Guild Wars 2: Wintersday 2013 Announced

A new preview of Wintersday shows that snow and celebration will be coming this December to Guild Wars 2.

The snowball arena, bell choir minigame, and general shenanigans related to Toymaker Tixx will return December 10th with the Wintersday update to Guild Wars 2. This follows the Fractals that are currently being played by everyone.

We won't know much until the official details are released December 3rd, but the Tyrian tradition of celebrating the new year with presents and toys will definitely bring snow and mayhem to the game. Grenches and Snowmen will return to help players enjoy the holidays throughout December and into the beginning of January.

We know Toymaker Tixx and his golem Toxx are going to travel around Tyria. The epic jumping puzzle, Winter Wonderland, will definitely be back.

We don't know what new content will come with the old standards, because the release information isn't easy to find yet, but a good guess it that some of Scarlet's minions will be involved. We might even see Grenches being added to an alliance.

From crafting to the gem store, new items will certainly be available to collect and pay for with winter treats. We'll find out next week for sure, but at least Wintersday will be back.


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Published Dec. 1st 2013

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