GameStop's Offering an Xbox One For $100

Trade in your Xbox One or PS4 to get $250 store credit for a brand new Xbox One and a free controller until November 15th

GameStop has a new, limited time, offer lasting until November 15th where you can get a new Xbox One for just $100.  The store will give you $250 store credit towards the purchase of a new Xbox One when you trade in a used PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

In order to get the full amount of store credit, you have to have the controller the original system came with, the wires, and console has to be in working condition. The Xbox One is currently priced at $350 so with this promotion the Xbox One is a steal for those PS4 fans who want to see what it's like on the other side.

Another promotion happening alongside this one will allow you to get a free Xbox One controller when you buy a new Xbox One. This promotion lasts until the 8th of November. Since Xbox One consoles now come with a game and controller, this means you'll get two controllers -- one for you and one your friend.

If you do not have a PS4 or Xbox One to trade in, GameStop has an alternative deal running until November 21st, 2015. You can get up to $100 in store credit after you trade in a PS3 or Xbox 360 to go towards a PS4 or Xbox One.

So there you have it, three GameStop promotions that will let you pick up a new Xbox One and peripherals on the cheap before the holidays. if you were ever thinking about upgrading to a next-gen console or exchanging your PS4 for an Xbox One, now is the time.





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Published Nov. 7th 2015

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