Capcom Set to Announce 13 New Games

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Capcom Event Predictions:

On August 1, Capcom is announcing 13 new games ranging from smartphone titles to Social games to next-gen titles as part of its streaming "Network Game Conference". This GAF thread has extracted and translated details from the post, confirming that updates to both Monster Hunter Frontier G and Onimusha Soul will be discussed during the event. But there are still 11 other games that could come out from this event so why not share some predictions.


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    Critley Lynn King
    You have no idea how much I wish they would make another Okami sequel. I absolutely loved the artwork off the first title, and right now I'm working on Okamiden. This story still has places to go and I'm pretty sure I could continue staring at those watercolor style graphics for a few more hours.
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    New Dante And DMC sucks!I want old Dante.
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    Featured Correspondent
    I would absolutely kill for a new Megaman title. I'm also all for a followup to DmC. And I'm sorta really hoping for a US release date for Monster Hunter 4.
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    Featured Columnist
    I am not interested in any of these games >.>

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