10 Amazing YouTube Channels Every Gamer Should Watch

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There are quite a lot YouTube channels dedicated to video games and game culture out there. So much so that it is rather difficult to distinguish the good from all the crap.

For this, we bring you Ten Amazing YouTube Channels Every Gamer Should Watch:

DTOID (Destructoid's YouTube Channel)

For a while, this channel was home to "The Destructoid Show" by Revision3 with Tara Long and Max Scoville, but the show was eventually cancelled and the two moved over to Rev3Games full-time. Now, Max Scoville is back at Destructoid as their "Video Warlock" (or the executive producer of Destructoid's video content).

DTOID not only consists of news ("Tuesday Newsday"), interviews, and hands-on videos, but quite a few ridiculous and funny weekly shows like "Farts 'N' Crafts," "Dumb Idiot Ideas," "Reviews in Review," and the "Hardline" podcast.

Destructoid has always had a humorous, fun take on games and the YouTube channel is very much in the same vein.

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  • Kitten Mother
    Some interesting stuff here! A couple of these I knew about but I have more bookmarked for later!
  • Adym_3373
    Also I'd recommend the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable. It's a biweekly discussion panel about games, with some nerd culture thrown in.
  • Juketsu
    Featured Correspondent
    I enjoyed the Extra Credit video the most!
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    Nice article!
  • Nick Boisson
    Featured Contributor
  • Jay Ricciardi
    Senior Editor
    Great list! I'd also suggest Errant Signal - another great channel with analytic video essays about games. Good stuff.

    Also, for kicks, I really enjoy the channel Lore in a Minute - it's exactly what it sounds like.
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  • Adym_3373
    I totally agree, Lore in a Minute is great!

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