Cities: Skylines -- Best Building Mods of 2017

Contemporary Resort Monorail Station

Created by: Crazyglueit

Again, this beautiful mod utilizes a new feature from Mass Transit. Modder Crazyglueit has built this mod using Disney World's Contemporary Resort Hotel as inspiration. Just like it's real-life counterpart, this building mod is also a Monorail station. It can have multiple lines going to it.

On its own, it will ONLY function as a Monorail station but, if you also use a mod called Ploppable RICO, it can function as a hotel, generating 113 jobs for your city. (Ploppable RICO allows you to convert assets such as unique buildings into residential, industrial, commercial, and office buildings).

You must have the "Mass Transit" DLC for this mod to work.

Download Contemporary Resort Monorail Station



Published May. 25th 2017

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