Dark Souls 2: Forest of Fallen Giants Walkthrough

A step by step walkthrough guide to the Forest of Fallen Giants in Dark Souls 2

After defeating the few soldiers make sure you look to the right for a bonfire. Light it and rest. 

[Note: resting at fires will repair durability for weapons.]

After crossing the tree bridge and disposing of the archer there is a small hill that leads to a ladder.  Prior to going up make sure to follow the down stream and pick up the item on the body there.

Back track up the hill and go up the ladder prepare yourself for the soldiers at the top. There will also be an archer showering arrows down on the battle. The white knight sitting at the base of the tree will not attack, unless aggravated.

There is a white mist to the left and an opening to the right. Jog right for a few items. After you go through the passage there is a ladder climb up this will lead you to the ledge with the archer. On your way up the stairs there will be two more soldiers. Once you get to the ramp that leads down hug the wall to the right to go up a small ramp and collect a Soul of a Nameless Soldier.  Go back down the ramp and walk along the ledge and dispose of the archer. Once he is dead jump the gap in front of you and grab the item off the body. This is a short sword and Soul of the Lost Undead.

If you head back to the ladder and slide down. You can jump the big gap and grab the item from the body that can be seen from the high vantage point. This contains another usable souls item and throwing knives.

As you make your way back to the mist door be sure to watch the body to the right of the door as it will come to life and attack you from behind. Make your way down the small passage. I choose to drop straight there will be two enemies awaiting your arrival. However if you choose to go left there will be a soldier stalking on your right so be weary there. If you followed me be sure to smash the bookshelf for an item.

Out the door there is now an enemy to your left, this was the above mentioned stalker; slash through him and make your way down the hall. Once you get to the stairs note the hollow at the top. He seems to be alone, but once you reach the top there is another hollow that will be behind you throwing firebombs. Also note there will be an item behind you with one more soldier waiting for you. The item is a buckler, snag that and proceed up the ladder.

There is a narrow path that you can drop down to on the left, but not recommended right now. Keep pushing forward and grab the item you see on the body, a Witching Urn. Also there will be an enemy sitting which will come to life to be ready. Go back and through the door that is now on your left. Alas another bonfire.

Light and rest. Then talk to the merchant that sits on the left. Be sure to buy the Pharros' Lockstone and blacksmith key. Once the key is purchased travel back to Majula and open the door for the blacksmith. Then travel back to this last bonfire.

Make your way down the ladder opposite the merchant. There is an enemy waiting for you on the bridge, but also keep in mind the one propped on the wall he will rise to life if you get too close. Be sure to fight them one on one. After they are both dead walk across the stone bridge and pick up the item there. This will make the body that was on your right come to life. After defeating him cross the bridge once again and make your way through the door to the right. You will come to a room with another mist door, as we know... proceed.

This area has quite a few enemies, so use caution. Climb the tree ramp slightly and jump off to the right down to the ladder. Climb  the ladder and follow the rickety walkway until you get to the building in the center of the area. Once there you will see an archer across the gap. Jump across the gap and drop down the follwing platforms. You should now be in the opposite corner of the area, with a ladder and a walkway. Don't move too fast into the walkway as there will be a boulder that is sent flying toward you. After that clears grab the item in front of you. Follow the path up the hill, opposite the way the boulder rolled, and talk to the digger multiple times, he then gives you a house key. This key can be used to open one of the houses in Majula. Grab the item off the body to your left and head back down the ramp.

Head out the passage you came in and go up the ladder to the right. This will bring you up to the wall with the soldiers that were on your far right. Drop down to the main house you first climbed up on. Walk along the rickety walkway again, but this time jump into the house instead of climbing on it. Follow the only path you have down the ramp to a gate that has an item. Now make your way to the ladder you first climbed. That was the last item for now.

Make your way to the tree ramp and go all the way up this time, be ready as there are two soldiers waiting at the top. There is a ladder on the right. If you go up a falcon will drop a very powerful enemy... I died. So I suggest continuing on the main path. 

Be aware there is an enemy perched on the upper corner that will throw firebombs at you, you can get him to throw the firebomb at the barrels against the wall in front of you to create a shortcut back to the merchant by the bonfire.

After you round the corner there are two soldiers at the bottom of the stairs. After killing them there is a ladder, go down. At this point there are three different options. There is an NPC in front of you, a broken wall to your right and a path to the left.

