That Dragon Cancer Looks Astonishing

A short description of the deep fixtures of That Dragon Cancer.

Watching the Indiecade 2013 video interviews felt underwhelming and overglorified. None of the indie titles left a lasting impression on me. And in comes "That Dragon Cancer". An exclusive title slated for release on the OUYA in 2014.

What is "That Dragon Cancer"?

That Dragon Cancer is the allegorical tale of the developer's third son, Joel who suffers from cancer and his journey into a nirvana to gain a spiritual and mythological understanding on what "life" truly is and what makes it so endearing.

The game will feature a small compilation of poetic stories, centering around the problematic situations Ryan dealt with in a dull, sterile hospital environment. Players will interact with the surroundings as Ryan personally adds a "auteur" touch, narrating the story in a solemn and sombre voice that enhances the emotional plot. 

Alittle Backstory

Ryan Green, executive producer of That Dragon Cancer firmly believes in prayer. Now I know there is a lot of people out there practising atheism and before you cascade this innocent, innocuous developer with snide remarks, people should learn to show some deep-rooted respect to a man who has been through harshest trials of life.

Putting all his life's savings into this video game, Ryan hopes to garner an empathetic audience that appreciates and to grasp the gist of his life story and develop a deeper revelation of how people deal with an extremely sick family member.

Life isn't easy and he's making the best from the worst he's experienced in his life. Instead of crafting a short film or a novel, he believes that video games is a modern medium that can bring a story forward effectively, like no other medium can.

To sum things up...

Ryan has invested his life's savings into this affair and hopes that people feel its authenticity and genuine narrative. To all the indie fans out there, I urge you to support this man. He's been through tough times and he deserves a break. Joel's fight with cancer is ongoing and I pray for the best.

Published Sep. 20th 2013

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