Agar.io added mass boosts with facebook login, pay to win incoming

The popular blob eating game, Agar.io, monetizes players with Facebook. This forces users to log in with Facebook, and those who don't play at a major disadvantage.

Recently, the insanely popular blob eating game Agar.io has just announced that users who connect with Facebook during their play time, will get bonuses and rewards added to their account. This means that only the players on Facebook will have an advantage, and people with accounts on other large sites such as Twitter, Reddit, or even those who originally played the game, will receive the same treatment as any normal guest player would. 

With the Facebook account comes a leveling system that favors anyone who chooses to connect their social media account to the game. For example, a player that reaches level 24 on their account, can split instantly into 2x18 mass blobs, giving Facebook users a much easier time when coming up against guest players.

All this has left most of the fan base for Agar.io outraged, considering that you cannot just make an account for the game. So, when you log on now it's either Facebook or nothing, and most of those who don't have a Facebook are going to have a really hard time trying gain any size for the miniscule blobs they start out with. 

A lot of the outcries are being posted on the Agar.io subreddit page, where tons of fans are expressing their concerns. They're even offering better solutions to the problems going on now. Even though some are pretty helpful like this one, keep in mind that it is Reddit, and some are expressing their displeasure with some sarcasm. For now none of these problems have been addressed, and even an AMA with the creator requested by fans has been ignored.

It has not exactly been a fun week for fans of Agar.io with all that has happened to their beloved game, but worst of all this happened without them having a say in any of it. No matter how many of them express their extreme opposition to these changes, it seems that Agar.io simply does not care, as they continue to monetize the game at the expense of fans. 

One user wanted their message heard loud & clear. 

Now new questions arise in the subreddit: how long it will take before Agar.io includes microtransactions into the game, such as gimmicks like Pay-to-Win? Only time will tell. 

Published Jul. 11th 2015
  • irodoticlitis
  • irodoticlitis
  • Alfred_8142
    how to get mod for agario
  • Ben A Moore
    Ashley SSS, I can understand that some people may be upset at a perceived advantage to the facebook players.. I've played enough to level up to level 31.. Which starts me out with a starting mass around 50.. Which, for a guest player, or a new player, would take approximately 30-40 seconds of feeding on dots, Yes it's an advantage, but It's a negligible boost.
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    The real question is whether the actual core audience really thinks this a bad step, as opposed to those on Reddit. You know just as well as I do that the Agar.io playerbase is pretty huge -- and most of it's packed with casual gamers. Honestly, I don't think the Facebook integration thing is something the community at large will really be up in arms about. The game's small subreddit isn't exactly a good gauge for what the majority wants.

    The above said, I don't really agree with the Facebook integration and leveling system. It doesn't seem right to me that a player with a higher level will start out with a little more mass and be able to split into two immediately. Especially since it was a game with no standard progression -- which effectively weeded out the skilled players from the noskills early after spawn.

    I understand Zeach needs money. The game's popular to the point where he needs more cash flow to take care of server costs and make some bank off his hard work, but a sizable portion of the community would probably be more than happy enough to pay real money to get additional cosmetic names. That's just the type of demographic it is.

    I guess the long and the short of my stance on this is that just because someone puts a lot of time into the game, doesn't mean they deserve a small boost over someone who hasn't. And surely there has to be a more organic method for Zeach to bring more money in, but it doesn't matter now. This isn't something they're going to go back on.

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