diablo and Diablo 2, desperately wanting to play. When he did let me play, I could barely push myself past the Blood Moors in Diablo 2. Do you remember the Xena: Warrior Princess show from years ago? I played the game to death, and he helped me through the same hard boss puzzles the multiple times I fought through it. As my video game influencer, I figured I should ask mon cher père

Context: He's a busy guy as a graphic designer and his gaming days have slowed down, but games are our bonding time when we're 900 miles apart. Mostly insane Diablo 2 binges. And just today, I convinced him to get Borderlands, so we're gonna have a ball exploring Pandora in the next few weeks. 

What's your favorite video game of all time?

"Quake 3 Arena."

What would be a close second?

"Oh. Diablo 2."

Why do those two games appeal to you most?

"For Quake, it's the multiplayer, mods, and fast speed pretty much.

I enjoy Diablo's art, the way the character art/animation improve with your level, addictive gameplay...

Necromancers are sweet. It's addictive, I must like it."

What's the earliest game you remember playing?

"Pong. On a machine that only played Pong - in the '70s. I imagine people aren't going to know what Pong is anymore--'Pong? What's that? '70s whaa?' So. Old."

What do you look for in games nowadays if the mood strikes? 

"I guess a name I can trust like Id or Blizzard. I don't get just any video game."

Originally Published Jul. 15th 2013


Pikachu, pugs, Guild Wars 2, sloths, and opera make up my day... and my life.

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