In the broken wall there are ballistas lined up in the doorway. Run in and run out to set the trap. After that there will be four soldiers waiting for you. After killing them pick up the items in the room. If you have taken my advice and bought the Pharos' Lockstone make your way behind the ballistas. There is a ladder. Climb down and there will be a face to your left. Put the lockstone in and to your left a ghostly image appears on the wall. Strike it to reveal two chests. One is a ring to increase stamina recharge and the other a titanite slab. However there is another chest down here as well this one is trapped, but does contain a titanite shard.

How to get the white soapstone sign

After making your way back up to the opening, go right and talk to the NPC a couple times. He will tell you to go ahead. If you go in the door will eventually close behind you.

As you enter there is a soldier in front of you and one to the right plus one archer to the right. After killing them make your way through the door that was to the right of the entrance. As you go through the door there is only one way to go, left. As you approach the item in the corner of the hallway three spearmen will sprint from the left and there will be three more waiting on the stairs. Go up the stairs and out the passage. This will lead you to where you can look down left on the NPC that sent you in there. Drop down and speak with the gentleman a couple times. He then gives you the white soapstone sign.


Make your way back to down the passage. Now make your way to the right. Hug the wall on the right and turn once you are able to. Once again hug the wall and climb the ladder on the right. This will get you up to where you can grab a crossbow. Proceed through the door way. To the right is a hallway with a torch at the end. However to the immediate right you can jump to get an item. Then drop down and fight three soldiers and grab a chest. Drop down to where the armored fellow is blocking the door and run to the ladder you just climbed. Run past the ladder and through the next doorway. Behind the tree here is a usable soul item.

Back to the armored enemy blocking the door. I found it to be very effective to lure him to the initial ladder you had went down before the ballista room and do plunging attacks on him. After he is defeated make your way through the doorways. Head right and up the stairs to grab some useful items.

Overlook the two enemies waiting on you. There is a fog door to the left behind them and a narrow ramp that has an item across the hall from them to the right. Be cautious when getting the item up the ramp as there are quite a few soldiers that will ambush you.

Through the mist door that was initially on your left you will come to an area with a spot to light a torch. There is a doorway to the right with a crystal lizard and one solider playing dead. Kill the lizard quickly before it disappears, then kill the soldier. Run around the rubble to your right and you will find a staircase. Go down this and snag a couple items.

Head back out the door you entered through and go straight across to which would have been your initial left. Follow this path until you get to a gated doorway; be sure to open this as it is a new shortcut from the merchant. Once that is done there is an elevator to your right that is activated by a pressure plate. This will lead you down to where you will fight boss of the forest. This corridor will have a soldier hiding to the left.

How to beat the Last Giant Boss Fight

The Last Giant tips: This is a relatively easy boss. Make sure to keep close to him.

  • Attack the same foot repeatedly, but do not attack too many times.
  • Attack once or twice then run as he will stomp this foot on the ground.
  • Once he is half health he will rip his arm off and start to attack with this. As long as you stay close quarters this doesn't matter he will continue the same pattern with his stomping.
  • Occasionally he will attack alternately with his other foot. If he does this just be sure to keep back as it is usually a three stomp attack. 
After defeating the boss there are a couple items that you can grab that you were unable to get before.

Head back to the merchant and go up the stairs to the left of her. There is a door up these stairs that you can now unlock. Grab the item after destroying the wagon. Open the chest and grab the items. Proceed to the next door there is a chest to your right grab this item as it is important. There is an Estus shard in here. Drop down on the branch and grab the item from there.

Now that you have the key from the boss...

Go back to the merchant in Cardinal Tower. Go down the ladder and head to the room with the house with the boulder. Before exit toward the tree ramp there is a door to your right. This too can now be unlocked. Follow the hallways treading carefully as there are the armored golems. For the time being the only thing that can be found down here is a bonfire and some items.

Again down the ladder from the merchant. Make your way across the stone bridge to your left. Grab the couple items that can now be accessed through the door that is across the pit.

Lastly from the ladder, make your way toward the elevator that brought you to the giant. Keep straight and go back out the door that had the mist in it, remember the two soldiers that will be there. Go right after passing through this door. Ahead is the staircase you previously went up. There is a door to the right that can now be unlocked

Up the stairs will be two soldiers. Continue forward and up more stairs. After rounding some more staircases you come to yet another mist door. BOSS FIGHT IMMINENT.

How to beat the Pursuer Boss Fight

The Pursuer:  This guy really isn't all that difficult either.

  • There are two ballistas which if timed right take a good portion of his health.
  • However if you can't do that, just stay close and get a hit or two after his attacks.

After defeating him progress the walkway and find a staircase to your right. After examining it you will be carried to a new land... and a new bon fire.

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Published Mar. 14th 2014
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