Dark Souls 2: Majula Guide

A guide covering the major things in Majula.

We left off in the village. As most have figured by now this is where the game becomes very open. You are free to explore and die as you do it.

If you go to the left after entering the village there is a shack that has a merchant in it. He sells armor and shields. To the right of the bon fire there is a maiden standing by a tree over looking the ocean. Talk to her, she will give you the Estus Flask, then tell you to see the king. The flask will be more of a battle healing item. Also this maiden will allow you to level up using the souls you have gained through battle.

While in the menu to level up press the back button to see a description of each stat. Feel free to build your character as you see fit. A minor suggestion is to level up Vigor, Endurance, and Adaptability. A fun fact is to go up to the shrine and examine it, this shows the total deaths worldwide.  At the time of writing this 940,508. This made me laugh because the game had not been out a day yet.

Talk to the NPC sitting to the left of the shrine, he will give you a little more information on Majula. Keep talking to the NPC eventually he will also give you the option to join a covenant. Joining will give you a ring that increases your maximum health.

Go down the stairs and go around the rocks keeping an eye for a small shack that will be on the right. Note the guy sitting outside talk to him; he will be the first black smith that you unlock. (Note you will have to buy a key for 1,000 souls. to unlock the shack.)

Keep heading to the giant hole in the center of the village. With your back facing the bon fire you should have a house in front of you that is locked. After finding a key this will unlock and there will be an Estus Shard found here. Attack the rock resting on the well to the right of this door to reveal another Estus Shard.

To the right of the giant hole there is a shack. You can talk to the cat in here. It will sell you some valuable items; including a ring that decreases fall damage. This is needed to drop down this well. It is still recommended that you have high health, that first drop takes a lot.

If you feel like exploring more there is a merchant to be found here along with another joinable covenant. However to keep progressing the game; toward the bon fire, there is a path off to the left on the shore side of the wall. This path will lead you to the first main area of the game, Forest of Fallen Giants.

When entering the brick walkway, the first opening you come to make a quick 180 degree turn to the right. There is a chest you can open. After that keep progressing through the passage. You will come to an opening on your left. Jog left then right there is a pull handle. This will open the door, be quick as the door will shut. Don't worry though there is a handle that opens it on the other side so you can get back.

Keep following the path across the bridge and go left. Follow this narrow passage and grab the loot inside. Get a running start and jump across the gap. Make your way to the foliage. Now entering the Forest of Fallen Giants.  Note the bon fire on the right as you take out the first two soldiers.

Next guide, this time going to the Forest of Fallen Giants.

Published Mar. 13th 2014
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