A Future for Gaming on Linux

Leadwerks plans on moving game developing over to Linux.
Leadwerks Hopes To Design On Linux

Leadwerks - a 3D game development engine, is hoping to bring its own installation of game developing to the Linux operating system.  Already being able to design dungeon-crawlers, first-person shooters, and side scrollers, Leadwerks is working on getting games with AAA graphics to be pre-developed and ready through Linux instead of having to port them over from Windows. With Linux's already superb performance, they will be integrating deferred lighting, hardware tiling, and over 30x multisample antialiasing.


Leadwerks is also planning on bringing Steam over to the Linux OS. To make it easier on development, Steam will allow for easy implementation of Steam's SDK and utilize the workshop. Through Steam, developers can easily publish games on Steam Greenlight ready for purchase and play. The Leadwerks team is aiming to make Linux just as accessible as any other platform for gaming.

Pledges For Kickstarter

 For a minimum pledge of $50 you will receive an “Indie Edition” of Leadwerks. Overall, funding is looking very promising. With 40 days remaining they have already raised $9,711 out of their $20,000 goal.

Published Jun. 21st 2013
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