inFAMOUS: Second Son Paper Trail Guide: Part 1

How to complete the inFAMOUS Second Son Paper Trail side-story.


Follow the white rabbit indeed.

After meeting Abigail "Fetch" Walker and completing her Karma mission a new prompt will appear on the map at her sniper perch. If you make your way over there you'll be treated to a short cutscene revolving around an origami bird and a new Conduit with the power to control paper, named Celia.

**For real terrifying.**

Following Celia

After the cutscene, you'll be prompted to chase the paper Conduit - similar to how you had to chase Fetch earlier in the game. She will eventually lead you to a crime scene at The Crocodile, the same building in which you got your neon powers.

Hanging on the giant neon crocodile sign is the body of Skeeter Hidalgo, a career criminal with suspected involvement with Seattle's drug ring. Depending upon how you want to approach the game, you can either slaughter the authorities or slither around them all sneaky-like.

**Skeeter... just hangin' out. Zing.**

After snapping a few crime scene photos you'll have to "borrow" some evidence from the crime scene. Delsin will walk away with an origami, a wallet, and the crime scene photos.

Time for the Sleuthing

Heading to the checkpoint in-game will prompt you to check your Paper Trail profile. Poof! Like magic the evidence has appeared on your computer, and it's time for you to solve the first piece of the mystery.

Clicking the origami will give you a bit of story from Celia's perspective. It's fairly cryptic, so we'll just table that for the time being.

The real meat comes from the wallet belonging to the murder victim: A private detective named Emilio Brunberg. Brunberg's wallet contains items typical of any wallet, but to see what he was doing, and why he was murdered you have to delve into the contents.

**The detective's card. Very classy.**

Start by checking out the information on the business card. There, you'll see an email address,

Go to and click the "login" button.

There, you'll find a box to input an email address, we've got that! (

And a password, something we are missing. Now, what do you do anytime you've forgotten your password? Click the "I forgot my password" button. So do that!

Doing so will navigate you to a series of security questions.

  1. What was your craziest Halloween costume?
  2. What's your favorite fast-food restaurant?
  3. What's the name of your favorite uncle?

By navigating back to the contents of the wallet the answers are pretty easily figured out, but if you have trouble here they are.

  1. Polar Bear
  2. Meaty Martha's
  3. Morty
Putting the information in properly will bring you to Brunberg's case profile.

Apparently he was pretty good, because there are a ton of closed cases, with one at the top that remains "open/active." Click in to find a bunch of information about his last case.

The case revolves around Fetch, and her connection to Seattle's drug trade. Specifically, a drug boss named Killian Czalov. The information reveals that Czalov is a pretty gnarly dude; the information cites him as a drug lord with hubris enough to spend like crazy and delegate the majority of the dirty work to subordinates.

Most of the information isn't imperative to solving this bit of the case, but I encourage you to sift through it anyway, given that it is some interesting back story to what's happening with Celia. When all is said and done all you really need is Czalov's tracker ID, which can be put into Delsin's phone to track his whereabouts.

**The coveted code.**

Czalov's tracker ID code is 492090637322. Putting in the 12-digit code will unlock another on-console segment, where you'll find a new body.

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