Playstation 4 Error Code e-80411302 Cause And Solution

Solution for error code e-80411302.

For those of you who had issues with PSN not loading and restarted your PS4, you probably got this code. The code along with a "Cannot connect to the internet" message comes up when rebooting your Playstation 4. This code is likely caused by a premature shut down while trying to access the internet.

In order to fix this, PSN suggests power-cycling your router (unplug everything from router and let it sit unplugged for 2 minutes before plugging everything back in). This however is not likely to fix your problem unless you're having legitimate network issues. If you are not having network issues, what you need to do is fully shut down the PS4 through the PS button menu. You must wait for the system to fully shut down.

Here's what the main menu looks like after you're connected.

Once the orange light appears, you're clear to restart the PS4. If you still get the e-80411302 error, try power cycling your router. If both of these options don't fix your issue then leave a comment below and we'll search for the answers together. For the record, mine cleared up after shutting down the system and restarting.

Published Nov. 18th 2013
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