The 5 Best Board Games Based on Video Games

Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game

So, Aperture Science has re-opened its doors, resuming its testing and a team of test subjects have entered the lab. They are ready for important, dignified and dangerous testing procedures, all in the pursuit of cake. Scientific progress is the objective of this game, despite of all the death and dismemberment around you. Read about what we love about Portal 2, right here at GameSkinny.

It’s a funny and fast paced finish to the end, in the hope that you’re still alive.

The game is full of constantly shifting game area control and card play, where players send their test subjects, via Portals into test labs. At the end of each player’s turn, one of the chambers at the end of the lab gives way and all test subjects on it fall into oblivion. Should the test subjects have numbered greater than all the others in the falling chamber, they earn some amazing parting gifts, which include cake.

The tile based game system means there is a great deal of replayability, as they are selected at random and create a lovely 3D effect. 

 The Portal gun allows players to place two pieces in two chambers, covering larger distances. The companion cube distracts other player’s characters, stopping the player from earning rewards.

The player with the most cake when a team has lost its last test subject wins and can prove the cake was not a lie.

The best thing is it’s a game developed by the makers of the infamous video games, so the knowledge, fun and game mechanics are absolutely true to the original source.

The game is $41.96 from Amazon and includes a free Steam code for Portal 2.

Published Dec. 14th 2016

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