Cities: Skylines -- Best Building Mods of 2017

J1A Powell Office

Created by: AmiPolizeiFunk

This mid-sized office block is one of three buildings that were designed to fit predominantly into the modders version of Berlin. The offices are named after three great jazz musicians "Bud" Powell, Charlie "Bird" Parker, and Oscar Peterson.

Modder AmiPolizeiFunk got inspiration from another modder's work on creating skyscraper buildings for the game. Even though the skyscrapers were very well designed, they were far too big to fit in his vision of Berlin. So with the creator's permission, he reduced their size from 19 floors to just nine. This mod also has RICO enabled, so it is a functioning office rather than just a unique building.

This mod requires the basic game.

Download J1A Powell Office

Published May. 25th 2017

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