Apply to GameSkinny's 2016 Journalist Training Program sessions!

We are now accepting applicants for GameSkinny's 2016 Journalist Training Program sessions!

There is so much content online now that personal blogs, YouTube videos, in-depth forum posts...they're getting lost, overlooked, drowned out.

We think that's lame.

So, we built a place for intelligent folks like you to have your opinion heard, shared, discovered and discussed. We believe in giving gamers their own spaces, and we've already had great success with Gamer Launch, where gaming communities can create their own websites, so....

We created GameSkinny. A publishing platform built for gamers from the ground up.

Now, our Journalist Training Program (JTP) is looking for applicants who want to gain real experience in games journalism and online publishing. Participants will work in an online newsroom environment in a nine-week course. That's right, online. You can do this whole program in your pajamas if you want! JTP members who complete one session are allowed to continue on and complete additional JTP sessions as veteran members. Not convinced to apply yet? Check out some testimonials!

What do I get out of the JTP?

College students may use the JTP as an internship for credit and the program is suitable for listing as professional experience on a resume. Please note that the JTP is not a paid program and is 100% remote work. The following assume you successfully complete all requirements of the program:

  • Hard-to-get skills and experience in digital journalism by learning about research, SEO, best practices, interviews, guides, and more.
  • A professional referral from the editor in charge of the Journalist Training Program for use on resumes and job applications.
  • The Journalist Training Program may qualify as a college internship for credit. Please indicate your intent to complete the program for credit during your application so we can help you work with your college advisor.
  • The option to apply for a leadership role in the Journalist Training Program for future sessions.
  • Consideration for current openings at GameSkinny when applicable.
  • Earn money for views with our GameSkinny Bounty Program.
    • Please note: other than the optional Bounty, this is an unpaid program.

In this 9-week course, we don't ask for much. As long as you show up, learn from the course emails, and do the work - you'll be in beautiful shape! As for the nitty gritty, here's what you'll need to do:

  • Write 5 articles per week
    • 3-strike rule: miss 3 articles and you will be removed from the program.
  • Be present in our team chatroom and forums during specific time slots (sign up for the best 3 or 5hr slots for you! We're flexible.)
  • Take the occasional breaking-news assignments from editors
  • Submit weekly reports of your activity
  • Meet deadlines
  • Help generate interesting and engaging content ideas
  • Interact with the GameSkinny community in the comments section
  • Promote your own content on social media
  • Communicate with editors and learn how to effectively listen to feedback
  • Be a part of the GameSkinny team!
  • Don't be a jerk - professionalism is one of the skills you are required to learn and practice in this program
Program Requirements

Here's how to apply, and what being a member of the JTP will require from you.

  1. All applicants are required to fill out an application survey, located at the bottom of this page
  2. 15 to 20-hour time commitment each week for 9 weeks (this includes your time slots)
  3. A positive and adventurous attitude
  4. An understanding and love of the Oxford comma (We kid... mostly. The Oxford comma is pretty awesome!)
  5. Strong written communication skills
  6. The ability to self-motivate and work independently from home... most likely in your pajamas
  7. A drive to improve your own abilities
Preferred, but not required:

The following qualifications are great to have, but not required to participate. You do NOT need to be a current or former college student in order to join the JTP.

  • Gaming experience and knowledge of the games industry
  • SEO knowledge
  • Degree (working on or completed) in Journalism, English, Communications, Media Criticism, Game Design, or other related field of study
  • Previous writing experience is a huge bonus
  • Writing sample published here on GameSkinny

All Program Dates for 2016

You can fill out an application for any of the upcoming sessions, so long as the application deadline has not yet passed. Each session is named alphabetically (like hurricanes!) and applications are accepted on a rolling basis for each 9-week session. This year, there are also two 10-week sessions at the end of the year. Depending on how many spots we have each session, you might not be accepted into the program until a week before!

  • January 4th - March 4th, [Ivy] Session
    • Application Deadline: January 1st


  • March 14th - May 13th, [Jingo] Session
    • Application Deadline: March 8th


  • May 23rd - July 22nd, [Kiwi] Session
    • Application Deadline: May 11th


  • August 1st - October 7th, [Lemur] Session
    • Application Deadline: July 24th


  • October 17th - December 23rd, [Maple] Session
    • Application Deadline: October 2nd

Click to Apply (October 17th - December 23rd)

Have further questions? Email Auverin at Auverin[at]GameSkinny.com with "[JTP]" in the subject line. Do NOT send applications to this email address.

"Not gonna lie, it’s a pretty great feeling to see something you’ve written published online. It’s an even better feeling when that published something is on the front page. That’s the awesome part about GameSkinny – people actually read your stuff.

"Sure, I have a personal blog and sometimes I write things there, but on GameSkinny, I’m a *real* writer with a real audience. That exposure comes with perks too. Since I started writing for GameSkinny, my Twitter following has grown and I’ve been asked to participate in things like podcasts and streams."

Lauren Puga, JTP veteran, Freelancer at IGN

Published Nov. 17th 2015
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  • Alec Pearce
    Thoroughly recommend anyone looking to get gaming journalism experience to sign up. Great way to build up a portfolio and get quality feedback on all of your work!

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